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REX: MEL↔HBA $83, SYD↔GC $92, ADL↔MEL $92, SYD↔MEL $91, MEL↔GC $105, ADL↔BNE $140 & More (Dec 20-Mar) @ BTF


Rex has a mid-week promo sale on. Ie it's cheaper to fly during the week. Of course, that doesn't mean there aren't other days that are cheap too! I've gone through and found the cheapest dates for the next 3 months, including Christmas and NY just in case anyone is still looking for then.

Don't forget Rex's Frequent Flyer program, where you can currently get double points and 5,000 points on sign up.

These one way fares from Rex include checked luggage and carry-on, as well as refreshments.

Rex also has the lowest cancellation rate of any airline in Australia in the past month, and most on-time flights of any airline too.

If looking for a return flight, consider that two one ways can sometimes be cheaper.

Consider one of the more unusual accommodation options in Australia for your stay.

Melbourne - Hobart (20 Dec - 31 Mar) from $83
Hobart - Melbourne (20 Dec - 31 Mar) from $83
Sydney - Melbourne (20 Dec - 31 Mar) from $91
Melbourne - Sydney (20 Dec - 31 Mar) from $92
Canberra - Melbourne (20 Dec - 31 Mar) from $92
Melbourne - Canberra (20 Dec - 31 Mar) from $92
Sydney - Gold Coast (20 Dec - 31 Mar) from $92
Gold Coast - Sydney (20 Dec - 31 Mar) from $92
Melbourne - Adelaide (20 Dec - 31 Mar) from $92
Adelaide - Melbourne (20 Dec - 31 Mar) from $92
Brisbane - Sydney (20 Dec - 31 Mar) from $92
Sydney - Brisbane (20 Dec - 31 Mar) from $92
Gold Coast - Melbourne (20 Dec - 31 Mar) from $105
Melbourne - Gold Coast (20 Dec - 31 Mar) from $105
Brisbane - Melbourne (20 Dec - 31 Mar) from $122
Melbourne - Brisbane (20 Dec - 31 Mar) from $122
Adelaide - Brisbane (20 Dec - 31 Mar) from $140
Brisbane - Adelaide (20 Dec - 31 Mar) from $140

I've worked out tables of every single date, route and price and linked it on the original post, but unfortunately it's too big for ozbargain's forms, so click through here to see the full list of tables.

You can follow us at Beat That Flight for more deals, error fares, promos and sales, on Youtube, on Facebook, or on Google News.

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  • +2

    Thx OP how does this work, every time I search I get Jetstar results Sydney to Melbourne and I’m not flying them if at all possible.

    • +2

      Yup, you're on the right track. Then use the filter menu to choose just Rex (or just untick Jetstar).

      • +1

        Thx strange that when sorted by price Jetstar appears at top though when more expensive

        • Interesting. Might be worth clearing your cookies, that shouldn't happen.

  • +1

    Do they fly from Tulla or Avalon?

    • +3

      Tullamarine, Terminal 4

  • Isn't this expensive? Was like 66 from syd to GC a few weeks ago.

  • Are Rex any good? I’ve only flown regional Rex before and it’s pretty budget spec. Looking at Adelaide to Melbourne

    • As long as you don't expect much from Rex except taking you from A to B on time, yeah their flgihts have been good enough for me.

      Rex has recently been named as the most reliable airlines in Australia, but you should take this info with a pinch of salt given that how horrible Qantas & Jetstar have been in recent years.

      • +2

        What more should you expect for a domestic flight? They already have free checked luggage which is more than Jetstar and Virgin can say.

    • +4

      I recently flew one direction with Rex, and then the return on Jetstar. I can tell you that Rex flight was much nicer.

      Jetstar on the other had charged $27 each for baggage, there as no food unless it was bought and they made us line up to weigh our carry on. Rex had free checked baggage, snack mid flight and didnt even take notice of carry on, so they just become my go to domestic airline.

    • +5

      Hey I choose to only fly Rex over the last few years. 1. They hardly ever delay flights 2. Checked in Baggage included 3. Flights still proceed even with less than 60% seats sold. 4. Complimentary snack

    • I prefer them over other airlines and they are much much better than Jetstar and Virgin.

  • +1

    Nice information OP. love these posts.

  • Good deal!

  • why it's called beat that flight?

  • Rex doesnt come up cheap for any of mysearches I did - Mel Tula to Gold coast between Dec 22 - Jan 9 with flexible dates . cheapest seems to be Jan 4 departure and return on 9th Jan2024 . It is an airline called Berlin

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