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[QLD, NSW, SA, VIC] December App Only Offers from $5 & Star Specials @ Carl's Jr


Carl's Jr. multi-star monthly deals are up!

Download the 'My Carl's' App (you can now order via the My Carl's app) http://onelink.to/qdvrrd to take advantage of these specials:

December 2023 offers

  • Famous Star with Cheese $5
  • Hand-scooped Ice Cream Shake and Cookie $5
  • Single California Classic and Hand-scooped Ice Cream Shake $8.95

Also on the MyCarl's' App - 'STAR Specials':

Tradies Deal - 1x Star Value Chicken & Cheese, 1x Famous Star with Cheese, 4x Star Nuggets, medium Fries and medium Drink $16.95
All Star Feast - 2x Cheeseburgers (or Star Value Chicken), 2x Famous Star with Cheese, 4x medium Fries and 4x medium Drinks $29.95
Terms and Conditions: For all T's & C's refer to the 'MyCarl's' App or https://carlsjr.com.au

The burgers are BETTER at Carl's. Try the Angus burger range and taste for yourself.

Currently, 46 stores (and counting) in Australia! https://carlsjr.com.au/find-us/

Opening soon:
VIC: Beaconsfield, Tarneit, Seaford
WA: Ellenbrook

I DO NOT WORK OR AM ASSOCIATED IN ANYWAY to Carl's Jr. other than being a fan and addict :-)

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  • +2

    I'm so excited msjb!

    Me and the missus are in the gold coast for a week seeing her family and they have a carls like 5 mins from their house, whereas our nearest at home was a good hour and whenever we were out that way we always had something on. Deadest, second I saw it I turn to her and go "mmnd or whatever his name was is gonna be stoked!"

    Will let you know my thoughts, thank you for your passion and post!

    • +1

      I had the same level of excitement when their store opened in rocky. There's quite a few on the goldy

  • Famous star with cheese looks like last months Original Angus special, minus the Angus patty.

  • Hand-scooped Ice Cream
    is it literal or another US marketing BS.

    • +1

      You see them with their giant ice cream tub scooping out ice cream then putting into jug to make their milk shakes.

    • +1

      They do not use soft serve ice cream at Carl’s Jr.
      The staff actually hand scoop ice cream out of the ice cream containers for their sundaes and thick shakes.
      Who would have thought in 2023 that a manual process like this would still exist?!?

      • At least it doesjt breakdown all the time like McCrappys

  • lol have been ordering "$5 angus" specials and wondering why the patty was a famous star.

  • @msjb I have finally had carls.

    It's fine. As I've heard, just tastes like HJs. Honestly q dead ringer, very likely couldn't tell them apart blind.

    Mind you, 3 bucks for a double cheesey in 2023 is alright by me. You've hyped them up too much for me! Might grab the 4 chicken burgers and chips for 20 bucks for a lazy dinner tomorrow mind you.

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