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[XSX] Madden NFL 22 or NBA 2K22 $5 Each + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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I know they are old but 5 bucks is 5 bucks!

NBA LINK: https://www.amazon.com.au/NBA-2K22-Xbox-Series-X/dp/B099DVQH…

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    For 21 version. It's $2. At jbhifi.

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      Would cost $$$ in fuel to pick it up lol

    • Yeah recently i bought that too online because the case product picture on the web page claimed Xbox One compatibility. I've only got an Xbox One X. When i received it said Xbox Series X only on the case itself. It's completely deceptive that case product picture as this version is for the Xbox Series X. Thank you very much JB for the deceptive product picture. I threw it in the bin as it was only worth $2.

      I ended up having to pay $14.95 delivered from EB Games for the proper XB1 version of Madden NFL 21.

    • For those with previous gen consoles.

      XB1 version of NFL 21 is $5 at EB Games. If you can even find local store stock otherwise a delivery is in order. It seems very low in stock nation wide however.


      NFL 20 is also $5 if you can even find local stock. Not available for delivery. It seems to be only in stock at 2 stores nation wide. One in VIC and the other in WA.


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    Great if you need some spare game cases.

    • be aware that these NFL/NBA games have a laser NFL/NBA logo sticker on it so it will look a bit awkward if u wanna take the case to put a different game cover on it……

  • FYI 23 is free on Gamepass

    • I tried to access and it says I have to pay the monthly fee.

      • Let me guess it's only available on Gamepass Ultimate, not Gamepass Core.

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    Crazy how cheap these games eventually become

    • Being crappy sports games helps.

    • They only have a short life before they inevitably join ET in that big landfill in the sky.

  • This is disappointing as the Madden NFL 22 XB1 version is $26 at Amazon AU.

  • Shows how much longevity these yearly cut and paste low effort games have lol

    • I finally gave up from 21 on all sports. They are so bad

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    For those looking for the XB1 versions.

    Might Ape has Madden NFL 22 for $10 + delivery on clearance.


    NBA 2K22 for $5 + delivery on clearance.


    Remember these are the XB1 versions.

  • Also worth noting for NBA - 2k switch off a large portion of the online facing content after a pretty short window post release of the next game.

    I picked up 2k23 about 2 weeks ago for $18 for series X from big W and most of the myteam achievements have been turned off.

    This also impacts vc content, which is subject to a few legal cases ATM.

    So for $5 your pretty much buying the offline version, mostly for play now or manager/dynasty type mode.

    • Yeah they shut off the online gaming within a few years of the game release. Making only the offline parts of the game still working. You basically get to play against the computer only.

      • Will be interesting to see if any of those legal matters cause a change. The crux of those seems to be focussed on the paid for in game currency that is also disposed of, and not transferable to other versions.

        Though it could have wider implications about support windows etc.

        • Yes. I heard that when they shut down the online gaming they also removed everyone's online gaming currency with it. Basically stole it from the customers all that money paid for it. It goes to show paying for online multiplayer currency is worthless as the game publisher can just pull the plug on the online part of the game making it worthless having you thrown all that money away. It's why i generally refuse to pay for online gaming currency. It's a rort by the gaming industry.

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    these were both $4.75 yesterday at amazon, not a huge difference obviously, but cheaper (slightly)

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    Cex trade in value at $9 cash, so was going to buy a few to dump on them

    Any $5 ps4 version?

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