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[PS4] Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection $14.83 @ PlayStation Store


Holy crap! This game is difficult!! Even on beginner level. /angryface

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    HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can beat ninja gaiden, castlevenia, contra.

    I just cant beat this game!!!!!!! Its torture!!!!!!

    • You know what happens when you "beat" the original right? Hoping that this one is different as i'm struggling with it too and it's doing my head in.

      • what happens if you do beat the original?????? I cant even get past stage 4!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • There's a 4th stage? I thought the aim of the game was to get to the second level and then die constantly,

        • You unlock a new weapon, but get sent back to the start

          You need to beat the final boss with the unlocked weapon to get the real ending

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    It's a Friday night in 1986. You're picking up Fish and Chips on your bicycle for the family. You have a 20minute wait. The sounds of an arcade game summon you. The game is Ghosts and Goblins. You eagerly insert the $0.40 and play a game to pass the time.
    Game over. You now only have an 18min wait.

    • Yes I totally agree. Still lasted longer than me in ……….. (do your worst) lol

      • That can happen when overwhelmed with goblin. You gotta say "Enough goblin!", Grab your trusty lance and go on the offense.
        With enough practice you can time a jump over the head and attack from behind.

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    Ghosts and Goblins was stupidly difficult on the Amstrad. 3 lives and that's it. No armour even.

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      I had it on the Commodore 64 and yeah it was ridiculously difficult. I think armour was in a chest.

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        Unless you had an Action Replay cartridge and disabled sprite collision detection.

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      Exactly this. When I was younger I wondered how many levels there was. Couldn't even get past the third. Frustratingly hard.

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    I managed to beat the C64 version but couldn't finish the Amiga version (extra levels). Yes, bloody hard.

  • One of the most frustratingly difficult games out there. Genesis/mega drive shame pile started and ended with this

  • waiting for switch version to discount.

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