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[NSW] E10/U91 $1.499/ $1.519 @ Metro Padstow and EJ Stop & Save (Davies Road, Padstow)


Bit of a price war going on between these 2 petrol stations.

Just filled up and save about over $15 compared to my cheapest nearest fuel station (extra 10 min drive, 4km each way).

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    Where's Padatow?
    Its 9 Davies Rd, Padstow NSW 2211
    Copied from site.

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      And here I was getting angry at google for redirecting me to padstow and I was trying to find padatow as I’ve never heard of that suburb before lol

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      What car do you have?

      Have you actually tested it properly.

      Unless your car is rated for 98 then it's usually wasting money. And with the price difference is your extra km actually worth it?

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        I got my car brand new suzuki celerio 2015 and fill 91 then 98, yes i 'feel' completely different, 98 gives car more power and mileage, 5.2 litres per 100km.

        • Also it cleans your engine out. I had a Peugeot that was owned by a company rep b4 me and all she used was 91. After I bought it I had to get the engine head rebuilt as the mechanic said it was full of black soot caused by her using 91 for so long. Cost me $5k to rebuild all because she used 91 ron

          • @J B S: Lol. Not true. Just showed this to my mechanic freind and he laughed.

            the mechanic said it was full of black soot caused by her using 91 for so long

            • @easternculture: It think it was that E10 crap made from sugar cane - he showed me the inside of the engine head. I choose not use it but if you want to do so all good. I guess opinions are like as!holes everyone has one

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                @J B S: Probably means that the owner/mechanic was not servicing the engine properly .

                E10 has min 10% ethanol (aka alacohol) in it.

                My engine is tuned for E10 and even have a factory sticker saying E10 when i open the fuel door

                • @easternculture: Makes sense then. Our old vz commodore struggles on 95 or lower it gets that engine ping and poor acceleration. The engine must be suited for 91 like you mentioned your car is

          • @J B S: your mechanic took you for a ride.

            • @johnfuller: Why? Car didn’t run, black soot in the values which I saw. Engine rebuilder rebuilt the head not the mechanic. Mechanic is my uncle didn’t charge me

              Think you got taken for a ride if you think 91ron is good fuel

              • @J B S: Sometimes you only need to flush the engine afew times.
                Rebuilding an engine should be a last resort.

                Sounds like the mechanic took advantage making a few hundred dollar job cost you thousands

              • @J B S: there is a walnut blast that can be done to clear out the worst of sludge on valves and then vacuum it out using a shop vacuum but hey, its your mechanic, i cant comment.

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        I see this said all the time but my mileage always goes down relative to octane rating.

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        Unless your car is rated for 98 then it's usually wasting money.


        • unless you car has a really decent ECU that can detect octane well AND advance timing on the motor to take advantage of 95/98 you're wasting money

          i havent bought 95/98 for ages because I do not own a performance car any more

          i used to have a V8 Commodore and a turbo Falcon and it had all the usual dumb shit, ie. ecu flash, intake, headers, exhaust etc. etc.

          with 95/98 there was a big difference in power but then you used that power and so I would hit the power hard in 2nd 3rd and you would get worse fuel economy

          i would also go to the servo with almost no 91 in the car and then fully fuel up with 95/98 to get the full experience

          if i got 10-11-12-13 per 100km around town in the V8 i'd consider that a win lol

          7s maybe on the fwy… maybe a very slight edge to 95

        • I appreciate your well thought out rebuttal with clearly laid out arguments

    • It could be true for km per tank but that does not mean better value.
      I got in deep calculation for a Camry few years ago. Stats suggested better value for 91 vs 98 i.e dollar per km for former is better. The former beat the later by 8-9% in dollars per km.

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    Need to either lock-in the price or fuel up right away. Many petrol stations in Sydney up today by 40c+ per litre, compared to yesterday.

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      ACCC says
      prices appear to be around the lowest point of the cycle

      • Damn, I'll have to fill-up tomorrow morning. Had been tracking ACCC and it said in the evening that it could drop further, hence, didn't fill-up.

  • About a five min drive for me. They've been dropping their prices late at night recently. Filled up a couple of nights ago.

  • Why only 91 damn it

  • why not just use the Petrol Spy website/app https://petrolspy.com.au/

    • Never seen this before . Any different to fuel check?

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        it shows every servo Australia wide

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    Always fill up from the Metro at Padstow, one of the cheapest in the area and never had any issues.

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    Is it worth driving from Katoomba to fill up?

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      There is absolutely no way that a 200km round trip is worth it, even if the fuel was free.

      • Also would the wait in line be over an hour?

        • Nah, drove past this am and no que at all.
          They have even turned off the petrol signage

          • @easternculture: Thanks!

            Might go tonight

            Wonder will this be regular occurrence

    • Yeh man, totally. Username checks out

  • good rule of thumb is the “2-for-1 rule” where it’s not worth driving more than 2km each way (for a 4km round trip) for every cent per litre saved.

    From :

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