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China Southern Return Fare from Sydney via Guangzhou to Shanghai $572, Nanjing $582, Wuhan $563, 2x 23kg Bags @ Momondo


Great prices for flights to China from Sydney, on China Southern, with one stop, and 2 x 23kg bags. All prices are return.
Dates are February to May for Nanjing and Wuhan; and April & May 2024 only for Shanghai.
Cue the Wuhan comments!

Sydney to Nanjing $582
Sydney to Shanghai $572
Sydney to Wuhan $559

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  • +2

    Anything for Melbourne

    • +2

      Melbourne was about +$200 for these

  • +18

    Wuhan is so yesterday. The new pneumonia from Beijing is where it's at.

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      • +17


        Why should they rename a city that was founded 3500 years ago?

      • +6

        If this is the case, Spain should have changed its country name a long time ago due to "The Great Influenza."

        • +5

          Spanish flu didn't start in Spain.

    • -3

      Spanish flu,HIV,H1N1,Covid all come from USA

    • Your news are so limited. It's all over the country from multiple infections at the same time, common in winter. It's likely the population's immune system is down due to CoVID isolation & mask wearing. More like first timer kinders got sick quickly.

      • I think you missed a great opportunity to insert a CIA joke

  • Sorry for the dumb question, the airlines I have come across usually has a max weight allocation. Anyone has any experience with one suitcase + 2 brown boxes. I am thinking one brown box weighing 23kgs is probably not a good idea.

    • Its 2 pieces each weighing maximum 23kg. Cant advise on the brown box but sounds like a bad idea.

    • +4

      23kg brown package box is perfectly fine as long as you know what you are doing and packaged well. Experience with China Southern, they will ask you to sign damage waiver when you doing check-in.

      • Good to know!

    • Brown boxes are not allowed but white boxes are…

  • +2

    Wuhan deal again, love it

    • +2

      Just around the pneumonia time ..like last time when it was around Covid

    • +3

      Extra discount code = COVID23

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  • +1

    How much is a visa these days?

    • +3

      $130 ish for single entry Aussie citizen

  • -4

    One way ticket to Wuhan?

    • Why would it be one way? Have you ever been, out of interest?

    • ….. you planning to live there.

      It must be pretty wonderful.

  • +1

    China air ticket price going down like Hang Seng Index both only toke 5 tears to accomplish💪💪

  • +2

    How come China Southern always allows 2x 23kg bags?

    • +7

      You need extra luggage for all the formula/baby milk you carry.

  • -1

    Can't wait to get some of that new pneumonia outbreak

  • Don't join cheap tours, you will be robbed. Youtube it.

  • sorry are these connecting flights, or do i have to physically check out immigration and check myself in again for domestic as the website shows a change in flight???

    • Yes - because it’s an international to domestic connection, you’ll need to clear immigration, collect bags, clear customs, walk across the terminal to drop the bags off at check in.

      • My trip on Hainan air last month, didn't have to collect bags arriving in China. Checked through to a domestic destination. Did not expect that.

        • Hainan air has auto baggage forwarding to Shanghai and major cities from the last deal i checked

      • Most airports in china you do not have to collect bags and then re check in, there is a transfer waiting area for them inside the terminal for you to wait for them to check your luggage and then you clear customs

      • what happens if you miss the 2nd leg of the flight due to all this check in check out blah blah as there is only 1h50mins for the connection

        • I dont think you would have to check back in yourself - these are all booked on one itinerary. If you did miss your connecting flight, China Southern would you put you on the next one - again as these are booked as one itinerary.

        • -1

          In China airport, their ground staff has some level of control and coordination of passenger and baggage.

          Before 2019 when I was still able to travel into China, I once had a China Eastern staff pinpointed me and my wife at gate. Then simply torn up our Sydney issued boarding pass and gave us two new ones because they put us on an earlier flight. They do it because in their books getting passengers to destination early is a good thing (of course could be our original flight was over booked). She was very edgy on the baggage handler (via walkie) while printing our boarding pass and instructing them to find our luggage.

          A funny side story is me and my wife think this was fascinating and funny so we tell it as a story at dinner with her cousins the next day. Now one of her cousins is actually someone senior in CS of Chain Eastern and he obviously didn't look at it the same way. He call the ground team straight away and ask to pinpoint the person and demand an explanation. Me and my wife keep saying its no big deal but he said it is done the wrong way and rude. We feel sorry for that lady…….

          • @syswong: so what your saying is that you got the lady in trouble lol

            • -1

              @smeng: Well I see the point of my wife's cousin…

              See we were both shocked at the counter when she asked for our boarding pass then just torn it up in a flash! We were thinking WTF? Only then learn that we already allocated to the earlier flight. All the rumble and thumble with her yelling on walkie was not present. It also mean that we have to run through transit security and immigration (yes there is a immigration desk for transit in China).

              I think the real surprise was not knowing my wife cousin is in that sort of position.

  • +1

    You can have a great time while your kids are being looked after in hospital with pneumonia

  • Nanjing is a very interesting city in China. A really dark dark history, when it used to be the capital as Nanking.

    Wuhan is a unique city which I’ve visited a few times for work.

    Dont need to say this but please have common sense whilst travelling in the PRC. If you act in accordance with standards you’ll have a good time. Cross the line? Yeah immigration detention for you, and then you’ll have a fun time with consulate help.

    • Isn't this happening here if listen to the news, lol

      • -1

        Except good luck getting a lawyer in China and chance of a fair trial is worse than yo winning powerball.

        • In China, convictions are over 99%

          • -1

            @AircraftFreight: Of course my friend, they need stock for organ harvesting and hostage exchange….. look at Canada!!

            This is why we should not have dealing with this country!! Thugs of the thugs, just a supersized North Korea!!

  • +1

    No politics, what kind of budget should I have in AUD for a two week trip to Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing

    • +1

      Have you been before?
      What level of accomodation do you require?
      Do you plan on any tours?
      How many people are you?
      Are you catching speed trains?

      EDIT: you can pay any amount you like for your accomodation. $100 per night is a high standard.

      EDIT: likewise there are cheap tours and expensive ones. IMO aim for a minibus tour (as oppose to coach or private tour).

      EDIT: likewise street food to high class dining. Spend as much as like.

    • +1

      The 3 cities are >1k kM apart, you need factor in high speed train for ~A$100 each way.
      Depending on the season, hotels can vary fair bit, $100 per night is a high standard off peak as @Eeples says.
      Food & public transport would be cheaper, half of budget in Aussie will give you plenty.
      If you fly to Beijing and fly out of Shanghai, it may save you some time & money, if your airline tickets cost similar.

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