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Seiko Prospex Alpinist Automatic Watch Black Dial SPB117J, Green Dial SPB121J $764.10 Delivered @ Watch Direct


Green Dial: https://watchdirect.com.au/products/seiko-prospex-alpinist-s…

I've compared it to my SARB017 and it's pretty close, just ditch the cyclops. The black one is interesting and different in it's own way but it's no SBCJ019


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  • +2

    but it's no SBCJ019

    Not much is, tbh.

    Let's see if Starbuy is watching. They've done sub-$700 on this Alpinist before.

    Anyway, having seen it, the Glacier Blue SPB197J1 is the one I want now.

    • SPB197J1 is nice, but I'm not paying secondary prices

      (I keep f'ing replying to the main thread)

      • And the SPB355J, although that one is $$

        • I expected the dial to be 'rockier'

    • Last year on black friday I asked for some discount on Starbuy for spb121j but they said they can't go below $800. I had to buy from watch direct after that.

    • Spb259j1 is the killer

      • Not solar and don't like the same triangle indicies at 6, 9 & 12. Moans and niggles lol

  • -1

    I just checked OP's link, watch direct have it at $849 now not $764. Black dial in the thumbnail is same price. So the Starbuy price is currently better $795.

    • +3

      10% off homie

      • Sorry dude missed that

  • Great watch, I have a white dial gifted from my wife and wares all the time

  • Wonder what the lume is like. 200m wr is nice.
    That cyclops would have to come off

  • Does the pressure valve give any indication that it has been activated?

    • That can go too lol .

      Need to find a good gada and stop buying all these $200-500 watches

      • this is not an Omega

        its not a helium valve - it changes the compass ring on the inter dial track… its an essentially useless feature

        i like this watch

        tempted to buy? anyone under $700?

        • Yeah someone said pressure release valve lol
          Turns the bezel. I wouldn't use it, a GMT would be more useful, even then I prefer diver's.

          • @G-rig: GMT is useless too

            you can just use your smartphone

            ie. "tell me the time in abu dhabi"

            this feature is just shit to play with when you're in the line at the RTA…

            • @tonyjzx: Yeah I'm not into them
              Just a traditionally thing and the movement's aren't as good.

              I mean it's nice to have a good ⌚ or 10, they are useful and saves getting your phone out of pocket all the time, people are addicted to them these days. Watches are still bordering on jewellery though, but I like the tradition.

  • Been waiting for the green dial to come down for awhile. Would have grabbed this last week before I spent all my cash.

    • Just return some shit. I end up sending or selling half the internet orders..

  • btw. green dial should be cheaper given its a leather strap but saying that those Seiko steel bracelets are cheap and rattly

    • I prefer the leather strap at this price point. The bracelets are junk and deserve to me immediately replaced with something from Strapcode or Uncle Seiko.

  • Jody just did a video on the GMT version of this yesterday.

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