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Bulla Creamy Classics Ice Cream Varieties 2 Litre $5.50 (Was $11.00) @ Coles


Bulla Creamy Classics Ice Cream Varieties 2 Litre… $5.50 (was $11.00)

Dairy is good for your bones.

Made in Australia

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      Ahhhhh FFS. Might as well just make ozbargain a subreddit now with all the drivel that gets posted these days.

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        Why is shipping ice cream via refrigerated transport from America to Australia reasonable in any way whatsoever. So Unilever can make billions of dollars?

        • You do realise there isn't just a refrigerated ship bringing only ice cream across the Pacific? Probably only 5 of the 15,000 20' shipping containers a modern freightliner can carry have ice cream in them.

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            @Muzeeb: Does that really change his point? It's unnecessary. We're perfectly capable of making ice cream here in Australia.

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              @ASR-Briggs: Import and export is global economics 101

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                @Muzeeb: Please. Do tell me more about economics. Also "import" and "export" aren't economics lmao. If anything they're byproducts of economies of scale and comparative advantage.

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                  @ASR-Briggs: Lol. My bad. I clearly know nothing about economics. Please accept my apology. Feel free to educate me further.

            • @ASR-Briggs: Well…

            • @ASR-Briggs: I dunno if we are capable. Most of our ice cream is garbage.

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          Are you referring to Bulla?
          "Bulla Dairy Foods employs more than 600 people within Victoria" - source Wikipedia.

          I've stopped buying it as the full price has gone up from $7.50 to $11.00 at the supermarkets - and I'm pretty confident Bulla ain't getting more than a pittance of the $3.50 increase.

          The sooner our supermarkets are heavily fined for price gouging, and a few employees - preferably C-level employees - go to jail or get lynched, the better.

          • @jrvb42: Yep, I only buy it when it's 50% off. Or maybe one tub at 30% if we're out. I would never, ever pay the new full price. It just tells them it's okay, and it's really not.

      • The Bulla corporate board isn't 50% trans, boycott this hateful company!

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      Time to go back to caves…

  • Love this stuff

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    Used to be good now it's like glue won't touch it .

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      definitely its changed from what it used to be, looks like they have increased the % of guar gum.

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      Agree, the vanilla one tastes horrible now. Half price at $5.50 for 2L doesn't feel like a deal imo for basic odd tasting ice cream.

    • Really? Ingredients seem to better the competitors. They use cream, full cream milk and sugar. They don't use invert sugar syrup like almost every other brand.

      • An invert sugar would only be used to increase softness and reduce sweetness. It's not like some secret evil.

    • Try Norco - Aussie farmer owned still - amazingly.

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    Never again Bulla. Salty caramel is much better.

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      Well that clears that up!

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    I remember this being a great, almost premium ice cream at around the $5 mark. $11 would be robbery.

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      they only raise it so they can drop 1/2 price to make you feel like you are getting a deal.

    • It used to be great around that price but it's changed and gone downhill.

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    Nice! Anyone remember feed your family for under $10 days? I guess I can now buy two tubs of ice cream for dinner and feed the whole family.

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      Lol did you even see my username & post history? Why would a member that mainly focuses on posting watches care about getting their numbers up?

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      Maybe Op is simply posting to get his/her numbers up?

      Is there an incentive if the numbers are up?

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        One step closer to platinum + membership

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          Not to mention all the poontang you get with such status.

      • I wondered that in years never had answers

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      I don't shop at the bog. My wages haven't fallen that low yet.

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    Since when did $11 become the RRP for this?

    It’s almost as if Aussie shoppers are addicted to 1/2 price advertising.

    • Hasn't everything gone up?

      • Like 3 times up? I recon these for $3.50 on half price deal before COVID. Even after the discount, 5.50 vs 3.50 is my reason to stop buying it. The second reason is tones of sugar in it.

  • their 2 litre ice creams have gone downhill in flavour… but still love the vanilla choc fudge cone.

  • The new Chocolate Hazelnut Spread one looks good 🌝

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      Trust me, it's awful. Actually as long time Bulla 2lt fan / half price fan the whole range has gone down hill big time.

      • What is better than this?

        • Coles home brand 1L tubs are good quality. At $6.50 it's miles ahead of the Bulla product.

          • @superhans: Good choice. Other than 2+ times price difference it's good.

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    Would be good if Amazon matched, I don't want to go to Coles.

    • When did Amazon start selling ice cream?

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        It'd be liquid by the time it got to you.

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        Wait for Amazon to buy Coles. Australia is too profitable to not buy a national supermarket chain.

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      How is Amazon going to deliver ice cream?

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        It was meant to be a joke. I thought the comment was stupid enough to be obvious.

  • Worst brand of ice-cream.
    I bought a tub, tasted it and threw it down the shute.

    First time threw ice-cream.

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    What are people buying if this is junk now? I had it recently and loved it


    50cents increase since last deal just about couple of months ago

    • Noticed that too. That is 10% right there. Hope the Greens take them to task.

  • $11 rrp? These investigations into price gouging cant come soon enough.

    • Agree entirely. I am not usually one for the Greens, but 100% behind this.

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    there's about half a dozen flavors all kind of a bit meh

    but i had the boysenberry and its quite nice

  • I think the aldi silver scoop is this rebranded

    • Nope, disagree. We thought the same but they're quite different on a taste test. Bulla definitely has more milk/cream.

  • We get icecream from China as well.

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    Thanks…but why? As we are savvy shoppers which we all at ozbargain are…. we all know the Supermarket specials cycles.

    Coles and WW etc have hundreds of 1/2 price, and 1000's of store wide specials every single week.

    So, why just mention this of the many Ie creams on 1/2 price?

    If I do not save a minimum 20-30% off retail each week, I go back to my list. Yaa the times I crack 40%, and those $100 worth for under $10 just before closing are even better.

    I do not mean to be ungrateful for all efforts and all posts, they do suit one or many, I just don't get the ColesWorth ones that are on the Specials Cycle you can set your calendar to. Or what am i missing?

  • Of the 2L supermarket variety ice-cream, these guys are so far ahead of the rest it's not funny. Yes the 1lt gournet tubs are better, but when it's half price you cannot beat the bang for buck from Bulla.

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