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Logitech G9X Gaming Mouse & G105 Keyboard Just $62.75!


Hi to ALL Gamers,

I found this on COTD and try to use the code, and it works!!

1 x Logitech Extreme Gaming Mouse & Keyboard $67.80

Sub-Total: $67.80
Queensland Shipping: $9.95
Discount Coupons:LOGIMW3: -$15.00
Total (inc GST): $62.75

Just use this coupon CODE: LOGIMW3

This takes the price down to only $62.75 delivered. Limit of one per member. Be quick though, as there's very limited stock:



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  • +9

    I got this from the last deal. The keyboard is not that great. I prefer my old microsoft keyboard. Mouse is very good, except middle mouse buttons feels awkward to press.

    • i own the mouse and the middle mouse is brilliant, for this price, why not?

    • +1

      yeah the middle button is really stiff and thin sized compared with my Razer death adder. this mouse doesn't have a nice response to it

    • +2

      the scrolling button wont listen to me.

  • +10

    FMD! There are some real strange people on this site. Why on earth would anyone neg PlayerOne's post?

    • +2

      You'd be suprised how many people are ready to neg and judge but contribute zero. zilch. nothing to this website.

    • +5

      its people who are using the shitty keyboard, who are negging. That is all they can do because they are in denial

  • +2

    got it from last deal
    they arrived few days after I ordered
    very happy with the mouse, it replaced my old G5
    didn't use the keyboard, I think my G110 is better than this one

    • +2

      i think the g110 is so under-rated. i managed to get mine pricematched at officeworks against the logitechshop as i didnt have a verified paypal account. Have moved onto other keyboards but keep it as a spare now. such a great basic backlit keyboard for the money.

      • +1

        I purchased the G9x from COTD on it's own and hit the button on the G110 at LTS today for 60 shekels. $110 together which suits me fine. I was researching mechanical kb's but trust the logitech is a step up from the home-brand media KB i have at the mo.

        Like the volume wheel, the audio inputs and pink backlighting to go with my frock. Plus figure if I use setpoint - may as well mod 2 native devices.

        To add to PlayerOne's top comment I guess the middle mouse button doesn't seem 'click simple' as you can switch settings between smooth scroll or cog, so by nature has to be a partially geared to enable this. Awkward with choice.

  • is this the cheapest its been from cotd?

    • Yes. I bought 5 months ago for $66, but no regrets!

  • I got my mouse for 70 from COTD :(.

  • Purchased thanks

  • Bugger just ordered one for the $64.80 lol Missed out on saving $2.05….

  • +1

    Thanks, bought (again). Picked a set last time for $67 - been using at work, now bought one as a present for my boss :)

    At this price, why not.

  • The mouse is alright, has 6 programmable buttons. However the Logitech software (download from web) for the keyboard was flaky

  • +1

    Just ordered mine. $62.75 delivered with code :) thanks

    They will take 2nd place to my Logitech G15 + Steel Series Sensei + Cyber Snipa Pad.
    Hope the mouse lasts longer than the several G5 mice that I have had and long since died.
    May have to give MW3 another bash too…..

    RIP Logitech G5…long live Battlefield, Diablo & most MW sic…lol

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