This was posted 6 months 30 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo $1613 + Delivery / $0 C&C @ The Good Guys ($1614 at Amazon/JB Hi-Fi/D1 store)


Key features:

  • 4K/60fps HDR True Vertical Shooting with 20km FHD video transmission
  • Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing and enhanced subject tracking with ActiveTrack 360°
  • Up to 34mins long battery life flight time

Also available with other retailers for $1614

JB hifi
d1 store

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2023

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    • At which store?

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      All right then, keep your secrets

      • +9

        Apparently atleast 7 people disagree and think it's a great deal

        Folks are negging you because you just came here to boast.

        You haven't provided any specifics about which store you bought it from, or how did you achieve that final price.

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          posted the deal on ozbargain ages ago

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              @chutibuti: yep but interestingly just looked at my tax invoice and said 1528.92, apparently got a bit off withou knowing

          • +3

            @michael9865: You came on here making a vague comment that read that the price was achievable right now.

            How is that useful for anyone looking to buy it today going off an expired price from an old deal?

            posted the deal on ozbargain ages ago

            But the deal you posted last month was for $1699?

            • -1

              @Lucille Bluth: if you ever see it cheaper comment it to let others know. That is what ozbargain is for. Doesn't matter when it was.

              It helps people know that it was cheaper at one point in time.

              Yes, I should have put more details in but i was driving and didn't have time until i got home now.

              • +3

                @michael9865: You just come across as a flog, that's why the negs. lol

              • @michael9865:

                Yes, I should have put more details in but i was driving and didn't have time until i got home now.

                You were posting on OzBargain while driving a vehicle??? Are you for real?

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    Just an fyi has been this price for a few days (it’s only ~5% off) - i regret not grabbing at $1440 during the JB wicked Wednesday deal but holding for at least sub $1500

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    you could easily get this for DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo with 2 yr refresh for $1613 from D1 store

    • +4

      you could easily get this for DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo with 2 yr refresh for $1613 from D1 store

      Again you are being vague with how to get this price.

      It's AUD $1,803.00 with 2 year refresh.

      Please stop commenting further on this deal if you aren't going to be specific with how you came to these final prices. All you are doing is confusing everyone.

  • If anyone has better prices, please post it as a new deal or comment so that you can help the Oz bargain community. SHARING IS CARING 😀

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      My deal isn't expired so if getting with 2yr refresh mine comes out cheaper. Would suggest to try to get complimentary 2yr refresh with the deal posted here though.

      The steps are in my post if interested

      • Thanks do you just submit the form with your details and get a link with the offer?

        • -2

          submit details and someone will get back to you via email or call

          • @michael9865: Just an fyi think the issue is you are telling people to select the “ DJIMINI4PRORC2C DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo + Extended Warranty + DJI Care Refresh 2-Year Plan $1699” which isn’t an option even when clicking the ‘click&save’. If you could screenshot where this is that would help alternatively if you are just adding the fly more combo and the quote being sent auto adds the 2year refresh then make this clear.

  • I went to the DJI D1 store in Chermside yesterday and they gave me the fly more combo for the DJI mini pro 4 for $1599. They also threw in an SD card, circular polarising lens, and a screen protector for the remote.

    I just asked if they were doing any deals and they offered this in the spot!

    • Would you be able to dm me the order number please so that I can ask them to give me similar? I got the same for $1699 :(

    • Oh i think it's because i also got the refresh care for 2 years on top!

      • That’s pretty good! They didn’t budge in the refresh but I didn’t really try hard. It’s was around $180 for two years I think.

        I’m still flying my Spark with no serious crashes so 🤞

        • Cool cool!

  • Not a deal. Just for purchase validation. :)

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