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Katana Mower and Blower Kit $359.40 Delivered @ Katana Power Tools


Refer to comments - it is cheaper to buy the respective skin individually and battery redemption.

The KATANA 2x18V Charge-All 2 piece Brushless Mower and Blower combo kit will make lawn care a breeze for any home owner.

The KATANA 2x18V Brushless Turbo Blower is the ideal tool to clean-up decks, courtyards, paths and driveways. The variable speed control with turbo boost, makes the tool user friendly and adaptable to a shifting a wide range of debris, whether it’s dry leaves or damp grass clippings this tool has the power to get the job done with the Brushless motor delivering a max air speed of 207km/h and max 820m³/h of air volume. The KATANA 2x18V Turbo Blower provides ultimate convenience when compared to corded or petrol-powered alternatives.

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      Placing the mower and blower separately into the cart and then adding 40% off and redeeming the offers mentioned above gave me a total of $268.80 delivered.

      Not bad for a mower, blower, 2 x 2.0AH batteries, 2 x 5.0AH batteries and 2 x chargers.

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      As pointed out by MrJohnnyB, I stuffed up with the pricing in my first post.

      To buy the blower and the mower separately is $268.80, not $388 as I originally posted.

      The mower is $299, blower is $149, total of $448, less 40% is $268.80.

      You then get via redemption,
      2 x single chargers, (the deal posted comes with a dual battery charger).
      2 x 2.0 ah batteries,
      2 x 5.0 ah batteries.

      So you save $90 and get 2 extra 2.0ah batteries.

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        Hahaha… wasn't trying to say you stuffed up @revheadgl. I was actually really grateful that you pointed out this option to get better value. Thanks for that.

        Now… just trying to decide whether or not to grab this. There aren't many reviews on their products. Anyone have any real world experience with these particular tools?

        • +1

          All good, I didn't take it that way. I am glad you pointed it out though, as it makes it a far better deal!

      • Sorry OP, I get to the $268.80 part by ading them individually, but what do you mean by "You then get via redemption…"

        Checking the specs for the mower and blower alone, it seems to say it's the skin only?

  • katana

    Cool name.
    It’s a yes for me on marketing alone

  • Dunno about the quality but seems like a great deal for a 36v mower.

    Thought I scored a bargain with my combo but overall still costed a good $600~ ish for mower, blower and snipper combo.

  • +2

    Does anyone know if this is compatible with Ozito batteries?

    • +2

      My ozito battery has 5 pins this has 4 so nogo.

      • +1

        thanks for confirming that!
        the product and packaging looks so simliar to Ozito

    • They do look a lot like Ozito. The post above saying that the Ozito battery has five pins may be incorrect. Mine has five slots but only 3 terminals.and three pins on the charger which I believe are +, - and temp sensor.

  • +1

    rubbish toos. bought one whipper snipper and it just keep zapping with 0 cuts! ozito plastic with single plastic blade cuts better.

  • +3

    Thanks OP.
    Need to replace old mower and trimmer.
    So got mower and brushcutter
    These are all brushless and 36/40v so should be a nice upgrade.
    Discount and battery redemption make it around the same price as cheapy 18v ones so worth a gamble :P

    • Ordered the same but did not get order confirmation email for some reason. Got the PayPal payment email though.

  • +1

    Also Delivery was free when bought individually so not sure why the kit would cost for postage ?

  • It is a Made-in-Australia tool. don't know hwo these tools perform? Anyone can share the feeling? Also we now can have an idea how bunnings ripping customers off as all of their tools are so over-priced and make ppl swamped in to buy them when put it on sale but still more expensive than these

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    Got the mower for my relatively small patch of grass. Thank you. Can't go wrong for $180 delivered with batteries included.

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    I got shipping notification at 2:30 am.When I checked order status, it showing "completed".Not even a tracking number.Is it a legit website?

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      Same! Got the shipping notification around same time and no tracking number.

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      Yeah that's normal. I ordered the mower and blower on their black friday sale and it was the same. Gear rocked up in a few days.

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    I got the mower and blower with the batteries back on black friday. Blower is pretty good, more power than I thought it'd have but I've never had one before. Mower is ok for a small block but struggles when wet/heavy. Be prepared for a two pass if it's got some length to it.

  • Regarding the shoulder strap included with the leaf blower - anyone else got one that reeks?
    I'm referring to a petro-chemical smell, makes this battery operated device smell like it is a two-stroke.

    • mines fine :(

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