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WD Elements Desktop 20TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive $522.11 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU

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By current standards it's a bargain (see camels). It was cheaper in the first quarter of 2023 but AI data centres have been hoovering hard drives up since then and prices have jumped accordingly. The most recent deal posted for this item was $50 more than this. You can get slightly cheaper prices elsewhere on other hard drives if you're willing to roll the dice on warranty but this has the comfort of an Amazon warranty.

Looks to be a quantity / time limited deal. Will take a while to arrive from the UK also. If you look at the UK Amazon it costs $559 there, plus delivery so we are somehow getting it significantly cheaper.

And because I'm generous I'll kick things off with the traditional first comment - "That's a lot of data to loose in one hit!"

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Bit of a premium, got some 16TBs for ~$12/TB but not a fair comparison as they are used with warranty.

    • 16TB w/3 year warranty $19.37TB

    • Whoops, I got the price wrong!! It's $50 less than that. I copied the title from the previous deal and forgot to update the price!! Amateur!

      Updated now to correct and lower price.

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    US$343.81 (~A$503.81) shipped at Amazon US

    • Good find. Post it as a deal.

    • Wouldn't this come with a US plug only?

  • CMR and shuckable?

    • Not sure about CMR but definitely shuckable. I have 4x in my Synology DS916+. 20TB resulted in 18.19TB usable.

      • @m00seTheC0wSnake - I believe they put whatever they have excess of into these at the time, but since you have 4 of them, Could you tell us what drives you ended up with? And also how recently they were purchased? Might be indicative of what we could get if we order one if any were recent.

    • All 20tb are CRM from what I can tell. At the very least, all the ones WD sells are. I know it's counterintuitive that SMR technology is only used on drives under a certain size (like 15tb), but that's the way it goes.

    • All helium drives (like this one, and generally at this capacity) are CMR. No SMR variants.

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  • If I need storage I use multiple used HDD from CEX and slap them in a dock and have multiple copies across many cheap HDD's.

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