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Hey Guys ,

Hope all are doing well. I am a newbie here and wish to seek groups help to draft / finalise my trip to Vietnam later this year. Questions below .

  1. We are planning this trip in Aug to overlap my Fathers 70th Birthdayday - Is August a good time to visit?

  2. Tentatively have 10 days ( can extend by a few days if required ) and we wish to cover Vietnam + Angkor Wat in Combodia - is it possible to travel to Combodia for a day or two can come back to Ho chi ?

  3. Draft plan below - Can someone advise changes / updates to the below ?

    Melbourne —> Hanoi —> NinBhin —> HalongBay —> PhuQuoc —> HoChiMinn —> Melbourne

Day 1-4 : Hanoi

Night market shoppings, lake walk, city tour to historic places to be done here.

Day 5 :
Hanoi —> NinBhin via Cab. Take a boat at Trang an Grottes. Chose route 3. Row through mountains and caves and what not! Surreal. Back to NinBhin

Halong bay:
Book a cruise 🚢 and the overall experience is extremely amazing. Limousine will pick up from your hotel at Hanoi to the cruise point. Stay a night there. Chose Dora Cruise. 140 USD per person approx.

Travel to PhuQuoc:
One of the most beautiful places to visit. It’s an island and stay in Salinda Resorts. (bestest place). Book a tour around via boat and visit near by islands and do some snorkling!


Shopping streets and food! Just spend a couple of nights here .

  • Is It possible to travel from Ho Chi Minh to Angkor Temple in a day ?

  • Have seen allme luxurious train travel within Vietnam - Is it betweenn hanoi and ho chi ? How advance we have to book It ?

Any other myst see / must visit / must eat suggestions?

Thanks in advance for helping


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    is it possible to travel to Combodia for a day or two can come back to Ho chi ?

    you can fly to Siem Reap.

    there is also the bus but that takes considerable time - especially the border stops.

    but you'd be pushing it to visit and take in Angkor. I spent several days there - i was there during Khmer new year. it was one of my favourite overseas experiences (huge street celebrations , really fun).

    best to spend time in Vietnam.

    there is already so much to see there. Cambodia should be enjoyed by spending more time there , rather than just a day.- but if you just want to see Angkor , then cool, and fly.

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    Cant help with the questions you've asked but don't skip Hoi an (via da Nang airport).

    Fun place, good vibes, beaches, old market towns, leather and suit shops etc

  • I think you're trying to cram too much in. Are you going with your 70yo father too?
    I'd suggest breaking up nb and hb so there's a gap between. Maybe do nb on day 2 or 3, rather than after spending 4 days in hanoi area.
    If you want to do Angkor wat, I'd suggest skipping ho chi minh and just go straight to Cambodia.
    I also am not convinced about luxurious train travel in Vietnam and considering everything you want to do, i think you're better off timewise to fly. Enjoy Vietnam is a beautiful place filled with some of the loveliest people I've ever met.

  • +4

    Make sure you have lots of dong.

  • August will be hot and humid - think 35+ but humid so you can't even sweat properly - is that going to be an issue for anyone?

    I'd also either completely skip HCMC to fit in Siem Reap, or don't go at all

    I'd even consider skipping Phu Quoc personally, but I'm not a resort kind of person

    Ninh Binh - if you can handle it, hike up the dragon mountain too

  • As I mentioned here, if you're planning on doing a Ha Long Bay cruise I would strongly recommend doing a 2-night cruise, otherwise you're spending like 8 hours driving in a bus over 2 days.

  • For 10 days, I would suggest staying in the north or moving to central Vietnam (eg Da Nang) only.

    One tip I have to save time is to do your 3-4hr journeys in the late afternoon so you can have dinner and checkin as soon as you arrive, then start early the next day at the new destination. Another advantage of this is tourist sites are always virtually empty in the mornings so you'll get through them quicker.

  • Get a Time Machine and travel to Phu quoc 5+ years ago when it wasn’t overly touristy trash

  • I am Vietnamese. And I can help you with that.

    *August in ha Noi will be SUPER DUPER VERY VERY hot and humid.

    *Expensive in Ha Noi, keep in mind that you MUST bargain/haggle the price at least 1/3 the original price.

    10 days over Vietnam is doable. May I suggest you Hoi An and Da Nang?

    Day 1: Melbourne to Ha Noi? (Vietnam Airlines do have direct route. I remember they fly 3 times per week).

    Day 2: Ha Noi

    Day 3: Ha Long bay (You can cruise overnight)

    Day 4: Travel to Ninh Binh

    Day 5: Flight To Da Nang, then Grab (Uber) to Hoi An, 30 minutes drive.

    Day 6: You sleep at hoi an overnight, an old town then back to Da Nang and flight to Phu Quoc.

    Day 7: Phu Quoc. There are so many tours speak English.

    Day 8: Phu Quoc theme Park if you are into that.

    Day 9: Flight to Ho Chi Minh City. Explore the city.

    Day 10: Keep exploring the city, eats street food (must). Flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Melbourne is VN781 and departs 10:30PM. You will land at Melbourne the next day.

    Good luck :)

    • I know you are a local but honestly I got exhausted just reading that - good luck to a 70 year old in the heat!

      You'd also spend so much time travelling.

      I'd suggest just pick 2 cities/regions MAX with a flight in between them - if you enjoy it go back next year rather than trying to see an entire countries highlights over 10 days.

  • Rainy season in both North (Typhoon season) and South.
    For beach time, you should choose some location in Mid Vietnam (Dry season) like Danang/ Hoian, Quy Nhon, Nha Trang…
    Leave Siem Reap as well as Angkor Wat for another trip.

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