expired Coles Baby & Toddler Club FREE Sample Bag


Coles Baby & Toddler Club FREE Sample Bag

Terms and Conditions: Sample Bag available at Coles supermarkets (excludes Coles
Express, Bi-Lo, Pick n Pay and Coles Online). Surrender this original coupon at the
Coles Customer Service Desk to receive either a pregnancy -12 month or over 12 month
Sample Bag. This coupon is valid for one Sample Bag only between 17/10/12 and
31/10/12, or while stocks last.


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    …"Surrender this original coupon"
    Can you let us know what weight/type of paper it was printed on so we can mimic?
    Otherwise - great deal for those who actually got the coupon in the mail.


    Beat me to it by a few mins!


    what's in the bag?


    Don't you always get these when you join? I remember getting a voucher when both my kids were born…


    Nice typo in voucher.. "Collect Youy"!!

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    Just got the preg-12 months one

    3 x nappies (Baby love, Naty, coles)
    1 x nuby spoon
    1 x Lipton Chai latte
    1 x Be natural fruit/nut bar
    1 x Heinz Simply Pureed packet

    The guy just scanned the voucher, no questions!

    Looks good!

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    I tried to get one in Coles Adelaide Grote St. They don't have them, they are not a big enough store.


    What is that "Check 1" table at bottom of the PDF? Do we need to fill it out?

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    Got the voucher from Coles- glad I got the bag today- I am sure they will all be gone very soon. (freesamples aus also has it)

    The over 12 month bag has
    2 nappies
    1 swimmer
    1 be natural bar
    1 heinz little kids fruit and bran bar
    1 heinz little kids wholegrain cereal bar
    1 poise liner
    S26 gold sachet
    1 Nuby paci cradle
    1 Viva kitchen scrub


    Does anyone know which coles in Melbourne have the preg-12 months bags? I being looking for them and all the coles I went to only had the >12 mths bags.

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    In the Pregnancy - 12 Months bag, I also got:

    Huggies 8 pack of Wipes
    Karicare Photo Frame Magnet

    In addition to the already mentioned:

    1 x 4-8kg Coles Nappy
    2 x Size 1 Naty Nappies
    1 x 6-11kg Babylove Nappy
    1 x Nuby Spoon
    1 x Lipton Chai Latte
    1 x Be Natural Muesli Bar
    1 x Heinz Puréed Packet.



    How come I cant get it to open? it says open but when I try and open it nothing happens so i hit saved and it saved to my downloads folder but still wont open after I saved it?

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