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Nah I found the problem. I was actually trying to buy two of them, and I used the + button in the cart. I only noticed once I reduced it...
23/06/2018 - 12:08
No idea what I'm doing wrong. The price shows as $213AUD on the website but changes to $275.50AUD when I go to the cart? Anyone else...
22/06/2018 - 19:56
Can't recall the names of the shirts (bought over a year ago now), but the sizes should be fairly consistent across the styles (I'm no...
07/09/2016 - 14:15
Yep - I can vouch for this. I'm 172cm and weigh approx 75kg and I'm an "extra-slim" shirt.
07/09/2016 - 14:09
[@ccrap](/comment/3601421/redir): I actually don't own a powerbank yet (I know right!?). Once charged, how long does this one stay charged?...
08/04/2016 - 14:23
Good luck with the new venture. My wife and I are regulars at Sapore but will certainly make the trip across to support a fellow...
06/04/2016 - 14:40
Hey mate - just got back from a week in Niseko. I rolled a Hero4 silver with a SP Works 36" pole. Footage is amazing and the pole is...
01/03/2016 - 18:41
I'll have to look up the edgelit thing, but the rest of it (single tuner, 1x HDMI 2.0) isn't an issue. I probably should've done my own...
27/11/2015 - 10:09
I think I might pick this up. There's a GG around the corner from me and it's available for pickup. 2x HDMI isn't a problem for me - and...
27/11/2015 - 09:46
Just out of interest - have you owned a garmin? I'm not sure if (in this case) it's worth the extra $s to go with the obvious industry...
08/09/2015 - 00:16
[Here's](http://shop.gopro.com/compare?category=cameras) a good comparison table. Most of the camera settings are stepped up by one setting...
24/08/2015 - 13:35
But my retail friends have all got the show?
18/08/2015 - 21:55
> Warranty: 12 months [1-day] No. These are either refurbished by 1-day, or bought by 1-day from a 3rd party so you'll be dealing with them...
18/08/2015 - 13:01
Not sure what kind of clamping people were doing to break these - I've made a few bits of (albeit amatuer) furniture with these and they...
17/08/2015 - 14:24
Hmmm....have you got a link please?
03/08/2015 - 19:33
Just a noob question here - it says dual sim and that the second sim slot is "Sim/TF (up to 128GB)" -> is TF just a normal SD or microSD...
31/07/2015 - 11:22
Never really understood the mentality behind "if you spend more, you save less. Heaps less!"
23/07/2015 - 10:06
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23/07/2015 - 09:00
When trying to be funny, it's essential you can be understood :)
22/07/2015 - 12:11
Hmmm, thinking you could try "hardarse", or "arseonaplatter". YMMV
22/07/2015 - 09:52
I just can't remember the last 'deal' like this that was actually honored by the supplier. Small transactions, no matter how ridiculous the...
20/07/2015 - 19:31
The thing with these 'deals' is that unless you keep them to yourself (in which case you have a moderate chance of getting them) it'll get...
20/07/2015 - 18:26
I'm pretty sure the $1 coin you hand over for this bad boy would do just as good a job sucking up dust (or air) as this thing.
15/07/2015 - 21:37
Certainly is. Especially at that size and with windows. Unbelievable really. The REP should probably advise how many of these they actually...
14/07/2015 - 12:24
So I guess you've never had Jaffas before?
14/07/2015 - 12:22
Probably put that the price is now $89 in the title, not the original (ridiculous) price of $597. Might get a few more bites at that.
14/07/2015 - 12:20
Content : spirit level. That's considerate!
14/07/2015 - 10:52
I just got an alert for this, and I didn't even think about taking this angle! I'd love to jump in as well, if that's all right. Cheers!
13/07/2015 - 17:12