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Western Digital WD4000FYYZ Enterprise 4TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive $116.78 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU

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EDIT Buyer Beware: could potentially be used drives as mentioned in the comments

Enterprise grade drive ideal for NAS/Server applications. This model is discontinued and is replaced by WD4002FYYZ/WD4003FRYZ

It is cheap enough at $29.19/TB.

Fulfilled by Amazon US

The 4 TB WD4000FYYZ Western Digital RE SATA 3.5" Hard Drive from WD is a powerful combination of enterprise-class performance and high capacity required for superior performance computing and business critical environments. The hard drive delivers transfer rates of up to 6 Gbps and high random I/O rates. It is coupled with a dual processor, which provides twice the processing power to maximize performance. The WD RE SATA Hard Drive's enhanced RAFF technology monitors the drive and corrects both linear and rotational vibration in real-time. It thus provides optimum performance even in high vibration environments. It features a head positioning system with two actuators which improves positional accuracy over the data track(s). The featured motor shaft on both ends minimizes the system-induced vibration and stabilizes platters. This enables accurate tracking of read and write operations. The multi-axis shock sensor feature automatically detects the subtlest shock events allowing you to protect the data. The WD RE SATA Hard Drive's Time-Limited Error Recovery (TLER) feature prevents drive fall-out caused by the extended hard drive error-recovery processes. The NoTouch ramp load technology ensures that the recording head never touches the disk media. This allows significantly less wear to the recording head and media as well as enhanced drive protection in transit. Thermal cycling guarantees that each drive is tested by an extended burn-in for reliable operation. Dynamic fly height technology enables each read-write head's fly height to be adjusted in real-time for optimum reliability. With 64 MB cache, the WD RE SATA Hard Drive ensures faster data transactions. It is ideal for use in servers, video surveillance and other demanding write-intensive applications demanding write-intensive applications.

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  • Enterprise

    7200RPM SATA

    Pick one.

    • SME often are still using SATA.
      Especially if they have a faster level of tiered storage for live data.

      • also they dont require pci lanes… think of that situation in servers with a dozen or more drives

        • I'm not sure how big that reason would be, because neither does SAS.
          Well, no more than a SATA controller, that is.

      • SME?

        • Small/Medium Enterprise.

  • +1

    Be careful .Discontinued (Old) Model by the MFR. 1-Year Seller Warranty.

    • Weirdly says "3 Years Warranty from Reseller" within the same listing

  • +22

    Drives are coming from FUSION TECHNOLOGY INC in Florida and are 10+ years old

    $29/TB for ancient stock plus the massive risk with Amazon's shipping packaging on mechanical drives all huge red flags

  • +2

    4TB…its not even worth spinning up.

  • +1

    Some of the 1 star reviews say that these are used drives

  • Release of these was 13 November 2017, so can be quite old drives.

  • Bad deal, quite possibly a scam. I would only buy these for $30 each

    • So you believe that 4TB Enterprise grade hard drives should be going for $30. Which world do you think you're living on.

      • although people poo poo the low 4tb capacity these are still useful in CCTV use

        funnily enough the price of NEW 4tb drives hasnt really changed all the much

        i remember i used to buy 4tbs for $99 and this was like… 2015???

        and so for enterprise w/ supposed 3yr warranty $116 delivered isnt bad

        • Yeah. COVID really hit hard with stock shortages and price increases. And it hadn't really fully recovered from that when it comes to price.

      • 10 year old, unlikely to really be new, Amazon shipping conditions etc etc. yes. A new 4TB drive would be different

        • Sold and shipped by Amazon US. Amazon itself is not going to list as brand new hard drives and supply used. No these will be brand new stock that's been collecting in an Amazon US warehouse for years.

          If there were reports of used hard drives in the review comments then it was from one of those third party marketplace sellers. But this here is stock direct from Amazon US itself so there should be no problem.

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