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Scoot: Athens Return from Perth $741, Melbourne $833, Sydney $857 (Fly October & November)


Solid prices to Athens on Scoot. Considering some of the full service prices to Europe we've been seeing lately, these are a little less attractive, but if Athens is where you want to go these are good! Especially that price from Perth.

Flights are via Singapore, and as these are on Scoot, only 10kg cabin baggage is included.

Dates are in October & November 2024.

Perth - Athens $741 (example dates 9 - 30 October)
Melbourne to Athens $833 (example dates 10 - 30 October)
Sydney to Athens $857 (example dates 18 October - 11 November)

Go to the Scoot website and use their calendar view to see which dates have the cheapest fares.

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  • -4

    Flights are via Singapore

    How long is the layover?

    • +7

      Look it up and let us know, itemised by origin city, destination city, days of the week, and any other relevant details you encounter.


      • -8

        Look it up and let us know


        • By being someone better than you

          • @park: Didn't help.

    • +1

      TR720 (SIN-ATH) leaves SIN at 0035.

      There are 2 Scoot flights a day from SYD:

      TR3 arrives into SIN at 1930.
      TR21 arrives into SIN at 0315.

      There are 2 Scoot flights a day from MEL:

      TR19 arrives into SIN at 1830.
      TR25 arrives into SIN at 0330.

      There are 2 Scoot flights a day from PER:

      TR9 arrives into SIN at 2310.
      TR17 arrives into SIN at 0250.

      So depending on which flight you choose and from which origin, you can have between an 80 minute connection up to a 21hr connection.

  • Any good flight deals for ppl in Adelaide? I beg

  • +2

    Add $129 for 20kg luggage, and $167 for 20kg luggage, meal, drink and snack (which you probably need for SG <-> ATH route)

    Adds up quickly.

    • +1

      Yes, agreed. These are only a deal if you can travel light!

    • I thought so too, until i checked the alternatives for the same duration/months -> it is still a good price with meals and drinks; if you can tolarate the usual cons associated with a budget airline..

    • They won’t refill your water bottle on scoot either so factor in buying a couple of cans of water for the long leg

      • +1

        So if you are dehydrating on the plane and have no money they just let you die?

        • +2

          Give it a try and let us know

        • haha had that experience years ago from sing to gold coast and lost my credit card and had dyhaydrate for hours or maybe drink from toilet taps ..tight budget airline but cheap

      • Man it's getting ridiculous where the world is headed.

        Next they'll give you an oxygen allocation, or poop vouchers, why don't we just skip a few steps and go straight into the battery tubes and prepare to fight the squiddies.

    • 10kg should be more than enough baggage but meals yeah totally agree

  • Had a recent flight with Scoot, 4 hours delay caused by mechanical fault. It was a midnight flight, Scoot offered not even accomodation, and refused to pay us lounge access at cost.

    They probably expected everyone to sleep on the floor in airport lol

    • I once travelled SG to BKK via Scoot and the flight was delayed by 3 hours 55 minutes. Intentionally short by 5 minutes, I suspect, since once it reaches 4 hours, then the affected travellers deserve some compensation

  • +5

    I did this last year, flew to Athens via Scoot.

    - cheap
    - sg layover, Changi is good with amazing food.
    - No need to get checkin baggage from Melbourne to Athens even with connecting flights. (I believe this is normal but not sure with other airlines)

    - checkin baggage is expensive
    - delayed flights
    - no charger on seats
    - no meals no water (you can buy)
    - no entertainment
    - annoying passengers because they all want the cheap flights

    I will not recommend this for long a$$ flight but going to Asia is fine.

    • +2

      Btw, Athens is amazing!! History and food are out of this world. I would recommend Athens to everyone who likes history and food. Gyros is cheap and pork is the best, not lamb Gyros in Australia.

      • Yep, pork is where it’s at!

      • Interesting. Didn't know a pork gyro is a thing.

        • Lamb gyro is not a thing in athens. Chicken, pork or kebab. Hard for me to eat gyro again here 😅

          • @KungFuK: not a thing????!!!

            Souvlaki with lamb?

            • @00: Souvlaki and gyro are two different dish

  • Needed this deal for sure; Cheers OP

    Now need flights Perth to Reykjavik (via London) in November

    • Ill keep an eye out!

      Right now there are fares for $1491 in November on Malaysia Airlines, which isnt bad but i am hopeful things will improve a lot over this year.

      From there you can get a nonstop easyjet flight for as little as $100 return to Reykjavik

  • Upgrade in flight for about $350 to scoots version of business class. Per leg.
    Also be warned they only take cash and credit cards. Any card with the text debit and they won't accept it so won't even be able to buy the $3 SGD for a 250ml bottle of water.

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