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Segway Ninebot MAX G2 Electric Scooter with Lock and Phone Mount $1349 Delivered / MEL C&C @ Electric Kicks


Since hiring a Lime scooter for a long awaited try of one (curtesy of an (expired) deal on here for a few free short rides), I've been toying with buying one. Being nearly a registered old fart, I wasn't sure I still had the balance for one, but it's just as much fun as the red one with white pump up tires I got for Christmas when I was about 9 (none of your battery malarkey back then buster, when I were a lad we had to use our actual muscle power).

This seems a fairly good allrounder with a lot of good features, without being crazy expensive or huge, which some are. It's not an amazing deal and you can find just the scooter alone a bit cheaper or with the lock $50 less. I chose to buy from this place due to their generally good feedback. I also got a few accessories at 5% off - not sure if that's because of buying a scooter, or the code (presumably the former).

Be warned though - despite a delivery estimate (to Tas) of 3-5 days, it's actually going to take 12 days (from Melbourne)!

The Cashrewards rate on these is 2.1% so not as much as the code gives you (using the code is better).




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  • Great post but this is the “Global Edition”

    Does that mean no local Segway warranty?

    • I'm not sure about that. There's no mention of it either way (what it being the Global means), but the store handles the warranty and has options around Australia. Might be worth checking with them where the closest one to you is.

      • +1

        Apparently the global version has unlocked speed so you can go up to 32kph i believe. The oz version is locked to max 25kph. Most people rather the global version for this reason. 25kph is generally the speed limit here of course though.

        • +2

          OP gunna be reliving his youth .. fanging it 7 - 10 kph above the local speed limit! 😎

        • +2

          You can hack it quite easily to get 32-38kms

    • Global edition is actually a pro because it is not speed limited.

  • -3

    Why would you splash down so much for a 'kids toy'? Well this really is a step up from the little ones. It has decent range (officially up to 70km, but take that with a grain of salt. It's under ideal conditions with a light person), so could be used for commuting or sight seeing.

    Some good comfort and safety features:
    Front and rear suspension which according to reviews works pretty well.
    10" pneumatic puncture resistant tyres (pretty good tech inside these).
    Traction control!
    A pretty naff horn (but it does have one).
    Good visible indicators.
    The charger is built in, so all you need is a power cable.

    Apparently not so good:
    The display is a bit hard to see in sunlight.
    Brakes aren't super duper (but I think they're measuring against much more expensive ones).

    It's not light or super compact being an ok size for adults.

    • +1

      i settled on the Max 2 (G65) the model 2022 (1 model before this) for $850. has basically same features besides indicators (hardly used), slightly better suspension and 5% more power/range, traction control whatever that does probably not much .. for the extra 500$ i couldn't justify 60% hike for not much improvement

  • -2

    Cheaper here at $1299 plus even cheaper with jbhifi price match at 10% off gift cards

    • Actually $1289 there if you get the sign up discount, BUT you don't get the lock and phone holder I think which I reckon is worth paying the extra $50 for.

      I wonder if JB would price match given the extras? You'd have to imagine JB will at some stage offer it cheaper when the initial sales rush dies down, but that'll always happen with stuff like this.

      • The lock is rubbish. Anyone with bolt cutters would cut that off in less than 10 seconds. The phone holder can be had from aliexpress for $20. I have the same one and it rattles unless you lock it down after you finished using it. Hope you like turning that screw.

        edit: not even bolt cutters required. even simple wire cutters will do.

        • I wouldn't be locking and leaving it for any time. More pop into a shop deterrent. I f I planned anything more I'd get a much better lock. BTW it also has an app based lock and can work with Apple's Find My … system (in case anyone wonders).

      • +2

        Just paid $1100 at jbhifi with 5 year extended warranty :D

    • +1

      That's not the same thing. Not global edition.

      • whats the difference apart from the speed thing which can be unlocked?

        • I think Global has cruise control too.

          • @wfdTamar: i heard you cam unlock it in the app after an upgrade

          • +1

            @wfdTamar: They all have cruise. It’s part of the app

    • Is this the global edition?

      • Seems the same as far as i can research, cant find any differences apart from firmware that can be changed to match

    • Which gift cards are they?

      • +1

        Teen cards at Woolworths

  • Anyone know what happened to the e scooter trial in NSW ? Still illegal in public I presume .

    • +2

      They had more trials starting within the last few months. As far as ETA on legality…. maybe after 12 months of these BS trials can they can then use these as a paper trail to say that they have completed testing and due diligence and then make it legal. Could easily take 2 or 3 years though. Or never. Government clearly has no problem with people driving a diesel SUV instead.

      • +2

        The giant diesel SUVs are so much more dangerous for children and other drivers as well.

        Really annoys me that we allow toxic American culture spread so easily here.

    • have you yet?

  • +2

    Bought 2 in November and December 2023 for $1149 each at jb hifi. This was the regular discount asking what their best price was… it was $1299 for like 3 months straight. Also, the lock is worthless and phone holders without dampeners will mess up your phone

    • @simontadaa can you please confirm if the speed limit can be unlocked via apps and if cruise control available?

      • Haven't tried unlocking the speed but you can easily google how by using xiaodash. Yeah cruise control is available.

        • Thanks for the info

  • I own one, and I can say 25km is fine. These are twitchy enough, and the brakes aren't amazing. They are great scooters. If you like the Lime ones these are like the luxury version, and they're faster. But again a little twitchy I would have lived raked bars like the Lime scooters.

    • Does it go up to 35 kmh?

      • No just 25. But as I say that's enough I reckon. On my bike I'm happy to go much faster because it has bigger wheels and better brakes

  • Would I have any issues commuting with such thing a couple of kms to the train station, taking onboard with me during peak hours, and continuing the trip in Melbourne CBD? Do I need any license, helmet, or waterproof shoes?

    • +1

      I'm no expert, but I'd reckon you'd want something smaller for on the train (unless there's some kind of bike rack you can leave it in (on the train).

    • +1

      I think you'd be fine doing that. You can fold it up and stand it upright if you wanted too as well. It is on the heavy side though. I would wear a helmet, but then again I have come off scooters a few times already.

      • Are people on streets and in the public transport fine when you do it? Do you need a driving or any other license ?

        • no licence required

        • I don't use it on public transport but it is no different to people taking a bike on public transport and they are much bigger. Friends do take it onto buses and trams and I have not heard of complaints.

  • is nami klima worth the big price difference?

    • +2

      Yes. The suspension alone paired with the massive battery life and power/speed. Good for long rides and off-road.

    • +2

      The Ninebot (Segway) G2 is more of a hobbyist level scooter. It does the job to get from A to B a little like an entry level Toyota Corolla.
      The Nami Klima is an enthusiasts scooter. It'll get you from A to B at speed and extra comfort (Better suspension) like a sports car.
      Is it worth paying double the price for speed etc? Depends on what you want to use it for and for how long.

      • Thank you for your input. How long as in in general use for years or at one ride you meant?

  • Last time I tried that code didn’t work with the bundle. Interesting.

  • Does anyone know if jbhifi stock the global edition?

  • +2

    Finally got this today and only after chasing it up. Two weeks Mel - Tassie! Courier firm they use must be a bloke with a row boat and wheelbarrow I reckon. Store states 3-5 days to Tassie. Courier firm originally gave vie a date 13 days, but didn't turn up on that day. Had me trapped at home waiting till an email at 3pm saying only delayed - we'll let you know. Store just wipes their hands of it after it's picked up. No ownership of picking a crappy courier or understating delivery times.

    As if that wasn't bad enough the process for unlocking the Global was a complete mess. Store solution was to enable a 'Lite' Australia mode and 'wait for Segway to fix it'. We'll let you know.

    Being in IT I was able to fix it myself.

    Oh and the phone holder and lock are crap. Definitely not worth paying the $100 extra for. Maybe if the store service was great, but it hasn't been.

    • Well that sucks about the global edition, it’s the only reason for me to buy from them as that was a selling point.

      • They reckon it'll be fixed and I did get it working, but I wouldn't choose them (particularly if you're not near them) if there's another place you can get the Global.

        • I wonder if the global is even worth the bother?

          Jb Hi-Fi have the Aussie version for the same price but without the phone holder and lock (neither of which is use). I’m tempted.

          • @Levathian: I would get the global (particularly if you’re over say 80-90 kg. I’m 93kg and it does the speed, but I was a bit underwhelmed by it in normal mode. If you can, try it and some more powerful ones. I’d almost consider going for more power over the suspension.

          • @Levathian: I've got 35 kmph (40 downhill) when charged to 80% and 32 otherwise. That's about the point just sunglasses aren't enough and you want goggles.

            Have a look at this one too $1550 with their intro discount. Very similar, but stronger motor, less range (though the 40 km they quote will be on the Eco setting so it might be rubbish on Sport). Much better going up hills which is a weak point of the G2.


  • anybody was able to change the speed limit from 25km/h to 35? changing region to us on the app didn't work.

    • +1

      Yes I did. I have all the Global stuff going. Wasn't easy. See my comments on this Youtube


      • How to get the verification code for the lite app?

        • That must have been done when I sent my serial number back to Electric Kicks.

  • Oh sod. Just found out the Tasmanian government give you $250 if you buy an e-scooter in Tassie. Has to be within PMD dimensions (125cm long, 70cm wide, 135 cm high or 45 kilograms in weight) or can go faster than 25km/h when powered by the motor on level ground.


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