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[Pre Order] Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 512GB $2199, 1TB $2399 ($300 Amazon Credit) | S24 $1399 ($200 Credit) Delivered @ Amazon AU

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RRP but S24 Ultra 512GB & 1TB comes with $300 Amazon Bonus Credit to be spent on your next order

S24 512GB comes with $200 Amazon Bonus Credit: https://www.amazon.com.au/SAMSUNG-Android-Smartphone-Storage…

These terms and conditions apply to the offer (“Offer”) whereby:
- Customers who pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (1TB/512GB) smartphone on Amazon.com.au, will receive an Amazon promotional credit of up to $300; and
- Customers who pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S24+ or Base product (512GB) on Amazon.com.au, will receive an Amazon promotional credit of up to $200,(“Qualifying Items”) for use towards a future Eligible Order.
The promotional credit amount may vary throughout the Offer period. The maximum promotional credit amount for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (1TB/512GB) smartphone is $300. The maximum promotional credit for the Samsung Galaxy S24+ or Base product (512GB) is $200. Check the product detail page to determine the promo credit value at the time of purchase.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +16

    why I buy expensive? when its cheaper

    • +11

      well said

    • +3

      Will definitely benefit some. Eg. I like paying RRP especially when there's gift cards etc offered (such as this). Personal example being… RRP paid $2199, 12-month price protection through 28-degrees, I can price protection based on the maximum price. Plus I'll be going overseas in a months time, tax refund on full RRP.

      $199 back from airport. Plus any discounted price now (after purchase) or within the next 12 months, and I get the difference back. Plus the $300 amazon credit.

      Works out better than just paying less now and forgoing anything after.

      • +1

        yeah I also like these kinds of deals when I get to use my price protection

  • +6

    How is this a deal?

  • +6

    I paid $1200 outright for an S23 Ultra last March. Prices will drop shortly.

    • yeah even with any of these deals still expensive

      what is the cheapest price can for the S24 ultra now (with trade in and all the deals/codes)?

      • Gets even cheaper when you sell a kidney.

      • My mate bought a S24 Ultra 512 GB today for $1430 ish after trade in, bonus trade in, $200 pre-order discount, $200 code he got after chatting with Samsung and 5% off from the shop app.

        • what did he trade in?

          • @fordleg: He traded in a samsung s10 Plus. The value was around $120 but the bonus value $350 made a huge difference.

        • how much was the trade in and what phone?

          • @pinkybrain: He traded in a samsung s10 Plus. The value was around $120 but the bonus value $350 made a huge difference.

    • Where did you purchase at that time? The price is excellent.

    • @Lets Go Brandon I think you paid too much.

  • +2

    This is not a deal.

  • +5

    2 grands for a phone, the world must be crazy, or i am just too poor.

    • +1

      talk to apple fans
      apple is the one that started increasing the prices to 2K

      • Because not premium if you don't have the pricetag to match. LOL.

        • with price increase creep (set by Apple and Samsung follows)

          will reach 4k phone prices in a matter of time

          • @pinkybrain: Only 4k? If you are not selling your first born. Or a kidney. Are you really getting a premium product?

    • Tim apple just slapped you with reality. You are not crazy.

    • It’s 3 grands. Need to add 1 more grands.

    • How we've even gotten to the point where a pocket computer is basically more expensive than a mid-tier gaming PC is beyond me.

      I get the engineering behind them is insanely impressive but a 2-3 year old flagship is only 20-30% behind but can easily be <$800.

      • Because apparently a single device being able to do a multitude of things warrant such a high price. Though im not convinced having the one device for all ones needs is always appropriate.

        Think about it. Your phone dies for whatever reason. No gaming, no productivity, no media player, no camera. And many more tasks you use your phone for.

  • +8

    makes no sense to buy from Amazon give Samsung Edu and EPP store offers are way better.

    • +1

      Not everyone is a student or works for an organisation that qualifies for the EPP.

  • But over 40% off plus heaps of accessories as per here

  • Got s24 ultra 512gb for like 1182$ straight from samsung yesterday.

    • Did you go to a Samsung store to get this price?

      • Na the online store pre order

    • How did you get it for this price?

    • You must have traded in a very recent phone for this?
      Best they could do for me (long term Samsung user) is $150 discount on accessories, value of old phone and 5% off - the standard, which is not a deal.

  • Anybody getting they can only use the Trade-In in-store after filling out Samsung Trade Up app ?

  • Does amazon ever deliver these kinds of preorders early?

    Says ships Feb 8

  • Ultra now $150, regular S24 $100

    • I thought i seen 300 on 28th. Now i don't know what i will get 150 or 300. Even online chat dont know

      • yeh I wish I took a screenshot
        I spoke to amazon chat and they just said wait and see when you get it what credit comes etc

        usually amazon is good in regard to these kinds of things, but this time it's not ideal.

      • got my $200 credit on base model

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