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½ Price: Woolworths Roasted Unsalted or Salted Cashews 750g $9 @ Woolworths


½ Price on roasted cashews. You have a choice of salted or unsalted.

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      That’s absolutely horrific…

      Are you sure they’re vegan?

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        Thier label mentions that its free from cruelty. The irony lol

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      Can you be more specific? Children of which country are exploited for this brand of cashew nuts?

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        Childen from India. Google "cashew workers condition in India".

        But they are brown, so its okay i guess. Animals are more important.

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      If the labour cost is $1 a day, these nuts won't be this expensive. From what I read last time, Vietnam has been the largest maker lately and they have already invested in machinery/automation.

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        Just because seller can, they will do it. COGS does not (always) reflect in selling price.

        • No, because it's one nut per fruit and not easy to make. The price won't be much cheaper even in Vietnam.

      • Every heard of the the word 'profit' ?

        Looks like you didnt read enough articles.

        Read white veganism.

        • I also heard of words "market price", "price history", and "buyer decision".

          I just read through the package and can't find any "India" or "Vegan" in the description.

          I believe WW wouldn't import these made by child labour.

          • @Bii: Jeez , only 7 companies have fair traded cashew nut certification while fair trade itself is a scam.

            Stop abusing humans in the name of children.

            Just because it dosent happen here, dosent mean its true.

            Also dont hold woolies in high regard. Its a for profit company.

            • @BlackMamba666: So, what is your point? Spreading misinformation about this product without a source? WW is one of the top trusted brand fyi. And most if not all of companies including posts here are for profits.

              • @Bii: Call them for the source. I did.

                Start doing your homework instead of asking me on ozbargain.

                For profit dosent have to include human abuse

                • -1

                  @BlackMamba666: But this deal doesn't relate to your mentioned human abuse unless you have evidence.

                  I've checked the package description etc. what kind of homework you talking about?

                  I really question who is the real abuser here.

                  • @Bii: Did you call the supermarket for the source ? If not, you havent done your homework.

                  • @Bii: Also clearly shows that you dont know how to research. I dont need to provide to an adult. You should be able to seach it. I rest my case.

                    • @BlackMamba666: You made a false claim about this product of WW. That's the point. The 16 negs can tell.

                      Did you call WW and confirm your claim? If so, please share your findings.

                      Did you call Mods for the fake deals on here? Maybe if you have time.

                      • @Bii: What are you going to do about it if i share it ? Save the children? I didnt say its a fake deal. I said stop abusing humans from the 3rd world.

                        • @BlackMamba666: Good to know, but maybe you also know that some children in Africa (3rd world, not India) don't even have nuts to burn. $1 can feed them for days. I don't mean to support child labour but in some cases, $1 or starvation is a choice to make. People in the 80s worked all day in exchange for food to survive. What can you do?

                          Good to share, but remember to make it clearer so you don't get NEGs.

  • +3

    Not as good as those you get from Costco but good value and not everyone has a Costco Membership…

    Tend to use these more for cooking, Costco for eating by themselves.

    Australia grows very few Cashews so just go with what you like the most.

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      What brand at costco? A d how much?

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      By the way, you don't need a Costco membership if you have a Costco Gift Card

      • Is that right? I can buy a Costco gift card and wander in?

        • Someone with membership must buy it for you

        • +1

          Yea, don't know why they don't promote it. Such a good way to get around paying for the membership if you don't use it often.

          • @YasimKudomi Pape: Could you just acquire a gift card, enter the store then pay using other means (debit/cash), then use the gift card to enter the store again? rinse repeat

            • +1

              @Cludo: They scan your membership card first before you make the payment at the checkout. It is probably not possible to use this gift card as an entry to the store and not use it for payment. I heard that the amount you spend has to be similar in value to the gift card and not over by a lot.

              • @trixieb: You can spend over the gift card as much as you want, I just spent +$200 on a $25 gift card without a membership.

            • +1

              @Cludo: I don't think so. They need to scan the gift card and use it. They want people to try and eventually sign up to be a member, they are not stupid! However, you can use the gift card to access to the store, eat demo foods for free and buy discount foods, like pizza and hotdog using your own credit card.

            • +1

              @Cludo: As guy mentioned below, get a low value gift card, use it and pay the extra by card but also buy another gift card while you are there? Repeat as much as you like potentially.

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      Aren't they more expensive though? I'm all for the idea of boycotting Woollies and Coles, but can our wallet handle doing all shopping at IGA ?

        • +8

          I dunno, seems kind of anticapitalist, dare I say commie, to force an oligopolistic big business like Woolies to carry unprofitable, predominantly China-made “Australia” Day merchandise.

          Also bonus points for hitching two bandwagons of RWNJ grievances together.

        • I can't tell if you're this easily programmed or are mocking people who are.

      • Obviously competition and store size will play a part. But at my local IGA - North Shepparton I would say 90% of the stuff has been the same price as the duopoly since COVID.

        Find meat is cheaper at IGA, fruit and veg slightly more. Added bonus being you don't have to serve yourself to get through the registers in a reasonable time frame.

      • +3

        Aldi…way cheaper for me, and groceries from the local grocer are cheaper and better again.

        • My local fruit shop decided to jack everything in exchange for better quality and a small upgrade to the infrastructure. Prices are even higher than CW lol. Can tell they are losing customers in no time.

    • Lol

    • -2

      Eat cashews white boy.

    • -7

      Hell yes. Wokeworths can get stuffed. HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!!!

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    Why do these supermarket catalogue sales always have 'Tomorrow' on a Monday, meaning the sale starts Tuesday and yet the sales start Wednesday?
    The catalogue sales weeks are the same all around Australia aren't they?, Start Wednesday, end Tuesday

    • +2

      Timezones. Varies between WA, SA & NT and VIC, NSW, QLD, TAS, ACT.

      You must either be in Western Australia, South Australia or Northern Territory to see the TOMORROW sign - as I have this too and I'm located in Adelaide.
      Could also be what your default timezone you set on OzBargain was.

      • oh it is just me, boy is my face red!
        I'll find and fix this

  • YUM. Best thing in the catalogue this week.

    • +5

      I certainly want all Australians to be untied.

      • +1

        Untied or unhinged?

    • +10

      Isn't it interesting how the slightly-unstable right wing are always so keen for unity - but want that unity to be achieved by everyone agreeing with them.

      It's almost like they actually have no interest in unity at all, but in domination…

      • +1

        If only they were just slightly unstable.

        Germany currently has massive protests against the right wing holding meetings discussing deporting legal immigrants, first generation Germans of immigrant parents, and Germans who have been friendly to immigrants.

        • +1

          I agree in general, but I was talking about this poster specifically. Their hatred of Woolworths is unhinged, but not approaching AfD levels!

  • +3

    The "mix of local and imported product" in bold actually refers to the sunflower oil (or salt) in the salted variety, rather than the nuts. Facepalm.

  • +3

    Glad to see the unsalted available and on special, keeping that sodium less than 2000mg is always a challenge

    • Yeah, I always get Unsalted - can always add a pinch of salt if needed. Pre-salted is always too much.

  • -1

    kinda ridiculous how much southern aus pays for nuts considering how cheap it is up north

    • Where do people up north buy nuts from?

      • they pick it up from the field

  • Nice

  • +2

    Are these on special because the Australian flag on the packet has been blacked out?

  • +1

    Good timing! Just after I bought a pack from Aldi of the natural ones, took them home, put them in the oven to roast them without all the added salt of the pre-roasted & salted variety, forget them in the oven and come back to blackened cashews.

    • Sounds like you have Cash(ews) to burn

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    Wow this is cheap indeed. I hope these are roasted not deep fried.

    The COSTCO ones are deep fried in peanut oil. It tastes yummy but will kill you faster.

  • Since when WW dropped the price of Cashews? Was always $10 on 1/2 price in the last few years.

    • +1

      The normal price has been $18 for a while now, it's just they usually don't go to half price, only to $10 or $12 most of the time.

      • Correct. Now I realise, Ty.

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    How do these compare to the ones from aldi and coles? I think thr salted cashews from Coles are pretty good

    • I find the Coles roasted cashews have a more satisfying crunch to them whereas the Woolies cashews don't seem to have been roasted enough. Maybe just my personal preference for a crunchier product.

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    The salted one is way too salty. I usually buy two bags, one unsalted, and then mix both of them.

    • That's a good idea - I don't like the salted variety, but I find the unsalted is too bland.

  • I think Aldi has the 1KG pack at a better price.

    • Do you remember how much they are at aldi?

    • 1000g for $15.49 at Aldi
      750g for $9 at woolworths

  • Melbourne QV Woolies still has 3 bags of unsalted instore as of now

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