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Canon S100 at Kogan - $239 + $29 Delivery = $268


The Canon S110 is out now. So the price on S100 is dropping. Cheapest (NON-Australian Stock) price I have seen.

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  • what the difference between S110 and S100? worth the upgrade ?

    • S110 has wireless and smartphone integration.

      But the S100 has built in GPS Tagging.

      On the S110 GPS tagging is only possible via smart phone.

  • very good deal.
    I got mine a few months ago (grey import as well) for ~AU$315.

    • Are you happy with the product?

    • Hi Foma2

      I would like to know too if you are happy with the S100

      • Yes, I am. I would suggest having a spare battery as well (don't you have it for any piece of a photography equipment - DSLR camera, flash unit, etc ?).
        It is a good back up camera which can be quitely sitting in your bag next to your DSLR waiting patiently. Or if you go out light, it is always a good choice. Reasonably good IQ, manual controls, RAW.
        Another thing I use it for - video at parites. Especially if you had a few beers already. Focusing can be quite a challenge with your a DSLR with attached loupe.
        S100 will do focusing for you - just point it in the right direction ;)
        Quality of video is good as well.

  • I'm also looking at buying the s100. I'm currently tossing up between the s100 and nex5n. I love that the s100 can slip straight into a pocket and quite alot cheaper than the nex5n. I'm a basic photographer, had a 500d and used it mostly on auto mode but it produced excellent pictures. Can anyone tell me how much picture quality I'd lose going to the s100?

    • I am exactly on the same boat.

      I have short listed s100 and nex5n.

      Both of these are outgoing models.

      Yes, I like the portability of s100.

      Since they belong to different classes, one cannot compare the picture quality.

      I believe s100 has pretty large sensor for its class.

      • its has a large sensor for its class, however its still not big enough to take good dof shots

        • Surprised no one is mentioning the Sony RX100. It's similar size to a S100, but has a much larger sensor (same size as Nikon 1). So, won't be as as good as a nex5n with a decent lens attached, but might not be that far off from just the kit lens.

          Of course, it's more expensive: $600~700 mark.

        • I think it all comes down to portability vs IQ.

          If portability is priority = s100 hands down.

          If IQ & lowlight shooting is priority = NEX 5N hands down.

        • RX100 is a great camera. But very expensive for a compact camera.

        • Yeah, i was tossing up between the S100 and the RX100. ended up getting the latter and it seemed to have a lot better specs.

          didnt want to go for the nex series cameras, as my purpose was to get a compact camera without the hassle of changing lenses, which I can do on my DSLR.

    • i bought the S100 about 6 months ago, its a great camera. pictures are good quality (not sure compared to the nex5n but). i had a sony DSLR (basic model) for a few years but got sick of lugging it around, so bought this just before going to Europe. was perfect as it fit in the pocket nice and easy so i didn't look like every other tourist.

    • If you still have the 500D, I don't see too much point in getting the nex5n. The only thing going for it really is its smaller size. And perhaps the sweep panorama too. But definitely the S100 and nex5n are in a totally different category and you would indeed lose a fair bit of image quality comparing the S100 to 500D, especially on higher ISO ratings. But the nex5n should come pretty close to 500D. Dpreview has a great tool to compare cameras: http://bit.ly/QTPbsl
      While the sensor in S100 is bigger than in your average compact, its still quite a way off from the interchangeable lens systems:
      APS-C (500D, nex5n): (23.4 x 15.6 mm)
      S100: 1/1.7" (7.44 x 5.58 mm)
      Micro Four Thirds: (17.3 x 13 mm)

      If you're changing systems, you might want to take a look at the micro four thirds cameras from Olympus and Panasonic. They are pretty much comparable to the nex5n, but have a bigger catalogue quality lenses available for them. The best out of the lot is the Olympus E-M5, but that's double the price of nex5n, so again almost a different category. I think of it like this: the S100 fits in a small belt pouch and I could carry it with me pretty much always, but the compromise for is the poorer image quality, especially in low light. With either nex5n or any micro four thirds camera, you can't really comfortably have it on your belt, but perhaps in your jacket pocket with a small lens. However, the moment you want different lenses etc, you'll really need some sort of a bag for it.

  • yeah sofar best price i have checked dwi tdimension camparadise citiwide (all greys) all about $50 more expensive than this.
    local price: dcw: $469! teds: $499 ! almost double..

  • Its a great camera. And for this price in a compact range, it really is a no brainer. Great deal.

  • It's an outstanding camera in it's class. Don't compare it to the Nex line though- apples and oranges! It's very small, and a bit fiddly for my big hands. Something like the Fuji X10 was far more comfortable to hold, but nowhere near as pocketable though.

  • +2 votes

    I bought this camera last week. I've noticed low light images (with or without flash) are not very sharp. Skin tones look soft, almost like they've been photoshopped. Anyone else notice this?

    • even with good dslr still recomended to use tripod when shooting at night to get clear sharp images

      • When it comes to lowlight shots, don't expect too much, at the end of the day, it's just a "premium" point and shot. It won't be in the same league as the micro 4/3 or even the bigger sensored NEX cameras. Also the flash on the s100 will not let you bounce flash will is a key factor in getting good lowlight pictures, that and a fast lens.

        But for the price, it's a great "take anywhere" camera.

        • I'll continue to experiment. I take it that turning off the anti-shake or other features won't improve image sharpness?

          I guess I've grown too used to APS-C cameras. I havne't bought a new compact since 2006.

        • Can't be sure, but i would presume anti-shake would be even more important when it comes to lowlight photos. Like you said, best to experiment.

          You're right, coming from APS-C cameras, I think your expectations are set too high for this little guy. Enjoy it for what it is, a high end point & shoot.

  • Phenomenal camera. Upgraded to this from the s90. The Canon s90,s95,s100 series have always been arguably best in their class.

    If I didn't already have one I'd snap it up.

    For that price point it's worth getting as an alternative to the s110.

    • I don't see how you'd argue that. The Panasonic LX series, and the Olympus XZ-1 have been every bit as good as the Canons (arguably better, at a cost of less pocketability).

      However, if you want to talk about best in class, most unbiased people would give that crown to the new Sony RX100.

      • I agree, the RX100 would definitely be the best pocket camera going around (the s100 wouldn't come close to RX100), but for value for money, you can't beat the s100.

  • canon is the best camera brand.

    • This is arguable, i think Panasonic and Sony have definitely lifted their game of late in terms of the point & shoot category.

    • very argueable.
      IMO, it depends on what catagory.
      In dSLR, Canon and Nikon are head banging each other.
      In Interchangeable Compact, Sony is standing on top of everyone with its NEX
      In P&S, Sony, Panasonic and Canon are at the top [IMO, Sony is above them all, but thats argueable]
      Don't forget, mobile phone manufacturers are circling around the P&S market and may soon take over.
      And look at the iPod Touch 5th Gen. Went from 0.3mp to 5mp in just 1 generation. Who knows what might it be in 10 years!

      • just do not be confused with megapixels.
        good or at least decent optics is more important.
        so is a reasonably big sensor.

        • those are important for a product made for picture taking, but in an iPod Touch the greater the megapixels, generally mean better optics. Also, there is virtually nothing on the market that is actual competition to the iPod Touch (as a whole product itself).

      • I think you forgot about Fuji and Olympus :) - I'd say they're up there with NEX for CSC market. And, if you put the x100 into the P&S, ableit and expensive and special purpose P&S, it kills.

        Almost all the major camera players have some amazing options out there, which is good news for all. Just a bit sad to see fanboys with such silly brand loyalties. Canon make some good cameras, but so do Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax…

        And then we can discuss more special offering from Hassleblad (please ignore Lunar for this purpose), Leica, Phase One… all of which would destroy any Canon for the purpose they're used for.

        • ofc, people have their preferences and their differences in views that's why i said IMO, because it's just my opinion.

  • I would prefer the Olympus XZ-1 purely for the lens and shallow DOF that you can achieve.

    Such huge sensors are next to meaningless when most photos end up facebook.

    • I think I saw a news post that can get the Oly XZ-1 from Amazon US for $199 (+ shipping). I didn't look into, so no idea if ship to Aus, and issue with only 30fps versus 25 etc. Anyway, seems they're clearing stocks and will soon announce a XZ-2… still $199 USD also a bargain price :)

  • How is this compare to 125HS?

  • Bought it 6 months ago for 378 and already a good deal at that price back then, it is an absolute steal at this price, it is a really good digital camera with manual settings. I am downgrading from SLR to this and could not be happier with it. Always in my pocket throughout my holiday, easy to use, reasonable quality picture.

  • WTF I got it for $450 last January o_O

  • Just bought one …

    Happy to see my first Deal Post doing well :)

  • Anyone know of any Flickr accounts with S100 sample images?

  • You sir are a great man! I've been wanting one since the start of the year but retailers never budge… I guess cost price is too high for these locally.

  • Been having a really hard time between decided on what camera to buy for my Japan holiday, the contenders have been the S100, RX100, NEX-5N, Low end DSLR.

    Big thing is the $$ value vs whether I will use it much outside my holiday (used to love photography but got lazy), I have been steadily watching this camera on Kogan drop from $319 to now $239 - I think this is a great bargain and unless the RX100 has a massive price cut we might have winner.

  • kogan wouldn't have the GST component for this right since it's a grey import?

  • What's the feature and price comparison between this and Canon SX230? Are the extra feature in SX230 worth the extra money you have to spend on that?

  • This or Olympus XZ-1?

  • Tempting to buy one at this price.
    But does any one know which serial numbers they have been getting from Kogan?

    As there seems to be some lens error issues with Serial number from 29-41.


  • +1 vote

    I posted these questions on Whirlpool but got no response. Anyone here with an S100 care to answer. I bought mine from T-Dimension by the way.

    1. Does anyone notice a bit of flex in the strip of plastic on top of the camera behind the flash unit (i.e. on the left hand top corner of the camera – with the LCD screen facing you).

    2. The HDMI A/V cover doesn't seem to clip in to the body with much effort (the clips are very small).

    3. the Asian grey model doesn't come bundled with the A/V cable, whereas the Aussie model does.

    • I've just checked mine. Solid as a brick. HDMI A/V cover clips in without much effort.
      I reckon I had an A/V cable, cannot be more presice as I've never used it and now it is sitting in a box with all other cables.

  • The price is back to $279.00 + delivery.

  • I see $279 plus delivery on their website?

    • Yet you didn't see the last comment 2 hours before yours, nor the expired tags on the deal?

      EarlyBird… I am disappoint. You're not living up to your namesake!

    • Deal expired, it was $239 all day yesterday.

      I bought mine for 239$ + delivery $29