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ASUS RT-N56U $101.32 Shipped from Blacktea Tech, $149 Everywhere Else


Stylish Concurrent Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router

  • Flexible dual-band lag-free entertainment
  • Gigabit internet surfing with hardware NAT(While ISP support)
  • Powerful Online Multitasking at up to 300,000 Data Sessions
  • Twin USB ports enable multi-role usability

Works with NBN.

Ran out of stock, just got a call from them, it got removed :(

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  • Can confirm these guys are good, I work in the CBD and if you don't want to pay shipping they will have it sent to their office on Collins St where you can pick it up.

  • That's a great price - $88 if you can pick it up, and this model gets really good reviews.

  • +1

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    • same here, link doesn't work

      • sorry, they realized they have no more stock and removed it, just got a call from them :(

  • Damn just paid $150 from MSY for this last week.

    FYI it has a mail-in promotion via ASUS to get a free USB 300Mbit wifi adaptor (RRP is $99 but sells for ~$55)

    Am running custom Russian firmware http://code.google.com/p/rt-n56u/

    But likewise cannot find this on their website - maybe it was a mistake.

    • I've got this router too and I've been very happy with it. Nice WiFi range too. But could you tell me what are the benefits of the custom firmware?

      • Its running a more generic/popular Linux WRT flavor with newer Linux kernel than the official ASUS v1.xx although ASUS also have a beta version of 3.xx firmware available.

        Shows CPU/memory usage and the GUI is very fast to refresh compared to the factory firmware. More options.

        The one thing the Russian firmware lacks from v1.08 onwards is QOS.

    • "FYI it has a mail-in promotion via ASUS to get a free USB 300Mbit wifi adaptor"

      Got a link to this ?

  • Sorry guys, just got a call from them, apparently they ran out and are not getting anymore in :( ARGGGHHH!!!!

  • boo!! was about to pick one up at lunch! =(

  • Toooo late…..:(

  • Just got a Billion 7800n, this wouldve been perfect :(

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