$12 Standard Movie Tickets + Applicable Booking Fee & Surcharge @ Hoyts Cinema


Seems to be a generic reuseable voucher and pin. Nationwide. No membership required. Works for Weekends and PM Sessions. Until 27 Feb 2024.

Choose Your Ticket > Voucher:
Voucher Code: H401TBB00000019
PIN: 4216

Not valid: HOYTS LUX, Daybeds, Special Events or exchangeable for cash. Not valid for Dune 2.

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    Just tested the code and it works! Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Any good movies that people are excited for? It's been very slow for me to get back to the cinema.

    • +8

      Current film; The Holdovers. 9/10.
      Coming soon; Dune 2.

    • +1

      Argylle (starts Thursday).
      Argylle, a razor-witted, reality-bending, globe-encircling spy thriller.

      • I couldn't bother sitting til the end of the movie. Bored af but have a decent half hour sleep.

    • +2

      Argylle looks like it'll be good
      Godzilla minus one is supposed to be good too

      • +3

        Not sure why someone neg you…

        I also am looking forward to see Godzilla Minus One as it's been re-released. I missed it last year and was planning to see it in SE Asia during holiday, found out it wasn't playing in those countries. So I'm glad I have another opportunity to see it in the cinema.

        • +1

          They saw minus one and acted on it.

        • Godzilla Minus One as it's been re-released

          I can't find any news on this. Where were you informed of this? I would like to know as I have missed my chance to watch it in cinemas so it would be great news to be able to watch it.

          • @Bunn3y: I'm in WA. But the last screening was last night. Don't look like there's anymore screening.

    • The Dry 2 was pretty enjoyable
      The Iron Claw was really good as well

    • +3

      I second The Holdovers and The Iron Claw great movies.

    • +1

      One Love. Bob Marley

    • Drive Away Dolls and if your into anime Demon Slayer movie.

    • The Dry 2 Force of Nature opens Feb 8

    • I looked at the 2024 release schedule, grand & interesting

  • +3

    Legend.. Looking forward to seeing The Dry 2

  • +4

    Damn son….
    Gojirrrrrra minus one here I come

  • +3

    If you're wanting to watch Extreme Screen then its $16+booking fee
    Still pretty good value ngl!

  • +6

    Valid only for movie sessions on or before 27 February. I would probably add that to OP to make this limitation more prominent.

  • +20

    Booking fees are bullshit!

    • +5

      You can print OP's picture and scan at the hoyts kiosk to avoid the booking fees. Or go to any kiosks, there's plenty of these lying around from other moviegoer purchases.

      • +16

        I tried this but the lady at the counter said she didn't want OP's picture as he was too ugly to waste on a photo frame.

        • +10

          I struggled to decide whether to upvote this because it's clever or downvote because you called OP ugly.
          You have my answer in the votes. It was hard.

          • @S2: I find the OP's picture very intriguing. Looks exactly like mine. from a distance at least, although mine seems to come with a pale yellow 'halo',.

      • Wait, how do you (actually) avoid booking fees?

        • Buy ticket in store

  • Great, thanks

  • Do I enter the voucher code and PIN on the Gift Card or Promotion field? I dont see a Voucher field.

    When I enter it into the Gift Card or Promotion field I get the following error message: "Sorry, there's no funds left on that Gift Card.".

    EDIT: Ignore, I found it.

    • Where did you find it? I have the same problem.

      Nevermind. I also found it. Instead of selecting Adult tix, you click on Voucher! Awesome

  • If only we had a Hoyts here. The cinema is BCC.

    • Darn. It must have been only good for a few uses.

      • Ignore my comment, there's a voucher button below the ticket selection NOT the gift card area

  • +1

    "Not valid for Dune 2" answered my question.

    • +5

      Dune 1 is getting a re-release on Feb 8th if you want a consolation prize

      • I would use the voucher for this but can't see what session times are available yet

  • wait what? dune 2 is out?

    • Not out yet but some session times are

    • 1 March 2024

  • havent been to cinema since 6 months before covid hit australia…. hmmm

  • -2

    How long would it be valid for?

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

    Just booked tickets to Argylle for this Saturday night - date night!

    • Looks like a stinker!

  • -1

    My free Hoyts ticket i got last year from Snapback doesn't work but unsure if i want to pay for tickets unless under $5

    • +3

      You won't be visiting cinemas very often in 2024

  • +1

    Hard to find a movie where I wouldn't rather wait a few weeks and watch on the big screen at home. I gotta wonder if Barbenheimer wasn't cinemas last hurrah or maybe Deadpool.

    • +3

      New Bob Marley movie looks good coming out next month

  • +2

    Really like $14 when u factor in booking fee… cheaperrr but not that great

  • +3

    Thx OP, Poor Things looks great 😁

  • +2

    How can you get more than 1 ticket using this code. Do I have to book other tickets separately?

  • +1

    "Sorry, there's no funds left on that Gift Card."

  • I still got a few hoyts tickets from the snackback promo… Think I've only used it to see one movie (oppenheimer) not much else worth watching….

  • +1

    Why this deal gets the heat? Isn't the Event $8 any time ticket a better deal?

    • Definitely cheaper but it’s not any time is it? I know it’s short dated

    • +1

      No Event cinemas in the ACT

      • +3

        A non-event territory.

        • If you say so.

    • Hoyts is a better experience, in my opinion.

  • Wonderful, thank you, OP

  • +2

    Thank you OP. Just got few.
    May I ask how you got this deal? Once this expires are you able to get us another voucher from your magic hat?

  • Beekeeper. I’d probably see it again at this price.

    • Really? What about the movie appeals?

  • Is it just me or something is wrong with Events cinema? It’s filthy the seats are broken. I found disgusting stuff around seats. I’m talking about 7 Events Cinemas around Sydney including George Street.
    Hoyt’s is so much better. Thank you to the Op for bringing this treat. I hope we get to see more of these amazing treats.

    FYI - I went to visit India last year and was surprised to see the amazing quality seats they have and tickets are so cheap. I think we Australian should learn and uplift our cinema industry.

    • +1

      Sounds a bit like there's something wrong with the patrons as well.

    • +1

      Asian cinema is on a different league. But then again, they have the cheap labour and higher number of population to fill the seats. Completely different market condition

    • You gotta stand up for the national anthem lol

      • Yes that was silly. I’m not sure why we have to do that at the cinema in Asia

        • That's only in India

  • damn! this stopped working

    • Nope, still alive

  • Great find, Thanks. Only Disadvantage is that you need to book 1 ticket at a time. Still worth it.

    • Select the number of seats you want from the seat map, then after entering voucher details click the + next to Bounce Back Offer to assign to the number of tickets you need.

      Not sure about counter or kiosk purchases but guess should work there too.

  • Thanks OP! Going to see The Beekeeper tonight.

  • $12 Bounce Back Offer $16.00 per ticket.
    Final price Total $17.65

    Is this a system error?

    • Only $12 for standard screenings, Extremescreen or whatever they call it and others cost more.

  • +1

    Just booked for our family 5x tix for next Saturday (24/02) Xtreme screen. Worked out great!
    Cheers for this.

  • Expired!

  • Expired!
    Error message: "Sorry, there's no funds left on that Gift Card."

    • Voucher, not gift card. Just worked for me still.

  • F this surcharge and booking fee BS

  • Just worked for me on the Demon Slayer viewing today. $17 is still better than $28

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