Cheap Permanent Australian Mobile Phone Number

Hey everybody, do cheap permanent sim cards exist?

I'm looking for one mainly to act as a 2FA account for discord and other apps. All those prepaid SIM cards from Woolies and Coles expire within a year. Is there a more permanent solution without having to pay a monthly subscription?

The number will only be used to verify 2fa codes, won't need to make calls or use data.



  • Cheapest I've found is $15 for one year on Aldi. They all expire after a while if there's no credit on the account.

    • And buying the AldiMobile SIM includes $5 for a few (6?) months.

      • $5 sim only lasts 60 days now, then if you forget to top-up before then (like me) it expires. Min recharge is $15 for 365 days, so $20 initial outlay needed.

  • mine on amay "pay as go", never use (call/txt/data) never pay :)

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  • During the Optus hacking fiasco I found out I had a really old mobile account/number that I never cancelled. Supposedly it's a $0 per month PAYG type arrangement. I don't have a phone for that account yet but I'll have to look into when our toddler ends up needing an emergency phone. I also have a TPG $1 per month PAYG account that we never cancelled and forgot about.

    Maybe see if someone you know has an account like that.

  • $10/year amaysim payg

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