Iceberg Lettuce. Pricing on The Rise?

Sorry if I've missed something but I tried searching and found no articles but anyone know what's the deal with iceberg or lettuce in general lately?

Trying to bulk up my lunches with lettuce and it's either unavailable (no Aldi or Woolworths I visited yesterday had any) or those that do have it like Coles are charging $5.50+ for 1 iceberg lettuce…

At this point I'm giving up on my diet and eating the $5 quarter chicken and chips from Red Rooster instead /s.


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    Probably has something to do with the recent floods, heatwaves, war in Ukraine …

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      cant leave off that badboy, im sure that'll continue to be an excuse for decades to come

      • Oh yeah, I forgot about that one!

        • Haha oh yeah how could I forget every fallback in the book

  • Plenty of alternatives such as spinach or rocket

    • Yeah I bought cos lettuce and am using spinach to bulk that up in the meantime

    • Seriously? Those cost far more than Iceberg, and don't keep as long.

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        Supermarkets are open every day DW

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    That price rise on lettuce is just the top of the iceberg…

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      Lettuce consumers wilting under inflationary pressure.

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      • just the tip

      • sorry, english is my third language

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      Go plant your own Lettuce. Everything needs to be politics. Win your own life, and don't rely on the gov't.

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      Lol, Poz’d for the asteracea line.

  • I don't understand how even the hydroponic lettuces are also going up - surely they're not as susceptible to the weather as the ones that are grown in fields?

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      if they can charge more, they will

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      Demand for those goes up due to the lack of field ones, so prices go up.

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    Red rooster classic quarter is only 550 calories and over 30 grams of protein

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    Gee I love these first world problems.

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      You're on a bargain site in Australia, what are you expecting the conversations to be about?

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        Not just complaints

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          You expected OzBargain to be a place where everybody praises every price of every good or service?

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      Is being able to afford lettuce more or less of a first world problem than being able to buy little flags at the supermarket?

  • Try the markets.

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    Iceberg lettuce has no taste or nutritional value. Much better is a mix of spinach and rocket, you can even buy it already mixed from the supermarket.

    Even better grow your own. It grows well in pots from seeds. Then each day you can just pick what you need.

    • You miss the point. It is all about the texture, the mouth-feel. Rocket, like spinach, is bitter, which is not always OK.

  • It's only $3.50 at Coles and Woolworths

    • yeah it has dropped again. Basically lettuce crypto

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