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Samsung Sale @ Unique Mobiles - S3 from $479, Note 2 $595, Note 2 4G $799 + $18.80 Shipping


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Unique Mobiles
Unique Mobiles

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    nice, brown and black too

    brown doesnt look as bad as i imagined

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    all excluding shipping of $18.80 at the bottom

    please add to title + Shipping $18.80


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      All those prices say 'from' in front of them anyway.

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        No they didn't…

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    Hooray for price wars!
    I'm really hanging out for a Samsung Note 2. I don't know when I'll pull the trigger; but seeing the prices tumble is encouraging for sure! :)

  • Is unique mobile provide Australia tax invoice?Gst apply?How is the warrantty for Unique Mobile compared with Kogan?

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    When will the SG3 4g fall below $600?

  • Kogan is selling Note 2 for $599, and it is their normal price, not just for 3 days.

    Having said that, this is still the cheapest note 2 (delivered price) so far.

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      With shipping, Unique Mobiles is $10 cheaper.

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    so are they imported phones without australia manufacture warranty like kogan as well?

    • yes, warranty is with retailers

      • So better buy from Kogan as if we need to claim for warranty at least cost nothing to post the phone back to them.Am i right?

        • Where do you get the impression that UM charges you to return an item?

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          On thier website,waranty conditions. "buyer responsible for the postage send the faulty item back to Unique Mobile"…

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          Their website warranty conditions are breaching Australian Consumer Law. There's no sign of the mandatory "Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law." statement.

          At least Kogan have this statement on their website.

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          There's no legal requirement for them to put that wording on their website Mr Armchair lawyer…

        • -1

          You can't have a clause that states it's except from Australian Consumer Law, this is illegal and not valid. -Don't take my word for it do your own reasearch but I did study Law at University.

        • Better read the warranty information before you buy from them..


          Personally,i think Kogan will be safer place to buy if the price is not much different.

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          You can't exempt your products from Commonwealth legislation, but you have absolutely no requirement to put the statement "Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law."

        • 100% correct.

        • What is your biggest worry about the warranty information? I read it and it says Return postage is included ?

        • No armchair lawyer stuff here, just the facts;


        • You do realise you are buying the item from a HK based arm of the company? No obligation to comply with Australian consumer law as far as I know.

        • -2

          Doesn't matter where they buy it, if they are selling it in Australia and the item is recieved in this country ACL applies.

        • The important difference is that it is sold TO Australia, not IN Australia. Makes a hell of a difference to Consumer Law.

        • .

        • SnakeDoc51: "Doesn't matter where they buy it, if they are selling it in Australia and the item is recieved in this country ACL applies."

          I'm glad you're a Snake Doc and not a real doctor.

        • And where, pray tell, does it say on that page that they must display a "Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law." statement Mr Armchair Lawyer?

        • -.- This is what I meant..

        • Yeah I know, was referring to PinzVidz. ;)

  • I don't know why they would release the black one so late - all the people who wanted this phone would have it by now.
    Apparently Pebbles don't come in black. :-|

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    Fine line between a bargain and advertising

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      good one, can I say when there is a bargain then it needs advertisement

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    Is there any deal on Galaxy Nexus phone?

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    Get some Windows Phone 8 handsets please.

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    This is Racism. The white cost more!

    I call for equality!

    • +1

      Which is weird because when this was launched the white is cheaper than blue.

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    oz tax invoice? Gst apply?

    • Nope, no TRS. Stated as an 'import direct' model.

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    if anyone is keen on DIY

    you can replace the housing to any colour you like for about 22$ on ebay.

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    How long til the LTE premium is more reasonable?

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    I'm gonna wait for oz stock under $500. Hopefully soon.
    Too many bad experience with faulty phones lately.

    • I have yet to see the Note 1 on sale for under 500. However seems like the N9te 2 is a good amount more popular.

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    ARGHHhhh that Galaxy Note 2 is driving me up the wall. I'm like THIS close to just blowing all my money on that sexy phablet sonova bishh… But, must,, be,,rational.

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      What is there to be rational about? It's an amazing phone and worth every cent, just buy it already.

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        Waiting for the 29th Oct Google announcement, cool stuffs might happen!
        Believe me, I do want to buy it, but it just seems prices are very competitive these days, so maybe it'll get even better hopeful face.

  • Can you give me a deal for BlackBerry Bold 9900?


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      people still buy blackberries? i keed.

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    Very Cheap! $608.85 for the Galaxy Note 2 when using the $5 off discount…

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      Is there a link for this delicious $5.00 off? :-)

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    Great prices. Getting more and re tempted to pick up the Note 2…

  • typical I pulled the trigger last week on the note 2 from unique and the price has already dropped :( still not to bad after free shipping

    • all went smooth? how long did it take to get your phone? , would you recommend?

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        At the moment DHL is dealing with auspost trying to search for my package (note 2) as DHL passed it over to Auspost for the final leg. I ordered it on the 17th of October and i am still awaiting reply after several calls asking what is happening with my order as the last known tracking data from auspost was on 22nd of October with an expected delivery date on the 24th so they created an enquiry and did a call out on all the depots to see where my package is located. Technically it is not my responsibility finding where my package is as it is not mine until it reaches my doorstep. I am really frustrated now since i am a full time student and I've blown my years saving not knowing if it will arrive.

        side note : my parents ordered the new IPAD from them 2 days after me and they got theirs on Tuesday without any hiccups as DHL did not pass it over to a third party provider such as auspost. Both packages arrived on the weekend to Sydney i dont see why is wasn't on the same courier to my place

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          Very interesting, thanks for the reply

  • Waiting Kogan offer free shipping now!!!!Feel more comfortable buy from Kogan in term of warranty

    • +1

      Kogan does seem to have a better Warranty

    • -2

      where do you find out the free shipping? just tried and it is still $19 shipping

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        Waiting Kogan offer free shipping now!!!!Feel more comfortable buy from Kogan in term of warranty

        He did say "Waiting"

  • I was wondering, because eventually I will be buying a unbranded phone. How are these retailers ranking in terms of overall reliability etc for everyone.

    So far, I've seen people mention:


    Which one would you guys recommend?


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      All I know is Mobicity is the most expensive.

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        Yes, but from that list they are the only ones who sell S3's with 2 year manufacturer warranty and their phones are the only one with a 'proper' A-Tick certification.
        UM had a-Tick certified phones too until last week, but Samsung Australia are apparently not acknowledging that warranty as they are effectively still imported products.

        • +1

          Apparently? Provide one example. People keep saying this but nobody knows who these people are getting rejected.

        • +1

          It was discussed in quite a length over on WP forums.

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          I know Mobileciti are pretty good they charge GST and also sell Au stock with pretty good price. Shame I am not into S3.

        • Cheers bro ill have a look at it later on. There is so much hearsay on here with 1 bad experiencing resulting in people thinking its a common occurrence.

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      Mobicity and Mobileciti are 2 different stores, I think.

      I recently bought Samsung galaxy s3 from mobileciti, total is $568. I ordered the phone on Sunday (3.46pm) and got the phone (around 12.45pm) on Wednesday this week.
      I've never bought from Kogan so I don't know.
      I bought motorola xoom $439 on ebay from Uniquemobile and the delivery was very fast (next day delivery, maybe they use air express shipping or something like that).

      This is my experience so it's up to you to choose but I will support local Australian store which is Mobileciti

      • +1

        Good point actually. I was referring to MobileCiti, NOT MobiCiti.

  • +4

    https://www.starthere.com.au/ for 1.38% discount
    SHARE5OFF for $5 off

    should be working no guarantees =)

    • Is that 5% off code for Unique Mobiles or for starthere?

    • You are right, it does not work

  • Any deals on the Note I N7000?

    • Planning to get rid of mine =), pm me if your interested =)

  • Might bite the bullet and buy the Note 2 from Kogan for the warranty piece of mind. Really don't expect an immediate counter by Kogan and likely be minimal if it does happen

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    My experience with Unique Mobiles:
    - Placed order on 18 October 2012 (Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 16GB Black)
    - Received tracking email on 23 October 2012

    Still have not received package and tracking number does not work. Not impressed as I know some people who ordered the exact phone after me have already received their phones.

    EDIT: Was messaged by Rep that I was given the incorrect tracking number and he apologised. I now have the correct tracking number. Kudos to him, thanks rep!

    • I ordered my GN2 yesterday morning and received tracking information this morning. Very quick!

      It's being shipped via EMS.

  • any deals on xperia U?

  • Hi Everyone,

    Looking to buy a red GS3 for the missus and saw http://www.techrific.com.au/product_info.php?products_id=369… this.

    Is there a big difference between the grey importers, once I have the phone I should be right, right?

    • +2

      Shipping on that is approximately $75.

      • Wow you're right - I saw "free return postage" and read it as free postage

        • You are not alone…. A lot of people in the past have committed that sin.

        • That doesn't exactly justify it - though it's not like I purchased it without noticing.

          Now I just have to decide if I'm cool with grey importing as a concept…

  • can someone upload a invoice for grey imported item from Unique Mobiles?

    • +3


    • +1

      Get your hand out of the way. :)

  • Hanging for a deal on the Samsung Galaxy S3 4G i9305.

  • +2

    Sooo tempting…must wait for the launch of the Nokia Lumia 920 before I make a comparison with the Note 2…

  • Can you do a better price on the A-Tick Galaxy S2? $340?
    For a superseded model, it's still quite expensive.

  • ordered note 2 N7105 4G for $801 delivered today from thinkofus.com.au, seems to be their normal price.
    $793.60 delivered from SGbest.com as well.

  • I9305 is a bargain for $549!

  • Does anyone know why there is such a huge difference between Kogan and UM for Galaxy S3 4g models? Kogans selling it for 729 ex shipping whereas its available on UM for 549!

    • Perhaps UM are loss leading a few units to get their name more widespread?

      Still saying In-stock, so hope they don't oversell

    • UM was $700+ on the 4g the other day. I think the 4G has been ninja edited after this post fell off the front page so not many people have commented on it. It is a stellar deal.

    • This product is not available in the requested quantity. 1 of the items will be backordered.

    wat does this mean :(

    • You're out of luck and missed the sale…

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