Is A2 Milk Better for You?

My family recently starting to consume more fresh milk, especially our one year old child.

And I noticed that A2 milk cost almost twice as much as the normal milk. Which prompted me to do some searching and I found no evidence online supporting that A2 milk is more nutritious or better than normal milk. All I have so far see is some claim that A2 might be better for people who usually have upset stomach after drinking milk.

What is your thought on this? Are you buying A2 milk because you think it is better for your kid or because everyone around you tell you that it is better than normal milk?

I found this Article online.

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    I buy A2 milk
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    I buy normal milk
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    I don't drink cow milk


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    I buy Aldi's fresh full fat milk, I find it tastes the creamiest. Aldi/Costco > Woolies > Coles.

    • -2

      SADA > WW > Coles > aldi

      • I meant in terms of the shop branded milk, not the dairy farm ones. With the amount my kids drink, gotta be the home brand ones 😂

      • who sada

    • Farmhouse Fullcream for me 4.7% fat, the highest i can find. It costs more than supermarket brand milk $3/l

      • My kids go through a 3L bottle in 2-3 days, cant afford Farmhouse haha

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    I just want real milk that tastes like milk.

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    Low fat, No fat, Full cream, High calcium, High protein, Soy, Light, Skim, Omega 3, High calcium with Vitamin D and Folate or Extra dollup?

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      An elegant commercial, for a more civilised age.

      • +6

        It's an older commercial sir, but it checks out.

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      I just want milk that tastes like real milk

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      Lactose free

  • Consider goat milk

    • +28

      I have been considering goat milk for the last hour but I haven’t reached spiritual enlightenment yet.

    • UGH

      • +7

        I think you mean UHT.

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    a2 Milk® is naturally A1 protein free, so it may be easier on digestion than ordinary milk for some milk intolerant individuals, when consumed as part of a healthy varied diet.

    I mean, they use the words "may" so often on their main page makes me wonder if they really are committing to anything. To be fair I don't see their website claim its healthier either?. Just that it doesn't include a protein which apparently could make digestion easier for certain people.

    So I reckon if thats you, then thats great, you now have an alternative. If not, you'd probably have to go down the rabbit hole to see if they actually do anything else any better (eg support events you agree with or treat their livestock well etc) that makes it worth the price.

    Edit -
    Prefacing this that I'm talking about their normal milk. Seems like a lot of their product is regarding kids milk (formula etc). Thats a discussion I know little about.

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      So far, the A2 milk failed to produce any scientific evidence to support their claims and, as far as I'm aware, they didn't win any of legal battles in court, with multiple advertising authorities etc.

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        Facts? Pffft, this is 2024… it's all down to how I feel and the vibe of it.

        And of course what Joe Rogan thinks

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    You have two different sets of questions for your poll answers.

    All i have so far see is some claim that a2 might be better for people who usually have upset stomach after drinking milk. What is your thought on this?

    Does milk upset your stomach? If not, you most likely won't notice if A2 does or doesn't 'work'. But considering the price and the claims, I'm going to say it does for those that cows milk upsets them.

    Are you buying A2 milk because you think it is better for your kid or because everyone around you tell you that it is better than normal milk?

    This is a different question to if it works or not. Who is saying it better? Its like people who buy soy milk over normal milk. Most are buying it because they can't drink normal milk.

    If you or your kid gets an upset tummy from milk, try A2 and see if it continues. If not, just buy normal milk.

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      Either you have been deluded by propaganda or you are spreading it intentionally.

      • +11

        If you say so, you seem to be OZBs know it all ;)

        Doctors told me all my life I was "lactose intolerant", tried A2 and poof, all symptoms gone and can drink gallons without affect ..

        But that's right, you know everything and think only your opinion matters and everything else is propaganda - what a great way to go through life!

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          You literally told people to drink raw milk.

            • +8


              It's only banned in Australia, the rest of the world consumes it just fine

              When did Singapore, Canada, Scotland, and some American states become part of Australia?
              Australia must also be moving in to Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark as raw milk isn't freely available there either.

              Summary of all the "Raw Milk" science here

              What if we look at published research that has shown that raw milk or cheese causes 840 times more illnesses and 45 times more hospitalisations than pasteurised dairy

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        A1 protein is a mutation produced by by holstein cows. Most milking cows in australia are likely black and white holstein cows. Jersey cows do not have this mutation. A2 milk i0s present in all cows but the A1 mutation is not. Jersey cows do not have the A1 mutation.

        For those that want cold pressed a2 only milk.

        If you are allergic to a1 then buy grass fed jersey milk. Same as a2 without the label.

        • Jersey cows do not have this mutation.

          There are not many Jersey dairys in OZ.

          Jersey give up to 28 litres per day.

          Holstein- Freisan with a high Genetic merit can give up to 40 litres per day

  • +1

    Who wants to buy my A2M shares now?

    • They'll go well with your Tesla shares.

      • -1

        Looked like Barnaby J. had a bit of an upset stomach the other day?

        Haven't bought my Tesla yet, your lovely Pluck a Chook has suspended my license for pointing out her corruption.

        • He needed a Tesla to drive him home.

      • or your Telstra shares

        • Hell! I don't buy shares from Hell!!

    • +1

      Def not those who bought at $20.

    • A2M shares

      That’s an unfortunate initialism.

  • My old man swears by it. But it tastes like rubbish. As someone who is lactose intolerant, the only way to deal with it is to drink full cream milk in moderation.

    Good understanding for people like me who have problems processing sugar and why consuming dairy is still important…

    Unless your child shows signs of a dairy allergy (not an intolerance) just give them full cream milk. They need the fat and the calcium. Intolerance can develop with age but that's hardly your concern now. We go through about 10L a week with a teenager.

    • I’ve tried A2 milk and it unfortunately caused me the same symptoms as drinking regular milk, so I continued to drink full cream lactose-free milk instead.

      I was quite surprised at how bad A2 milk tasted. Lactose free milk certainly isn’t for everyone either (it tastes sweeter) but A2 tastes… odd.

  • -7

    For generations to generations, children grew up drinking normal cow milk. Let it be so!

    We used to drink A2. However, we recently switched back to normal since it makes no sense to tamper with what worked for generations

    • +5

      Don't think this stands up to any evolutionary science

      • There is zero scientific agreement that A2 is anyway better or does anything better.

    • +1

      For generations to generations, children grew up drinking normal cow milk. Let it be so!

      That didn't mean those children enjoyed or didn't suffer from drinking A1 protein.
      Some may even believe they are lactose intolerant when they aren't.

      it makes no sense to tamper with what worked for generations

      Aboriginal people might disagree with such a statement.
      Black American slaves too.
      I could go on…

    • +5

      fOr GeNeRaTiOnS aNd GeNeRaTiOnS, aDuLtS sMoKeD cIgArEtTeS! lEt It Be So!

      • 1st cIgArEtTeS was created around 16th Cent,
        People drinking milk way before than that without any issue.
        This A2 nonsense started around end of 19th cent with no scientific agreement

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    Which promt me to do some searching and i found no evidence online supporting that A2 milk is more nutritious or better than normal milk.

    Why would you assume that A2 milk is "more nutritious" or "better" than normal milk? There are even no ads from A2 milk which would suggest that this is the case.

    The difference between A2 milk and regular milk is that A2 milk has A1 beta-casein protein removed. For people who are intolerant or allergic to milk protein, they may find that A2 milk does not upset their stomach. I have family members who are lactose intolerant who will get sick from drinking normal milk, but are fine with A2 milk. I personally have no experience, as I'm not lactose intolerant myself.

    FWIW, you should not buy A2 milk unless you need to be drinking A2 milk.

    • -3

      Why would you assume that A2 milk is "more nutritious" or "better" than normal milk?

      It is "better" than normal milk for some people…

    • +2

      I don't believe it's removed, rather cows are selected by genetic tests. Most milk bought will contain both variations

  • Is A2 milk a scam?

    No, we've been buying it for over 10 years now… It is real

    • Have you tested it? Perhaps they just give you regular milk with a different label.

      • Have you tested it?

        Yes, both my kids would react to normal milk when they were young after we moved them off formula.

        When we tried A2, it didn't affect them at all.

        • Was it a double blind study? Could have just been the label.

          • +16


            Was it a double blind study?

            No, both kids have excellent vision.

  • +2

    It’s a good marketing lesson

  • +6

    I buy/drink lactose-free milk these days. My experience is that results in a lot less farts. Which is consistent with the science if, as it seems, and as is normal, I have developed a lactose intolerance as I got older. My anal sphincter didn't seal as well for a while after they shoved the colonoscopy device up it a couple of times, and farting less was desirable to reduce the chances of accidental leaks.

    I still prefer the taste of full-fat ordinary milk. By far. But if I'm going to go low-fat and lactose-free, I can put up with the taste of long-life low-fat lactose-free milk. Which buy in 1 litre containers, and can keep a couple in stock of at a time without it expiring, so I never either run out of milk or throw any out.

    Couldn't see any reason to go A2 as well.

    • +3

      My anal sphincter didn't seal as well for a while after they shoved the colonoscopy device up it a couple of time


  • -2

    A little disappointed that this thread didn’t devolve into the usual “cOwS MiLk iS r@Pe MiLk!!1!” shit storm they usually end up as…

    Anyway, I tried it once because it was the only milk the local shop had… and it tasted like shit. Was not impressed. Back on the Norco now…

    • -4

      I'm new here sorry. I thought everyone knew that was how we got cows to lactate but it's just that most people don't care. Are you trying to say that it isn't rape?

      • -2

        People who see cows as things treat tinkering with their (the cows') vaginas and mammaries the same as tinkering with, say, parts on a car.

        People who see cows as sentient individuals can only logically see such actions as sexual violations.

        The consensus of all sensible, intelligent, and considered opinion in 2024 declares that cows are sentient beings, but the leap to considering them individuals worthy of moral concern - persons - is a philosophical choice most people still don't want to accept because it then follows that they shouldn't exploit them. But people want their milk. It's the same old story - people believe whatever makes it easier to live with themselves, and short of an intelligent argument, ridiculing others, especially when you're part of the larger mob, makes it just that much easier.

      • The term "rape" is not accurate or appropriate when discussing animal reproduction. However, it is true that in commercial dairy operations, cows are often artificially inseminated to ensure a constant milk supply. This means that semen is manually deposited into the cow's uterus using specialized equipment. The process is managed by humans and does not involve natural mating behaviors.

        • -4

          So if someone artificially inseminated your mother or daughter or wife or you without consent but with specialized equipment - most specifically the type that requires a stranger sticking their arm and hand through your anus to better position the womb while they stick the insemination tube into your vagina - that would not be sexual violence?

          • +4

            @afoveht: I understand your analogy, and I appreciate your concern for animal welfare. However, it's important to remember that comparing human experiences directly to those of non-human animals can be complicated due to differences in physiology, cognitive abilities, and communication methods.

            • -4

              @idonotknowwhy: If I poke you or poke a cow with a stick you'll both run away.

              Please tell me the relevant differences.

              • +2

                @afoveht: Rape, in the context of human beings, is a serious crime and a violation of personal autonomy and bodily integrity. It can have profound physical, emotional, and psychological effects on the victim. The trauma resulting from rape can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, trust issues, and other long-term consequences.

                Non-human animals do not have the same level of self-awareness or understanding of consent as humans. However, this doesn't mean we should disregard their welfare or well-being.

                • -4


                  Non-human animals do not have the same level of self-awareness or understanding of consent as humans.

                  Who says?

                  They have their own versions. Who are you to say whose experience is more profound?

  • -4

    A2 milk is degusting. I'd rather drink Kiri Cream Cheese

    Years ago 'Australia's Own' full cream milk was the best. Despite being long life it didn't have that long life taste and it was always consistently good. Unlike normal fresh milk that can differ from bottle to bottle.

    • +13

      A2 milk is degusting

      degust (verb) : Taste (something) carefully to appreciate it fully.

    • Despite being long life

      We only drink the fresh A2 milk.

      • +1

        Explains a lot.

  • Poll options don’t line up with thread title. I buy normal milk because no one in the family has an issue with A1 protein. When someone did have an issue with it, they had no dairy at all. Actually I have no proof they had an issue with A1 protein, it just didn’t seem worth it to find out whether it was just A1 and not the numerous other proteins present in cows milk.

    There are a lot of misconceptions around:
    1. Lactose intolerance
    Way more common in children/adults than we see in a Western society, extremely rare in babies
    2. Cow milk protein allergy/intolerance
    Despite the differences between allergies and intolerances, I’m lumping the two together because an intolerance can have severe symptoms but just come up negative in allergy tests

    It makes no sense for a lactose intolerant person to see a benefit in A1 milk as it contains lactose. There are many people with a mild cow milk protein allergy/intolerance who were colicky babies, had/have eczema who think they are lactose intolerant because they see a benefit when they don’t have dairy.

    I don’t think A2 milk is a scam, but there’s 2 lots of deluded people. The ones paying the premium for no benefit, and the undiagnosed.

  • I bet you get a nice placebo effect with each glass of milk, so probably worth it if you believe.

  • +7

    I drink Malk, the only one with vitamin R.

    • the perfect sustenance that growing bodies need to commit ultra violence.

  • +2

    Dog's milk!

    Nothing wrong with dog's milk. Full of goodness, full of vitamins, full of marrowbone jelly. Lasts longer than any other milk, dog's milk.

    • +1

      wait till you try dog butter!!!

  • +4

    Full cream, lactose free milk all the way baby!

    But if you think A2 milk without the A1 proteins helps you, go for it.

    Is it better? That's depends, if A1+A2 protein milk gives you an upset stomach and drinking only A2 protein milk doesn't, then yes, it is better for you.

    If A1+A2 and A2 milk doesn't upset you, then you're buying A2 milk fort the marketing hype and paying extra for no reason. If you like the taste, then keep buying it.

    If A1+A2 and A2 milk does upset you, then find another milk alternative

    IMO, no it's not 'better' than other milks, it's just another variant of milk with a good marketing team luring people they need it.

    • If A1+A2 and A2 milk doesn't upset you, then you're buying A2 milk fort the marketing hype and paying extra for no reason. If you like the taste, then keep buying it.

      What marketing hype, though?

      I legitimately cannot find any marketing from A2 that would suggest that A2 milk is "better" than regular milk aside from the point about having had the A1 protein removed.

      • +2

        I never said the marketing was hyping A2 is 'better' but ads can definitely use other visual methods and words to imply A2 milk is better than other milks to sell their product. At the end of the day, their trying to sell you their product opposed to another. Wouldn't you agree with any ads, they are trying to sell you something to make you convert you as a customer, thus ultimately the service or product you purchased may be 'better' than the others? Something about that ad made you believe this product is or could be 'better' for you?

        This ad:, implies A2 milk is an alternative to other milks, most people would prob think of regular milk as those people appear to wanting 'real' milk again, even the first woman said she thought she was lactose intolerant. This ad gives the impression A2 milk is 'better' (if you want to use that word) than other milks. The funny thing is, A1 protein and lactose intolerant are two different things and the ad stating she thought she was lactose intolerant, well… A2 milk still has lactose. This is quite misleading and now people who are genuinely lactose intolerant may buy A2 Milk and even on the A2 website, it state: "sensitivity to milk may be more related to milk proteins rather than lactose"… so, the woman in the ad wasn't lactose intolerant, but just intolerant to A1 proteins. Even A2 Milk confirming it: "Because a2 Milk® still contains lactose, it is not recommended for those who’ve been diagnosed with lactose intolerance."

        This ad:, the first line "alot of people who drink a2 milk say they just feel better'. Even slogan at the end "believe in better". How ever you interpret better from another product is up to the viewer. In this case, I would assume the reasonable person viewing this ad would compare A2 milk with other milks

        This ad:, suggests A2 milk is good for children and assumes the viewer will know the benefits of A2 milk based on the children's actions, also ending with 'more good please'.

        With my previous comment, if people want to buy A2 milk even though they can digest normal milk, go for it. But why are they buying A2 milk opposed to regular milk with A1+A2 proteins? A2 ads are good at selling the benefits of A2 milk such as good for lactose-intolerant people, all natural, doesn't contain A1 etc…. all these statements will make the viewer think, wow, A2 milk must be good! Aside from the taste, if a person can digest A1+A2 milk but only buys A2 milk, makes me think they are buying it due to marketing reasons.

        • -2

          Youtube makes no claim to science, it is a for profit social media company.
          GoFundme is a for profit company that not only modifies your emotion's they also take double the card fees as extra profit.
          National Australia Bank is now on Tik Tok. When their board authorises such advertising campaigns is when alarm bells ring in my head!

          Ronald McDonald has a purpose to make the next generation addicted to his way of improving their health!

      • +1

        I've said for ages that the A2 ads say nothing.
        "A2 milk has the A1 protein removed!" Okay… and? Am I supposed to know what that means, or why I should care?
        Either their ads are terrible or I'm just not in the target market who would know those things.

  • +10

    Debunked by in 2017: "With no substantial evidence to suggest that A2 milk is better for health than regular milk, you're better off basing your buying on taste and price."…

    • -8

      Lol, this must be the dumbest report still claiming that you can absorb calcium from milk and have better bones.
      Plenty of areas in this world where people have no access to milk and have much better bones.
      Nature made cow's milk as food for calves.
      The dairy industry had their place when farmers did huge amounts of physical work and needed all the extra energy cow's milk can provide.
      Btw I did much of my growing up on a dairy farm, learned how to milk by hand and drank much of such milk besides having the school milk at that time.

    • +1

      For most people (me included), that's correct. However for those with an intolerance to the A1 proteins, the A2 milk would be better.

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