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Rain-X Original Glass Water Repellent. 473 ml. $18.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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  • Dramatically improves wet weather driving visibility
  • Repels rain and reduces the adhesion of sleet and snow
  • Apply to exterior glass
  • Improve all-weather visibility, safety and driving comfort
  • Helps easily remove frost, ice, salt, mud and bugs
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  • What are people using to get rid of hard water stains first? I've tried a couple of off-the-shelf products, barkeepers friend and even vinegar (very carefully) but they still remain.

    • Magic erasers work for me

      • Really? Okay, will give those a go as they seem like the cheapest option. Thanks

      • thanks I will try this as well

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        I'd be cautious about using magic erasers on the car body as they are effectively mini sandpapers.

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      I use a clay bar with window cleaner.I saw on the interweb( chemical guys video ) that you can spray 50%IPA on the window to remove calcium build-up

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        IPA? As in beer? That'd probably cost more than the off-the-shelf products right now.

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          IPA? As in beer?

          Pilsner works well too…

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            @jv: IsoPropyl Alcohol for the windows. Beer for the person applying lol

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          isopropyl beer

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      For me anything abrasive works.
      Bought this impulsively… but works a treat in the bathroom. I do all the walls, floor and doors quickly

    • Ideally you polish your windscreen, relatively easy to do compared to paint

    • I used barkeepers last week for the first time, trying to get rid of probably a years worth of mineral deposits on matte plastic motorcycle fairings. Needed a little more elbow grease but actually came up a treat.

      How old are your stains and on what surface?

      I have a bottle of unopened Chemical Guys Water Spot Remover but found out later isn't advised to be used matte plastics. But have heard good things from the CG product anyway if you're using it on standard painted bodywork.

    • You can use a compound polish and DA polisher to get rid of those.

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      I have tried everything under the sun in terms of removing hard water stains from glass. Vinegar, claybar, you name it.

      I almost gave up, but in the end I used 0000 (MUST BE 0000 grade) steel wool under running water to remove impurities and build up on the windscreen. It's the cleanest my glass has ever been and hasn't scratched it at all. I've used this on 3 cars now.

      The rest of my windows, rear windscreen and side mirrors are all coated using Gyeon Q2 View (similar product to Rain=X). The included polish in Gyeon Q2 view has actually helped too.

      Only other product I can think of is from a brand called Soft99. I used their repellents (called Glaco) with success, and they have a polish called " Glass Stain Cleaner". Just google that with Soft99 you should find it.

    • clay bar

    • Ive used chemical guys water spot remover. Expensive but gets job done

    • Use soapy water

  • Water Repellent. 473 ml. $18.99

    Going to stock up in preparation for El Niño

  • Anyone used this before? I've only used the original which, even though worked great, was a total bitch to buff off after application. Is this one a much easier wipe on and off application?

    • Is this not the original one?

      Rain-X Original Glass Water Repellent

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        The “original” isn’t in a spray bottle, you drip it onto a cloth and then wipe it on.

        • Ah ok, thanks for clarifying.

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      I’ve never had an issue with the original. Are you sure your windscreen was clean and you weren't applying too much?

      • Maybe… It wasn't severe but there was definitely a very minute haze that I used a lot of elbow grease to buff off. Haven't used it since because it was so traumatic

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          Around 5-6 drops is enough for a windscreen. You used too much.

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    Any recommendation for wiper replacements? Are bosch the best?

    • I like the Australian made Jenok wipers more than Bosch, used both.

    • I've had wipertech and recently bought Bosch. I haven't been overly blown away by Bosch. They are a little squeaky on the windows but seem good quality. Wipertech was fine except for the rear wiper which didn't fit the rear window of my 07 Prado.

      • Wipertech seem really good at first but the blades don't seem to last long.

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          Have wipertech on my car and bosch on mrs car. Wipertech did not last as long as bosch

  • "Not deliverable to this address" (Perth)

    • Same, but TAS :(

    • You trying a po Box, that won't work.

      I just put my order through to me here in Perth.

    • Same, but ADL.

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    Rain X works well for my car and I actually used this for my shower screen too. It was such a challenge trying to wipe it down clean as it kept leaving some hazy residue. But once i got it to be clear, it works well. Need a couple of microfibre cloths and patience.

    It helps reduce water stains but it will still happen. So this is not a miracle product, i think none in the market is.

    • How long do you reckon it lasts before needing another application? Obviously subject to how frequently it is exposed to rain etc.

      I have resorted to using excess shaving cream to keep my shower screen clean, but might try this out if it can last at least a few weeks.

      • How long does the shaving cream last?

        I've been using a spray bottle, dishwashing liquid mixed with el cheapo white vinegar. Smells nasty, but it gets the job done. Spray on, leave on for 5 mins, come back later and scrub off with some abrasive material very easily.

        Lasts about 3 weeks - daily shower for 4 person household.

        • Lasts about 2.5 weeks - daily shower for 2 people. But have noted that our exhaust fan is really weak. Whole bathroom fogs up substantially during winters.

      • Not more than a month. Obviously it is more effective at the 1st and 2nd week of application and performance will degrade after a couple of weeks.

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      Give the brand Glaco a try. I find it better and longer lasting than RainX

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        The brand is Soft99, the relevant products are Glaco and Ultra Glaco. Also, they're roll-on, so much easier to apply than RainX and other competitors.

        • You are correct. :)

      • Glaco is the name of the glass repellent product. Soft99 is the brand :)

    • Oven cleaner is good for the initial clean if you have stubborn soap scum

  • Does this have to be used on glass?

    Wondering if this is an OK motorcycle visor spray?

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      There is a specific version for use on plastic

      • +1

        Thanks mane!

        Will have to wait for it to be on special.. 😅

        • +3

          It is on special

          • @mapax: Hey, thanks for the spot! Grabbed one!

            • +1

              @WasBargain: I was gonna say. If you have Bowden's Lazy Wax from all the deals last year, you can just use that instead.
              Clean and wipe down your visor. Apply lazy wax. Let it cure for a couple of hours. Give it another coat. Let it cure for an hour before use it. If you have it, you can use a sealant, fully slick, at this stage.

              • @lordra: Hey, thanks for that!

                I think I have a fully slick from a couple months ago, but I skipped on the lazy wax.. 😅 I think I saw it pop up a few weeks ago again though. Might also grab a bottle next time it's on special anyway and see which one works best.

                Thanks again!

    • Can confirm does not work

    • +1

      Been working fine on polycarbonate visors for me so far.
      Approx 15 years so far.

      I use the original in the squeeze bottle (which I've had for 15 years or so.

  • Can this be used on shower tiles, to keep them clean

  • I find that when using this, the windscreen gets very squeaky during raining when wiper’s turned on. Any tips? Thanks

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      You're supposed to apply it to the windscreen wipers too.

      It's never worked for me and I have tried Glaco, Rain-X and Gyeon.

      I ended up giving up totally on repellents for the main windscreen, and instead every week or so I use 0000 steel wool under running water to remove impurities and build up on the windscreen. It's the cleanest my glass has ever been and hasn't scratched it at all. I've used this on 3 cars now.

      The rest of my windows, rear windscreen and side mirrors are all coated using Gyeon Q2 View (similar product to Rain=X)

    • Soft99 "Glass refresh" is a polish that helped me get rid of any coatings on the windscreen if you need.

      • Thanks for the reply mate. Will look for your advices!

  • If you want to have some fun, mix white spirits with candle wax and apply to your window. I tried it once and I felt like Moses, the heavier the rain the prettier. Not recommended for bad road conditions because it is almost mesmerising to watch. I then used the wiper when it started to wear off a bit after a few heavy days, which completely ruined it. Worthy experiment.

    • +1

      I read that in the Scottish guys voice from braveheart. Like mozhush through the red shee.

      • Haha I recommend mixing it with the MacKenzies from Outlander.

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    You can use NuFinish polish on windscreens and even front headlights to slow sun yellowing.

    Beads pretty well.

    • Been using NuFinish for years. I find it lasts longer and is easier to apply than rainex, just keep it away from black trim.

      • What does it do to black trim?

        • +1

          Stains it white which is impossible to remove. If you get it on the trim you'll most likely have to dye it black. Just be careful when applying or use some painters tape.

          • @Cheap Skate: Does this happen with Meguiars Compound also? I'm about to try it, so wondering if I should be this careful with it, cos the DA will definitely cause some flinging.

            • @lordra: I can't personally comment on Meguiar's but I always tape of trim when compounding. A few mins taping saves alot of headache. Just make sure to use the painters tape as it doesn't leave a residue.

      • NuFinish used to be on late night TV infomercials decades ago, a snake oil car polish.

        Except a strange thing happened, it was actually as good as they said. Then it went legit. I have been using it for ever.

  • I recall buying these in smaller bottles and storing them in the garage for about 6 months. When I came to use them, the bottles were empty. They do evaporate quickly even in new bottles, so keep an eye out for that.

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