[Uber One] Domino's $7 Chicken Parmy Pizza (Min Order $15) Delivered @ Uber Eats


$7 slop pizza, it'll go down easy enough and paired with a $8 heresy dessert (ice cream and cookies) you can fool yourself into thinking you had a full meal.
"Lisa: Dominoes make terrible Pizzas"
"Homer: Yeah, but there's two!"

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  • +3

    FYI - you have to add an additional $8 for delivery and can’t just buy the pizza by itself since no C&C option

  • +4

    I love mooshed up lips and bums

  • -2

    another dreadful offering

    needem class action to pull thru

    • +8

      Shit like this only happen in the west. The lawyers make all of the money cause they're not yet rich enough. Everyone else gets $5 back and then the next time anyone in the country orders pizza, they find the prices have been jacked up by $5 for Dominos to cover the loss plus legal fees.

  • I literally just ordered this. Looks very average but for $7, how bad could it be?

    • what else did you order? minimum $15 right?

    • +2

      Review: 6/10, I would eat it again if I was hungry and wanted cheap slop tbh

  • +2

    $8 heresy dessert

    Love me some heresy in the arvo!

    • +5

      The inquisition disapproves this message

      • Spanish or otherwise?

        • Yes

  • +16

    $7 is a lot for a Domino's "pizza", usual price is $4-6 and questionable value even then.

    • -3

      Buying a frozen $2 pizza then chucking on some herbs from the garden will be a better tasting end product than any tiny Domino's cardboard pizza.

      • +2

        Where are you buying $2 frozen pizza? Cheapest I've seen is just under $4 at Aldi, you're paying close to this for home brand now

        • IGA/Foodland Homebrand Pizza.

          Local Italian continental stores sell them for the same price in their freezer section, but they are dramatically less shit because their made by local Nonna's.

      • honestly, ice packs from the freezer cost more than $2.

  • You’ve reached the maximum limit for this item

  • +1

    Local Domino's had this but needed $8 more - so added BOGOF garlic bread, it only counted the one towards the min spend. Meaning you'll need to buy full priced Domino's slop + pay for delivery. No thanks.

  • Is this offer targeted? Any in Perth??

  • +9

    Made mine a garlic cheesy crust and added a Pepperoni Stuffed Cheesy bread for $5 making it $16 delivered. Delivered in less than 15 mins too

    • +2

      I like this better than my idea of having 2 of the pepperoni breads at a slightly higher price. Thanks.

  • Mine says unavailable. I wonder why.

  • Says closed?

  • +2

    Anyone got a good deal on pizza sauce? My Domino's forgot it last time. On all 3 pizzas.

    • I once ordered a pepperoni pizza and it came with no cheese, no pepperoni but it did have sauce and some oregano.

  • +12

    Managed to get $15 delivered.
    Chicken Parmy $7, Cheesy Loaded Fries $0, Choc Fudge Brownies 6 Pk $8
    *Cheesy Loaded Fries (Free with $20 purchase)

    • +3

      Maximising the deal!
      But looks like Either they have fixed there loaded fries promo stack up or it works at selected stores.

    • No fries deal for my local

  • What a sham, placed an order and it got immediately cancelled. Now I can't place another order with another store as it says you've reached the maximum limit or something.

  • Cheers op managed to get brownies and the pizza for 7 bucks it activates $8 off $30 spend !

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