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[VIC] Free Banh Mi and Vietnamese Iced Coffee for First 200 Visitors @ Banh Mi Stand, Melbourne


Free food, always good.

Apparently funded by Vietnam Airlines, to let us know that we can get good banh mi in Australia so there's no point going to Vietnam? Or apparently to let us know where they fly to. One is French influenced with confit duck and orange plum sauce, the other is British influenced rare roast beef, onion jam and tooth decay.

Banh Mi Stand
547 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

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Banh Mi Stand, Melbourne
Banh Mi Stand, Melbourne
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    Lining up tomorrow

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      in 16 days

      • whoooooosh

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    Technically they’re both French influenced, by the introduction of the bread into their culture

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      Bro's upset about free confit duck

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        I just read the page and they said the banh mis are inspired by the cities that Vietnam Airlines fly to from Melbourne, so it makes sense now why they're giving out French and British influenced banh mis.

        My comment was coming from the perspective that if they were trying to showcase Vietnamese food it doesn't make sense to use weird fillings like those.

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      The standard cold cuts is still there. You just have to buy it - it's not included in the free promotion

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      It's a Vietnamese bread roll made by Thi Le

      Are you really going to tell the best Vietnamese-Australian chef in Melbourne that her food isn't Vietnamese enough for you

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        Yeah you’re right, my bad. I didn’t know the rolls are made by a highly regarded chef, I just thought the ingredients sounded too whitewashed.

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    Will be travelling to Melb for this one.

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    40 seconds? But I want it now…

  • Not free but awesome never the less, Luke's Vietnamese on Puckle Street Moonee Ponds, loaded and delish.

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    Why do these guys even need to discount?

    Every time I walk past I need to keep walking because there's no chance in willing to wait 30 mins for my roll.

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    Had me some Banh Mi a couple of months ago.

    It was excellent.


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    I'm afraid that if I take up this offer they might Banh Mi in future. Ha Long for is the Hanoiing part.

  • Where do you guys get your Banh Mi from? Willing to travel for good banh mi

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      Bun Bun in Springvale.

      • this is a good one.

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      Fresh Chilli Deli St.Albans or Sunshine

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      Lee Lee Bakery on Victoria Street, Richmond

      • Second this, easily the best tasting, price and consistency I've had in Aus

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      2guys1city on TikTok has rated a bunch of places around Melbourne

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      Marrickville Pork Roll (it's in Sydney, but you did say you're willing to travel for it).

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      Hung's in Richmond VIC. The pork sausage is amazing. As is the tofu. Actually all of them are great .

    • +2

      Bun Bun - Springvale
      Tabac - Springvale
      Tiptop - Elsternwick
      Moc Roll - Elsternwick
      Katrina’s - Mt Waverley

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      Nhu Lan in the central of Footscray is "known" to the "locals" to be the best in Melbourne.

  • Why?
    Any bahn mi in Richmond is awesome. Also 200 first… They could put $10 each, they will still sold out.

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