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JBL Bar 300 5.0 260W Virtual Atmos Soundbar - $339 (Membership Required) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Good Guys Commercial


This sound bar is a pretty dam good for the price.

Everywhere is on sale for around $419 but Good Guys Commercial have it for $339 with free click and collect.

You do need to be either a Australian Retirement Trust member to access this price. Though it may be available at this price if you're with another rewards program that allows access to Good Guys Commerical.

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The Good Guys Commercial

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    You do need to be either a Australian Retirement Trust member to access this price.


    Showing $339 for me…

    • Cool, so it's across the board then

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        I wasn't aware they differentiated based on who you are affiliated with…

        • I was not sure either. but good to know now. Post updated

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      sigh jv…
      Take an upvote.

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        Have one back…

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          What a beautiful exchange, You can both have an additional upvote each.

  • How good are these sound bars? I've had one of the Yamaha YAS-108B soundbars that I got on a deal posted here for around $120. It's still going great.

    • i have a sonos beam 2 and this is comparable if not better on the bass side.

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      The SR-C30A is on sale for $295, that would be my pick between the 2: https://www.harveynorman.com.au/yamaha-sr-c30a-compact-sound…
      Same price at Amazon.

    • I have a Yamaha YAS-108B and I think anything is better than this trash.

      • says you vs over 300 + people that give it 4.8 stars

        • Proof?

          • @Brakus: go to jbhifi website

            • @memez: I was referring to YAS-108B as trash

              • @Brakus: bhahah well that was a fail

    • have a mate that has this and for a sub-less soundbar its not bad, particularly if you have a small-ish space. Won't deliver in larger rooms. That being said, I'd still go for a soundbar with a dedicated sub, especially if you can get it for the same price or lower.

    • I got one nearly full price from Hardly Normals 8 days ago FFS!! They won’t refund the difference because it’s over 7 days since purchased😂I always seem to regret buying anything off HN.
      At $339 performance wise the 300 is definitely worth getting compared to a Yamaha without Dolby Atmos. The 300 as a stand alone bar is more comparable in sound and quality to the Sonos Beam 2(no Bluetooth), Bose 600, Denon 550 and Sony 2000. I tested them all and sound wise I would honestly say it’s up to the individual but also don’t expect an incredible amount of bass out of any of them at high-ish volume. The downside is the 300 is the only one you can’t connect a sub to if you ever wanted to.
      I wanted a small Atmos bar for my bedroom that wasn’t wider than my 43 inch tv. I had a Samsung bar with wireless sub but the bass was too much for such a small space in a shared house.
      I’d honestly keep a look out for sales on the Polk Magnifi mini AX, pretty impressive little kit.

  • How do I find a commercial GoosGuys account

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