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JBL Quantum True Wireless Gaming Earbuds Black $49 + Delivery ($0 to Metro/ C&C/ in-Store) @ Officeworks


Officeworks currently has JBL Quantum TWS on clearance at $49, and it was $59 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/821221).

It has no latency issue, and its sound is good. However, its battery lifetime is below average. The manual suggests a 3.5-hour battery life with 2.4GHz on and ANC on, but real-world reviews indicate it might be closer to 2.5 hours.

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    However, its better lifetime is below average.

    If better lifetime is below average, then the average must be even better lifetime, and the lifetime of these earbuds would be worse lifetime. I think it's clear now.

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    Yes battery life sucks but earbuds are far more confortable than headsets for me.

    Particularly during summer. I have two of them and i switch them out when one is low battery.

    Mic not so good btw, so i have a hyperx solo with it.

    Surround sound is decent. I play cs2 casually, no issue with sound location

    • Yes battery life sucks but earbuds are far more confortable than headsets for me.

      Yes but 2.5hrs is far from the longest battery life that exists for "gaming" earbuds.

      • I usually get more than 2.5 hours. Turn on active noise cancelling and hear through. Generally lasts 3 hour sessions.

    • Do you notice any delay in sound playing CS2?

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        None, i use the 2.4ghz dongle which is the main reason i got it. Bluetooth has obvious lag.

  • Thanks, just bought a 2nd pair. The first I bought for around $100.

    I use these with Bluetooth on my phone, and dongle on everything else.

  • For anyone into VR - This works with the Meta Quest 3 using the included usb-c dongle,

    Tested Resident Evil 4 and Beat Saber with no audio delay,

    Other reviews mention short battery life using the dongle,

    I don't have the VR legs to game longer than 1 to 1.5hrs so above is not an issue for me,

    So I think this is an awesome price for a more wireless experience,

    Am still waiting for an extended battery strap that can support data & charging pass-through for PCVR,

    And maybe if Meta ever decides to include some low latency audio codec support like Aptx Adaptive or LC3 (dreaming…)

  • Got these for my wife for a different purpose. Her windows laptop has issues with bluetooth. This headset is perfect as the dongle goes into the usbc port and they are connected to the earphones out of the box. Windows works better with usb audio interfaces than bluetooth. Now she is able to have some movement when attending long meetings which earlier was doing stuck to her desk.

  • Love these as they fit a very specific need of mine. I don't like headsets and I can't connect to Bluetooth on my computer cos I have it connected to external speakers (2 X anker soundcores synced). I only use this to talk on discord while gaming (game sound comes through the soundcores) so I use 1 at a time and switch to other bud when it's low. Only ever use my headsets when I play games like PUBG for directional sound.

    First pair I bought was $200, second pair $100 for the travel gaming laptop and now I bought another 2 spare haha.. can use one on my Nintendo switch too now.

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