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Leather Seiko 5 GMT PVD (Green Numerals) Automatic Watch $399 Delivered @ Starbuy


I bought silver version white numerals and it is cute under 40mm size (unisex)

the red green and black reflecting the military origin of this design

released just last december 2023

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  • How rare is rare?

    • about 5% of watches having green numerals like pre-1970

      they don't want people to associate with radioactive luminous material use betweem WWii and the 60's

      • Rare green numerals, not the design or the watch

  • Starbuy Weekend Sale

    I was going to post the Citizen Auto NJ0171-81A$219 delivered but not much stock.

    • +1

      That white one looks good. 45mm and auto, only 100m

  • Sadly the numerals themselves aren't lumed. Does anybody know if it supports 0.5 hour timezones, e.g. for SA. From the manual it doesn't look like it.

  • https://seikoclocks.com.au/clock/QHL062-G

    have no idea where it is now (old age)

  • Just one more watch review:

    • mineral crystal
    • 100m WR
    • push pull crown
    • pvd coated
    • is very thick (and moreso with the two pass nato).
    • still good for the price on discount $399.

    Interestingly heavily discounted straight away for a new model. Maybe it hasn't sold as expected, but we all know how dreamy Seiko RRP is.

  • military looking with gmt yes

    others should have world time wheel like this one


    searching for one

    put "world timer watch"

  • i received a warning

    see you all in 10 years

    yes 10 years ago i was active

    then 5 years ago (can't remember)

    so i stop being childish for a time

    will come back having some fun later

    • +3

      We've all received warnings, it's no big deal. Just learn from it & keep going.

    • -2

      When you come back… Can you post the deal to where you get all your tiny violins?

  • i am telling my experience with watches

    if you bought this GMT keeping in box for resale no worry

    if you wish to wear but the Leather strap too tall

    search Willow PVD watch bracelet

    above average quality at budget price (less than 25 after adding postage 5 years ago)

    expected to be less than 40

    from Au online (store could close now low activities during Covid?

    • I gave my sister AM! 200m auto PVD on green nato

      she ask if there was bracelet (original tinny pretending to be solid - some here would know the type and black peeling)

      so i got 2 Willow PVDs 20/22 (saving some postage cost)

      they are heavy so never went back to look again (in same parcel I also purchased several beautiful quick-release orange leather few 20 1 22mm)

      THEN my sister kept the green PVD nato

      I doted on family members

      • Some people says AM! is from HK some says India

        whatever that micro brand was stupid to use good quality case but rubbish bracelet

        (sister wore that watch once a month swapping between metallic basket-weave gold dial Seiko 5, all Lume titanium Pulsar auto and Red 37mm Swatch auto with exposed date wheel) she is near retirement only working on Sunday as locum

        they were all from my collections (do you care about your sister that much?)

  • be careful of cheap watch stores selling fashion watches offering bracelet adjustment

    they scratched the case back of my brother in law (my gift) Addidas chronograph (last one on the Bay when bought 93 including postage from UK)

    leaving a mark like rail track

    they might not even have tools, just screwdriver and such

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