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[NSW] Vodafone Nokia G21 4G + $30 Prepaid Starter Pack - $69 @ Woolworths (Thornleigh)


Lots of phone for not much money - has USB C and includes charger, cable and wired earbuds. No dual-sim tray, but does have SD-card tray, and headphone jack. Locked to Vodafone network.

EDIT: just finished setting it up, and after all the updates it's now sitting on Android 13, security update Jan 5, 2024. Pretty good for a $69 phone imho.

First spotted clearance ticket at Carlingford store, but there were none left in stock. Purchased at Thornleigh however unsure of remaining stock levels or availability at other stores, and item doesn't appear on Woolworths website.

Phone details:
Brand: Nokia
Model: G21
Colour: Nordic (Blue)
Dimensions/Size: 16.46cm (H) x 7.59cm (W) x 0.85cm (D)
Product weight: 190g
Display size: 6.5-inch HD+ display
Pixels: 720 x 1600 pixels
Operating system: Android 11
Network: 3G/4G LTE
Battery capacity: Large 5050mAh battery
Processor CPU: Octa core 1.6 GHz processor
Internal storage: 64GB storage
Card slot: Yes
Front camera: 8MP
Rear Camera: Triple AI camera (50MP+2MP+2MP)
SIM card type: Nano

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    It's got a big battery & FM radio. GSM Arena

    Lots of comments on GSM Arena saying it freezes a lot so probably only good for basic use, which is to be expected at this price.

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      • -8

        because its 4G.
        5G should be norm and default by now..

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          Just saying "because" doesn't explain why though?

        • +4

          I did a speed test and found my 4G faster than my 5G, something to do with distance? Also uses more battery

          • +3

            @Flintz: As you go up in bandwidth you typically go up in frequency. As you go up in frequency you go down in penetration and distance before the signal is lost.

            It's a trade off. With the old analog network of the 90s there was much more coverage for voice signal in the country and really that's what you need the most out there but all the sheeple want is more download speeds.

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              @BargainTim: All this nuance and accurate inforamtion! Don't you get it, 5 is bigger than 4 so must be better!

        • 4g & 5g/mmwave are complimentary. 5g data rates are higher but signal penetration/coverage area per cell is lower. 5G solves the issue with saturated towers in urban environments.

      • The hardware is slow. AnTuTu benchmark score is 171299, which means it has serious performance issues. My Motorola edge 30 neo has a score of 390k but still occasionally freezes.

          • @jackspratt: It's like a 10 years old computer. You can't expect too much from it. Plus the storage is emmc, not UFS, everything will be slow.

    • Said by someone whos never been to third world countries where LE is the norm. you got it too good to complain.

    • Yeah , okay Elon!

    • I've hit 1.2gigabit on 4G, so it is still fast… https://www.speedtest.net/result/i/5973402015

      • It is called Long Term Evolution the generations matter less, just like a Bimmer elongates……

  • +1

    My galaxy fold become soooo hot when using 5g outside, even just few minutes time. Is this normal for any phone or just galaxy series?

  • -2

    so much of scientifically semiliterate stuffs in this thread :|

    • ???

      • -1

        that whats happens when have 5g mobile near your head…..

  • This is locked to vodafone.

    • Will it work with kogan?

      • +1

        Don't see why it wouldn't. I'm using it with a different Vodafone MVNO and it works just fine.

        • Any good?

  • Went to 2 woolies in the Smithfield NSW area and they didn't have this phone.

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    Seems to have NFC and fingerprint sensor. No eSIM, though.

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      Correct. Fingerprint sensor is on the side power button. Also has a Google Assistant button on the other side, but unfortunately it can't seem to be remapped to open other apps.

      Lack of eSIM is a bit of a downer but hey, $69!

  • Anyone had any luck elsewhere in other states?

  • It's on special at Vodafone.com.au now for $99 including $30 starter pack.
    Should I wait for a clearance sale at BigW/Woolies or buy now?

  • BTW. Isn't the Nokia G21 on the Android One program?
    Anyone installed AOSP?

  • Unisoc T606 (12 nm) is at its heart. A bit of a worry. A new Chinese fabless semiconductor company getting chips made on 12 nm.

    • Did you buy it in the end? I didn't and got myself a Samsung A05s for $90 instead.

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      • That's a good deal. Where do you get it for $90?

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          Samsung education store with a couple discounts and some Samsung points from previous Samsung purchases.

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