This was posted 3 months 28 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Nissin Raoh Tonkotsu/Shoyu 5-Pack 445g $3.80 @ Coles (In Select Stores Only)


Have heard very good things about this noodz but could never find it at the Asian shops. Walked past a specials shelf @ Coles, no price tag so I went to do a price check and it was $3.80. Can't wait to try! Also saw the shoyu variation, not as many as the tonkotsu.

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    Was 95c for a 5 pack on clearance at Coles Lane Cove the other day. Scanned at $7 so I got two for free.

    • :o now i dunno if i should have waited. But i looked at the normal shelves and it wasnt there so must be the last stock

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    very creamy broth, closed to at 90% to restaurant quality 😋 , i only put enough water (measure in bowl) to boil noodles first once it is cooked then turn off heat and seasoning package in. Poached boil eggs and pork belly grill/fry. You got yourself authentic ramen 😃

    • Glad I bought 5 packs then 😂 would have been so sad if it wasn't good. Like the nongshim bulgogi hot pot one, more expensive and so yuk

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        i gambled too…lol…bought 5 packs as well but I trusted Made in Vietnam quality in noodles making 👌

    • Often this creamy texture comes from the use cornflour or similar.

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        Ramen is like Kebab, you don't ask how or why. Smash one down at 1am and wake up in a semi-incapacitated state. At that point you know it was good.

      • Add a squeeze of mayonnaise (kewpie ftw) and it adds a creamy texture to any instant noodle. Coconut milk powder also works for more equatorial flavours.

      • yeah its pretty much the pasta water situation with BlackorREd

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      more like 40% of restaurant quality. It's not even comparable.

      But if you're into instant noodles it's not bad.

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      What's the name of the restaurant? I just want to know which one to avoid!

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      Or put in some bones, a potato - baby you got yourself a stew!

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    they had them at clearance for 50c at coles clayton (one closer to hong kong super market side)

    • when was it? is it still on clearance now?

  • Between the two flavours, I find the Shoyu one better. The tonkotsu version taste like milk powder soup.

    • Shame, I didn't get that one as I've never tried shoyu before. Always tonkotsu then miso

      • I normally dont order shoyu based ramen in restaurants but this is one of the rare occassion the shoyu version taste better. It goes well with some pan fry bacon to simulate having chashu slices at 1am after a long gaming session.

      • The difference with the Raoh shoyu is that it comes with a chicken oil packet which works really, really well.

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    Shoyu one is still AUD 7 in my local store.

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      I didn’t know Coles charges in other currencies.

  • couldnt see either at Broadway coles

  • How does this compare to the Nissin Kyushu Black, Hokkaido Miso, and Tokyo Shoyu varieties?

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      Far better I think. Something about the noodle quality

  • went to two different Coles in Perth, couldn't find.
    always keen to try new instant noodle ramen so was a little disappointed.
    doesn't show on their website either

    • I was at Cockburn Gateways. It wasn't in the Asian section but one of those end shelves

    • It should be a promo line somehow related to the LNY (although i don't see the relationship, never heard anyone celebrates LNY by eating instant noodles), not their regular stock. Some of my local Coles had it last year and the year before around the same time.

  • Found a packet at my local Coles. I can sniff out the bargains as two other shoppers were searching for the cheap Tonkotsu but left the area and I just found it right away.

    • The noodles were pretty untouched at mine because there wasn't any price labels, I had to take it to the counter to check which I guess most ppl cbfed

  • doesn't exist in Brisbane…

  • Got 4 packs, 2 left on shelf.

  • About 10 packs of Tonkotsu left at Eastgardens.
    Did anyone get the Shoyu ones for $3.80? There was no price tag and it scanned at $7.00. Went to the refund desk hoping it was a scanning error but the guy reasoned that the Shoyu is a different weight to the Tonkotsu (yes it is slightly heavier) so that's why it's not $3.80.
    Got them refunded.

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