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Macpac Amp H²O 2L or Milli Youth 1L Hydration Backpack (Assorted Colours) $20 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $99 Order) @ BCF

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Designed for fast and light adventures, our Amp H²O is the perfect size for carrying fluids, snacks and an extra layer while you're outside.

Its ventilated AirMesh back panel fits snug, and the adjustable hip belt and sternum strap ensures the only thing moving fast is you. Dual zips provide quick and easy access to the hydration bladder (included), while the small mesh pocket on the shoulder straps can fit gels, a muesli bar or a small drink bottle.

There's a small zipped pocket for valuables, plus a bike light loop and reflective details visibility after dark.

Breathable foam back panel

Adjustable hip belt and sternum strap

Mesh stash pocket on shoulder strap

Dual zip access

Zipped pocket

Reflective detailing and whistle

2L hydration bladder included

Milli 1L
Just like the adult version — only smaller. The Milli-Amp has room for 1L of fluid, plus room for snacks and finds on the trail. An easy-to-use hydration pack for young explorers that love the outdoors.

Perfect for kids or adults thanks to the adjustable fit

Breathable foam back panel

Adjustable sternum strap

Dual zip access

Reflective detailing

1L hydration bladder included

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    Black Unavailable for delivery for me and none nearby.

    Green works

    • available in orange

      • Link please?

        • +4

          No the black one is available in the Orange Store

  • +3

    The Kahuna 18l bacpack is also $20 and a good deal. Even better are some of the macpac 50L packs.

    • Yeah, the 50L clearances are crazy cheap.
      Had to get one to use as check-in luggage for a domestic flight in a few months.

    • +1

      Are yall talking about these Macpac Torlesse V2 Hiking Pack 50L

      If so, any idea why the sky blue ones RRP is $150 and the wine coloured one $350? They're apparently the same model?

      Also, was trying to grab the Kahuna too and it went OOS in my cart.. 😪

  • +2

    I miss MacPac being a quality brand. Prices like this suggest it's just in name only now. So many previously quality brands are going down that late-stage capitalism sinkhole.

    • +4

      Nah, prices like this are just clearance.
      The 2L hydration pack retails for $80.
      The ugly colours are getting cleared so new 2024 ugly colours can replace them for $80.

  • +2

    Just got a 2L in green and had to get the matching 50L clearance backpack:
    Macpac Torlesse V2 Hiking Pack 50L S3.
    $79 is a great price for a $350 RRP backpack.

    • +1

      Was $150

      Am I missing anything?

      • Like I said, the old ugly colours are slowly being phased out for newer 2024 ugly colours.
        Full RRP is $350 but MacPac Members can get 20% off.

        • Make one ugly colour to make the other colours stand out…make sense. Unless super ugly, I should be able to accept that.

      • Alright, looks good and sounds convincing for my first hiking pack. After the $20 first order discount code, it's definitely a deal.

    • Thanks for sharing this, I grabbed a few for my family. Looks like they've nuked it from the website now

  • Thanks OP.

    Got the 2L hydration pack to go with the 3x 2.5L Osprey ones posted recently (now have the whole family covered).

    I bought a Torlesse 65L for ~$95 new at Salvos during lockdown; so got the Mrs a Torlesse 50L W (better to pay $20 more for better fit).

  • With this you no longer have an excuse to break long. For the water bottle, you need to take out and put back in.

    • The description says there's even an extra pocket you can use to put another water bottle. What hiking nutjob is taking a full 2L and needing another bottle? 😆

      • +2

        What hiking nutjob …

        Experienced one vs noob who puts all their eggs in one basket.

        Experienced one also brings filtration system.

        • You can fit a lifestraw anywhere..

          But I'm wondering who is carrying 2L, an extra bottle but leaving their keys at home? 😅

          • +1

            @WasBargain: Does a Lifestraw work to filter salt water?

            I've had one for… literally over a decade now. Never used the bloody thing, cause I'd prefer to carry 3L of water around instead of find myself face down on the ground while slurping a puddle of manky water and trying not to barf.

            • @rumblytangara: I've never used mine either and I'm not sure. I doubt it though, it may help it be a little less salty?

              • +1

                @WasBargain: Looked it up, doesn't work with salt (unsurprisingly). I never want to be in a situation where I have to rely on one… will always just carry extra water.

    • Slow down and enjoy the scenery :) On longer hikes I prefer the 'visibility' of a water bottle - you can easily tell how much water you have left so you can ration if need be. With bladders it's to easy to drink it all.

      Also, coke bottles (or any PET bottles for fizzy drinks) are next to free, very light, and very durable (more durable than a lot of the bottles you buy for hiking).

  • +5

    Cheers OP, snagged a 2L hydration pack & a 50L backpack as a spare for $100 delivered.

  • The Macpac highback hiking chair great value too. Tested it out in store and really light solid comfortable chair $100 off.…

    • +2

      Weight Capacity: 100kg

      Have you seen the number of KFC deals that get posted on here?

      • +4

        For people who use these they hike more than eat.

    • +2

      Note these are 2kg according to the specs - pretty weighty for a hiking chair.

  • +1

    Thanks, OP for reminding me I was going to get this deal.

    Macpac Torlesse V2 Hiking Pack 50L S3

    Macpac Amp H²O 2L Green Hydration Backpack

    YETI Rambler® Lowball 10 oz (295 ml) Black

    Subtotal $123.95
    Discount - $20.00
    Shipping Cost
    $14.99 Free
    Order Total $103.95

    10% off with Budget Direct Rewards gift card
    Maybe $7 cashback through Cashrewards.

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    Part of the Spotlight Foundation

      • +3

        BCF falls under Super Retail Group actually, same with Macpac!

        • Woops. Looked it up this morning and literally saw that. Not sure why I wrote Wesfarmers lol.
          Thx for pointing out.

    • +1

      Nah, that is Anaconda, not BCF.

    • Oh no, Spotlight Foundation believes in a 2 state solution..

      So I better only support those who don't want to coexist and instead grape women/children as a show of freedom/defiance.. 🤣

      • You both upvoted each other's comment, even though they are opposing positions. Weird.

        • "Part of the Spotlight Foundation" isn't any position.. 😅

          But I mean, even if Spotlight Group are Zionists, I support that.

          It's better than Palestine wiping the Jews to the sea (genocide) or Israel pushing out millions of civilians to the Egypt border because of terrorist conflict in the region.

          • +1


            "Part of the Spotlight Foundation" isn't any position.. 😅

            We can make a very good guess about the intent behind the comment. Many with such awful views are often too cowardly to be explicit.

            • -2

              @rokufan: We can, but I just wanted to be tricky.. 😅

              I guess because he was wrong, that's why all the downvotes.. 😅 When people point these things out, I tend to now go, fcuk yeah, they better spend my good money on mad rockets that'll slam some hospital tunnel entrances!

              But really, I also don't like the needless overspending by all governments to support Israel. They have enough money and weaponry themselves to wipe out Palestine and/or Gaza within an hour (or 45 minutes respectively) off the face of the earth.. 😅

  • +3

    Shame MacPac & BCF had zero info on the actual bladder, other than its volume. One of the reviews states that it's not the same as the standalone ones MacPac sells, I would assume it's somewhat inferior. Some of the cheaper badders are made of PEVA, which can give a 'tainted' taste to the water - the best ones tend to use TPU and silicone throughout.

    • Maybe someone who has already picked it up can chime in on the materials used of this included bladder,

      and also the smell and taste of the water that comes out.

  • Ordered the Torless 50L S3 and the hydration pack for $99 and both have already been shipped. Good deal.

  • +1


    • Your drugs? Or the deal?

      All 3 of the hydro packs in the deal are still available..?

      And so is three sizes of 50L everyone is talking about in the comments.

      • The 2 L is showing "Unfortunately we can not deliver this item to the postcode entered" for me.

      • see comment below from Pip squeak, I'm getting the same notification

        • I tried after Pips comment, still available to pickup locally and deliver to Metro Melb. 😕 Are ya'll living on the moon? 😅

          • +1

            @WasBargain: tried 3058, nothing, 3004, nothing. maybe you're the one on drugs?

  • My nearest was Geraldton - that's a big nope.
    However, I recently purchased one of these from Amazon.…
    Hoping it works out ok.

  • Any one use these for running?

  • Are these ones from Anaconda comparable ?…

  • +1

    Are these high maintenance, seems like they're good for growing mould if you don't rinse and dry them properly after use.

    • After use, keep a bent coathanger in the open bladder and disconnect the hose. I have decades-old Camelbacks with zero mould on them.

      If you don't dry them out, or you run sugary drinks in them, they will go mouldy just like any other container.

  • Only 1L youth one showing on the deal link now

  • I thought this was one of those water bags that your put water in and drink from a hose for runnners and etc.

    This is just a bag, unsure what it so good about it. Must be light as a paper or something good

    • 2L bladder included

  • 2L sold out at my store. Got a call to cancel or to choose 1L .

  • +2

    I do a lot of hiking, I bought one of these and I didn’t like it. The bladder are a pain to fill, and dry afterwards (to make sure no mould), the water has a strong plastic taste, even after months of use. The backpack makes your back sweat, the water gets warm quick (mine has insulation but still gets warm in the heat), and sucking on the pipe is like sucking a brick through a straw.

    What I found best for me, was to get one of those small sling bags that go around your chest, they’re just big enough to fit a 2L thermos flask. I fill that up with ice cold water and a bit of cordial. It’s amazing to get icy cold water to drink 2hrs in a hike in a 33+ tropical day.

    • +1

      LPT in the comments. Saved me $20.

    • We used the bladders from two of these today - put them in 20L daypacks - and there were great.

      Not sure if you had the same intervals as these are really easy to fill - big opening - and performed well. No leaks. Not too much effort to draw water from. Stayed cooler than I expected on a hot day.

      Drying will be a bit of a pain but I remove the hosing from it to leave that open and slightly chocked open the bladder from the filling end with some kitchen towel. Will see how well that works to air dry without more work.

      • Yep I think it's good too. I had a cheap no name one before but hardly used it, this one is much better quality. I do wonder about the drying though, definitely don't want any mould or funky flavours. But I can see this thing will be very useful for bushwalking and running.

    • I usually just toss a Camelback bladder into whatever pack I'm using- they have better valves than most.

      If it's hot, you can half fill and and freeze it the night before.

  • Just got a cancellation email for the 2L bladder due to unforeseen stock issues.

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