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Small Cheeseburger Meal + Choice of Quarter Pounder, McChicken or 6pc McNuggets $6.90 @ McDonald's via MyMacca's App


Repeat of this deal for week 4 of the weekly February MyMacca's app deals.

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  • +1

    So the one that just ended was McChicken and a double cheeseburger….

    To now be replaced with cheeseburger and a quarter pounder.

    Still good value.

    • +1

      It hasn't ended. For some reason last week's 'weekly deal' runs for approx 15 days. Bizarre. It expires 25 Feb

      • Hm I see. But they removed the $6.90 online option and replaced it with a $7.90 option only?

        • +1

          Thats all i can see. $7.90. Not sure if I want to spend $8

  • +9

    Glad the McChicken is gone its the worst burger on the menu with its carboard bit of dry chicken that makes me feel unwell afterwards =\

    • -7

      Read a comment earlier on a video about the guy who's eating raw chicken everyday until he gets sick (he's on day 20 something) and someone said they ate 10+ frozen Maccas chicken patties as a dare for $200 and said he didn't get sick from it. It's hardly food at all although this was most likely an American and probably was made with legitimate cardboard after hearing the horror stories of the quality of Maccas there.

    • The best option in the app is to do the steamed bun but they take it away as an option when they're included in deals, it's so annoying.
      McChicken Deluxe (add cheese/tomato) makes it a whole lot better but you pay more than the McCrispy so it's not worth it $ wise..

  • -3

    Post Taylor swift pickmeup sorted!

  • -1

    Similar to last week…. Would be nice to get a big Mac.

  • +3

    Anyone else have issues with in app credit card payments during the last deal?

    • Worked fine for me

    • Yep, nearly always, just a white screen after hitting pay, I've found that going back 2 'pages' from the payment page and then completing the order again can work, ymmv.

    • +2

      In-app payment hasn't worked for me in months.

      • Stealth banned by McDonald's?

  • +2

    This has been a very pleasing month from McDonald's

  • +16

    The best way to save at Maccas is to drive past.

    • +4

      Dad how did you find out about ozbargain!?

    • +5

      I tend to agree. I occasionally get sucked into these deals and think $6.9 for a mcchicken burger and double cheeseburger is crazy value, then you sit down and look at the anaemic 50gram patty and realise how crap it really is.

      • +1

        better than paying $14 for a single grill'd burger

        • +1

          no-one is talking about grill'd here, so that's really weird to bring it up. but both are bad decisions.

          • +3

            @coffeeinmyveins: It's just an example of burger pricing at other chains. This deal is good value. If you don't like maccas at all then why why click into this deal in the first place.

          • @coffeeinmyveins: Grill'd is much healthier than McDonalds.

      • +4

        These app deals are the only time I'll eat McDonald's. I can't remember when I actually purchased a full price meal. I think it was pre COVID from memory.

        • +2

          Same, I refuse to pay full price for Macca's anymore, it's only ever a deal I use nowadays or I go to hungry jacks and use shake and win for a $2.50 burger…

  • Decent deal. Post weekend pick-me-up kind of meal.

  • Where is this on the app? I can’t see it anywhere.

  • My MyMacca's app hasn't accepted payments for orders for probably more than a year. I contacted McDonald's via the contact page, they even said they were looking into it but they never got back to me. I suspect I have been stealth banned or shadow banned for some perceived "misdemeanor". As it refuses payment I am effectively banned from any deals. I would share a screen shot but OzBargain has no provision for this. Look up error code F31092, e.g. on YouTube. Enjoy your meal deals.

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