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$1 Wicked Wing Pickup Only (Max 15 Per Transaction) @ Select KFC Stores (App Required)


I believe this is targeted, just check your deals peeps!

Pick Up Only, Selected Stores, Not everywhere and not forever.

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KFC Australia

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  • The $10 mega fill up is disappointing, need the $4.95 ones back!

  • Dinner sorted. Thanks

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      Winner, winner……….

      • JV for dinner!

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        salmonella dinner

  • Interesting…

    When I click on "View Details" in the offer, it says Valid until 27/11/23

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      We're gonna need a delorean.

      • Seems that way

  • $1 Wicked Wings

    Do they do Wicked Breasts ?

    • +7

      Wrong website @jv

      • +1

        OK, I'll Google it later…

    • I think they called it hot & crispy

    • You opened only fans app not kfc app.

      • No, I just did a search for 'hot chicks'.

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    max 15? boooo

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      You can get the $7.95, 6 wicked wings lunch at about $1.33 per wing. Little more expensive. Or but from aldi/colesworth, 1kg for $12 (I think) and go to town.

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        I've started to grab Aldi's ready set cook honey soy wings, recently dropped to 6.49 from 6.99 a kg. Super tasty and well marinated compared to colesworth, the consistency of the deli wings is always off.

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          honey soy

          damn ive been getting the 1kg honey soy wings @ i think..$7.99? cant confirm price as it says out of stock at coles website.. when they came out 1st i think it was around 9.99.

          decent i guess. 45 min in oven no fuss

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            @Jimothy Wongingtons: Yeah I was paying $8 at Woolworths during and before COVID so honestly that still doesn't sound too bad. I chuck them in the air fryer and put some foil down and spray it, I think I put them in for 8 mins flip them then chuck them in for another 8 but usually check on them as my air fryer is iffy. I know they're done when the edges start getting that black burnt crisp from the sauce. Usually lasts me 2 meals and eat them with some baked potato and Brussels

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      It's 15 per day.. should be enough/too much surely.

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        I am a hungry boi

        • Just go back in sunnies and a hat

      • his azzhole would be sore after one day

    • Just make another order after the 15

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    Nice, my deal says it’s valid til 18/03 and max 1 transaction per 24 hours so it looks like you can redeem this more than once.

    The last time they had this deal was November last year so it’s come around again pretty quickly.

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    KFC, you've done it again!

    • Ahhh I think you'll find that is McCain.

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        eating wicked wings out the window on 2nd storey

        saliva goes everywhere over tin roof


      • it's actually JB

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    Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

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      Were you ever out? your last comment was 14th Feb about another kfc deal 🤣

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        You don't know how many times I've uninstalled and reinstalled the KFC app!

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    Was at KFC the other day, and a lady was arguing with the person behind the counter that she couldn’t tell the difference between wicked wings and normal chicken…

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    • That's wicked

    • As if the teenager working there makes decisions of what chicken pieces to order from what supplier

    • while I was eating my wicked wings, the couple in front of me went back to the counter to report their original recipe pieces were ridiculously tiny, and they were!

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    Tomorrow for sure because its Woolies whole bbq chicken tonight for me, the mrs and cisco, our lil' lovable, cute chi.

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    Must, resist

    • +1

      Just do it.

  • Is it redeem once only?

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      Yes, only once…

      … Every 24 hours.

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    A large chips is a whopping $5.25 & they ain't very large anymore.

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    They should make this a weekly deal or so like the golden 9 piece Tuesday deal.

  • Thanks OP.

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    This promo has disappeared from my app today, but it was there yesterday. Strange.

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