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Lodge L8SK3 10.25" Cast Iron Skillet with Helper Handle, Black $56.21 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU

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Was looking for a cast iron pan and found this.
26.04 cm/10.25 inch inch skillet/frying pan ideal size for frying meat and saut ing vegetables.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Usually under $30 is considered a good deal.

    • -1

      46% off seemed acceptable.

    • For Lodge? I just checked my old PDF receipt from 2013 when I bought a 10" for $49 posted, and that was after looking around.

      • +2

        Good idea! I checked mine and I paid $22.92 in Feb 2019.

        But yeah, I can't see it getting back down to that price level again. :( Sale price has been steadily rising over the last few years, although $56 does seem a bit high.

      • I paid close to $30 in 2019.

  • im guessing helper handle is the actual iron handle not the silicone heat protector

    • Silicone heat protector is sold separately.

    • +1

      no - it's the smaller D shaped handle to help lift the pan. Handy for the 12". But depends on your wrist strength I suppose ;)

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    Use this one for making pizza. Stovetop for 2-4 mins to make a great crust, then whack in oven on top rack to cook/melt the toppings.

    • +1

      I approve this guerilla method 🤌

    • How do you transfer the pizza onto the pan? Do you add toppings beforehand or add them after you have transferred the base onto the pan?

      • +2

        Cold pan, generously add oil, season the base of the pan (secret to getting nice flavour, basic flavours just salt, pepper and oregano). Preheat oven on grill to max.

        Roll out your dough to a circle, transfer to pan by folding in half or using rolling pin.

        Then add cheese crust (optional), sauce, cheese, toppings, bit more cheese.

        2-4 mins on stovetop at high heat until the crust is golden brown, you can lift it up to peek at the bottom. Shake it every now and then to make sure its not sticking.

        Throw into oven top rack until cheese is bubbling and toppings cooked.

        With enough oil, the pizza should just slide right off.

        • Thanks. I have been cooking the base for a couple of minutes in the oven and then adding the toppings. It comes out okay. I will try your method when I cook the pizza next time.

          • @RSmith: Admittedly stole the idea first from americastestkitchen youtube, but seasoning the base makes it much nicer.

        • I use the same technique but with a lodge round griddle

  • +2

    Bought for $25 in Jan' 21

    Shouldnt be more than $35 ish now.

    • 25 AUD will be covid pricing.

      20 odd USD is the typical price in Ross, TJ Maxx, Amazon etc over there. So 30 AUD plus shipping.

  • 26.04 cm/10.25 inch

    Just as important a metric is weight too. I've got a 12in and I chuck in a few forearm sets each week to make sure I can keep getting it from stovetop to sink 😁 Gifted the old lady one a whiles back and studied closely the weight changes from 6, 8in etc, she's still a bit touch-and-go with the smaller one 😰

    • Item Weight ‎2.43 kg

      It's a 10.25" cast iron, arguably there is no such metric as weight in this case, unless you're looking at general quality of the item.

      If 10.25" is too heavy, you wouldn't look for a lighter 10.25" cast iron. You'd get a smaller cast iron or a lighter type of a pan. Unless you want a very thin cast iron, which is - again - something different.

    • my missus dropped our 12 inch and broke the handle off(but no tiles amazingly). had to wait a few months till it came on special again. there was a good run a few years back where i stocked up.

      • Was the floor alright?

  • Paid $26 in 2001, Amazon wised up to how expensive it is to ship these heavy pans and other heavy items. They are never as low priced anymore.

  • +2

    This is a lesser though comparable alternative. https://www.kmart.com.au/product/29cm-cast-iron-frypan-43037…

  • https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B01726HDY0/

    I would prefer the Victoria one better. The pre-seasoning on Victoria is not as good, but the surface is much smoother compared to Lodge, just season it yourself.

  • -3

    2 second google and found one cheaper. I remember buying a 3 piece kit for $50 pre-covid.


      1. Its Kogan, and third party Kogan at that, so enjoy the endless spam.
      2. It's most likely to be made in China.
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