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4x Eneloop AA or AAA Batteries $16 @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required), $19 @ The Good Guys


Good Guys commercial have eneloops at $16 for 4, good price to increase your stock/use it as currency/charge your EV etc

AAA https://www.thegoodguyscommercial.com.au/eneloop-aaa-recharg…

TGG ends 28 Feb
AA https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/eneloop-aa-rechargeable-batte…
AAA https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/eneloop-aaa-rechargeable-batt…

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The Good Guys Commercial
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  • commercial membership is not instantaneous

  • Can we use the $20 Concierge credit on good guys commercial?

    • +1

      I just tried to use a $5 e-gift card but seems like only options for checkout are credit card or PayPal.

    • I just used it on the normal site and had a dollar wasted. No point wasting actual money for the sake of $1 lol

  • +7

    Almost finished building my own Tesla

  • Can I charge using IKEA charger

    • yep

    • get a good one with digital display and some fancy features (like being able to charge Li-ion and/or 9V batteries in that same one too)
      from aliexpress (if on tight budget)
      or eBay/amazon (if price is not an issue)

      Stock dumb chargers are okay too, but if you multiple batteries I'd say worth investing in a better charger for fancier details

    • i charge the LADDAs using my panasonic charger so assume it should be fine lol

    • Can I charge using IKEA charger

      Yes, but some IKEA chargers are crap.

      Their current STENKOL charger is better than any dumb charger, but the Panasonic "fast and quick" chargers are considerably better again.

      One of the previous IKEA chargers was described by IKEA as a smart charger, when actually it was actually a dumb charger. IKEA appear to know nothing about electronics, they just re-print the manufacturer's description, and don't do any testing.

    • Fast chargers are meant to be better than slow ones, better for the batteries. Kind of a headache researching which ones are meant to be "good" or "bad".

      • Kind of a headache researching which ones are meant to be "good" or "bad".

        I agree entirely. And having researched several myself, the manufacturer-supplied information often isn't enough to decide good or bad. You have to try them out, and know how to test.

        Fast chargers are meant to be better than slow ones

        Yes, to an extent. There are competing things to consider:

        • the -dV/dT effect is most easily detected with rapid charging, and gets more difficult to detect if charging is slower. If the charge cycle takes three hours it is into the "difficult to detect" range, and at four hours or longer it's extremely difficult to detect.

        • chargers that take less than an hour have a great potential to "cook" your battery if something goes wrong.

        • every charger I've had (Aldi, Nitecore, Liitokala, Maha) will occasionally fail to detect the "full charge" signal, and will overcharge one or more of the batteries. If you limit the charging current to 700mA for AA batteries and 300mA for AAA batteries, then the batteries will get quite warm, but apparently not enough to damage them (in my experience with eneloops and a few other brands). But that means more than 3 hours for charging 2500mAh batteries, so the -dV/dT effect could be missed. You can't win! Lately I've tried having a fan blow over the charger and batteries, to cool them, which may allow safer charging at 1000mA. I haven't charged enough times to form a solid opinion yet as to whether this works.

        There's also the old-tech method of trickle charging, which is charging at C/20 (or lower) for 24 hours or longer. This is safe, as the batteries never get hot enough to damage themselves. But you can't buy such a charger! You also have to remember to remove the batteries after a few days on charge. If left on charge for weeks to months, the batteries will be damaged a different way: metal "dendrites" (think like stalactites) grow between the electrodes inside the battery, and will short it out. In doing so, they also damage the porous plastic separator that keeps the electrodes apart.

  • +2

    This or LADDA 4pk AA 1900mAh $10, AA 2450mAh $12 🤔

    • Ladda 4pk AAA is $8.

      and if you were asking me about the AA option which one to buy (I'd ask myself firstly is it really worth the hassel to recharge a battery for me ??, aka can I just wait for battery to put on charge and be okay with not having device active or I just hate changing batteries for a bit then 100% larger mAh otherwise if got spare AA's then may just go with smaller ones, then again considering its only an extra $2 for 4x 550 mAh)

  • Alternatively, $15 for Energizer AA 4Pk Recharge Battery 2300mAh. Also, $15 for Energizer AAA 4Pk Rechargeable Battery 800mAh as well.

    • +2

      The lifespan difference I have had from energizer vs eneloop is massive. All my energizers (I bought 12 over the years as 4 packs cause they were cheap) have failed due to leakage or lack of charge retention typically <2 years. I’ve had most eneloops last 5-10years with many still going and way better charge retention after many cycles of recharge.
      I’ve only had 2 eneloop fail from around 50 in what I would deem to be too short (less than 2 years).

      • Good to know, thanks for sharing!

  • use it as currency/charge your EV etc

    I will charge these first and then use them to charge my EV

  • +5

    Obligatory IKEA Laddas are cheaper and made in the same factory post.

    • Multiple people commented on recent post that there are some leakages with ladda. I strongly believe what I pay is what I get

      • Yeah ladda leaks best to avoid.
        Eneloops are the favorite on Ozbargain.

    • Or if they are made in Japan or China?

    • +4

      My uncle works at the factory, and confirmed we should continue to speculate about this in every post.

  • When I search for the same product on the Good Guys website, it shows that the item is available at a nearby store for pickup. However, when I use the Good Guys Commercial, the nearby store doesn't appear in the list of available pickup locations. Why is that?

    • I've experienced the same issue in the past

    • Also a more limited range of goods. At least for white goods.

  • How much is the 4 AA with charger? GG regular is $59…which is the same as Amazon

    • look at this way

      4x AA Ladda is $12 max
      and battery charger anywhere from $8 aliexpress - $70 amazon/eBay

      some decent chargers-


      this is cheaper than $59 price tag

      • You linked the wrong Panasonic charger.

        BQ-CC55 is good, it's a smart charger.

        BQ-CC51 (the one you linked) is a dumb charger that can only charge batteries in pairs.

        Dumb chargers damage batteries.

        • I linked both dumb and smart charger nitecore i4 is a smart charger and very reputable

          • @USER DC: Well, you said both are "decent chargers", and a dumb charger is simply the worst type of charger you can have. Hardly "decent".

            The Nitecore "new I4" is a moderately good charger, let down by its low 375mA maximum charge current when charging four batteries. Plenty of other smart chargers (e.g. Liitokala, Opus) can charge four batteries at 1000mA.

            Why wait 7 hours to charge AA eneloop pros with the "new I4", when a better charger will charge them in under 3 hours?

            • @Russ: Well if u want liitokala you shouldn't be looking at eBay or Amazon

              Instead like https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005005268258937.html
              From AliExpress for cheaper price with new user signup

              Regardless the slower batteries charge the batter it is generally. 300-700 ish current mah is good imo 1000 mah is too quick imo.

              And regardless most people just plug it in wall and go to sleep they don't need it be charged within 1 hrs like a smart phone. You should have some spare ones in drawer to use (and ideally rotating them)

              • @USER DC: Be wary buying the Liitokala chargers from AliExpress, eBay or Amazon. A lot of the sellers sell just the charger WITHOUT the mains plugpack.

                Liitokala Lii-500 with AU plugpack is $42 delivered from Australian supplier, here, including express shipping: https://www.lanplus.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&p…

                • @Russ: Costco is eneloop charger, 8 aa and 4 aaa for $50 at the moment.

                  • +1

                    @prodrome: But that's the "dumb" charger, which damages your batteries.

                    With very few exceptions, if a company makes both batteries and chargers, their chargers are designed to damage the batteries, so you'll continue to buy more batteries every few years, and they'll get an ongoing income stream.

                    Panasonic are one of the few companies that make batteries and make some good chargers, but it appears more than 90% of the chargers they make are dumb chargers.

                    Companies that don't make batteries but do make chargers, have to produce a better-quality product, or there's no reason for buyers to prefer their charger over any other. Also note: this doesn't apply to Ikea chargers, they just sell the cheapest charger they can lay their hands on, it's not good quality. As you'd expect from the price.

                    I consider the companies who sell dumb chargers to be contemptible. They know you'll get a couple of years out of the batteries, so you'll know they do recharge, but it leaves everyone with the opinion that rechargeable batteries only last a few years, and that's simply wrong. I was in a Woolworths Metro today looking at what chargers were available, two types from Energizer and one from Duracell. All were dumb chargers, and tried to conceal the fact.

    • +1

      Quick charger and 4x AA is $38 @ The Good Guys Commercial

      • Ordered this one this morning along with an extra pack of AAA batteries to have 4 of each with the quick charger for $54 total, not too bad!

      • That's worth posting as a deal! Please do!

        Maybe also link to the deal that says how Origin Energy customers get free access to TGG Commercial:

        That page also links to this, which gives other ways to access TGG Commercial:

  • I can't speak highly enough of these batteries.

    I bought 20 or so of them back in 2013 (Japanese made ones) and they're still going strong!!

  • is delivery free or can you click and collect with a commercial purchase?

    • You can click and collect if a local store has stock, that's what I did

  • I got a set from Amazon, but they are in black colour.

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