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NAB Low Rate Credit Card: $100 Monthly Cashback for 3 Months with $500 Monthly Spend ($0 Annual Fee Existing Customers) @ NAB


$100 cashback per month for the first three months from account opening when you spend $500 per month on purchases.

If you are already a nab customer then $0 annual fee apply.

Seems to be a good deal.


Up to $300 cashback

$100 cashback per month for the first three months from account opening when you spend $500 per month on purchases.

Enjoy no annual fee for the life of the card (usually $59).

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    What about if we have other NAB credit card or cancelled a few months ago? Am I still be eligible for the offer ?

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      I think yes as I don't see its a new customer only offer.

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    Looks like 59 annual fee still apply for new member

  • or $30 pa for low fee card ($200 cashback) I think

  • My company credit card is on NAB, can I still apply for this and be eligible?

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    Please edit the description to a) make sense and b) explain how to get $0 annual fee.

    • Strongly agree, all comments seem to say this is not no fee, very confusing (and what is this alleged low rate?)

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      need to see this offer via app or e banking, since this is a existing customer offer.

      Here’s detail

      NAB Low Rate Card with cash back offer
      Up to $300 cashback
      $100 cashback per month for the first three months from account opening when you spend $500 per month on purchases.

      You'll also enjoy no annual fee for the life of the card (usually $59)

      • so do we just need a NAB Bank account then wait to see if we get the offer on the App? or we need to have a home loan with NAB?

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          as long as you have login to NAB, you should see the offer from the credit card page. I don’t think it’s a targeted offer. you can just open a saving account with NAB

      • "You'll also enjoy no annual fee for the life of the card (usually $59)"

        what does that even mean? as in until the card expires? or by the end of the year? or forever?

        • Forever

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    • Nice, minimum limit $500, good for churners. NAB min is $1k, max $30k.

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      Good offer though it has $6 fee per month

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    I logged into my NAB account and went to apply and it gave me a list of options, one of which was this card with $0 fee for life. Minimum credit limit $1,000 max $30,000.

  • Does nab have an exclusion period? I cancelled my nab qantas card end of 2022

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      For NAB Rewards card they do. I can't see anything on this card though.

  • Applied

  • Anyone have experience with “Verifier” when applying for NAB cards? Usually prefer to send limited documents to verify my income but they’re offering a third party to verify income..

  • Thanks OP.

    As an recent home loan customer, applied via internet banking and approved immediately. And no annual fee.

    My Suncorp credit card application is still pending. Guess will just use this instead.

  • "purchases" assuming this isnt just in-store but also online and includes gift cards?

    • Yes. Just use the card like any other credit cards.

  • Does anyone know if there is a minimum spend per month on this CC?

    Also, can you earn Qantas or Flybuys for every dollar spent?

    Havent been able to find this info anywhere

    • Never ever heard of a card with an ongoing minimum spend.

      Except of course to earn the bonus but that's a clear one-off requirement.

    • You read the OP? $500 minimum spend to qualify $100.

      Also, can you earn Qantas or Flybuys for every dollar spent?

      Haven't been able to find this info anywhere

      Because this card isn't for earn any points. Look at the card category - hint, it's Low Rate.

  • opened platinum rewards a few weeks ago, had to call them about something, but also checked that I am eligible for this deal, and lady said I was - sweet!

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    sorry mate, $300 not worth credit check

  • Declined zz

  • Anyone completed the application? I got approved. Now in my NAB account under Applications it says "To Do" against my CC application. But when I click on it, it says "ID Verified" and there's nothing there for me to do.

    Trying to get a response from them about this.

  • FYI if you have another card with them that you've only just cancelled they leave the card 'open' for a couple of months for refunds and whatnot to resolve. So your previous limit factors in to your new application. I closed a $6000 and tried to open a $1000 and got declined cause I got another $18k or so in other credit

  • Existing NAB customers, did you get approved instantly?

    • No, 2 days for me. Applied on Sun, got approved on Tues.

      • Thanks, might just wait until tomorrow to start a fresh month. Was wondering if I got approved instantly (my NAB rewards was instant) I'd only have what little is left of Feb to spend the $300..

        • I got mine approved at the start of March, and they suddenly hit me with a statement notification today - they somehow ended my first "month" after just 2 weeks without warning??
          Gonna contact NAB to see if these two weeks count as my first "month" or not… if so, it's pretty bloody misleading, especially when the statement period is arbitrary by them.

          • @highwind: Damn. I applied and got approved 1st of March but no statement notification yet, will report back if I do

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            @highwind: Same thing happened to me. I chatted with them in the app and they goodwilled $100 for the first 'month'

            • @aaron3: Thanks - good to know. I'll chat with them too then… Imagine if you receive the card just a day or two before the random arbitrary statement end date…

              • @highwind: I was approved on 23rd February and my first statement period was 23rd February - 8th March. So it seems that the first 'month' is always 2 weeks? Never had this issue before because on my other card bonuses the spending requirements were for the first 3 months.

                • @aaron3: How long did it take for someone to reply?
                  NAB chat is an absolute joke. So far waited 7 hours for the first reply, then because there was no notification of their reply (I'm not planning on using them enough to install yet another app), I responded late. Now waiting again for their second reply, another 2 hours and counting. "24/7 chat" just seems to mean they can just ignore you until they feel like responding. No way to actually queue up for a live agent either…

                  • @highwind: The agent (Domenic) replied with one line only, which was:

                    I completely understand your concern with this promotional campaign! If you would like to lodge a complaint, please refer to the email address below. [email protected]

                    • +1

                      @highwind: I had a much better experience with chat on the app which I use. After requesting to chat with a human, one attended to the chat 2.5 hours later. Then after the equivalent of a total of three short emails over the course of 2 hours (mostly the waiting time of asynchronous chat) they gave me the offer.

                      I told them: 'Yeah but that is a bit unfair and misleading. I got the credit card in late February. So I thought I had until late March to spend $500. But my first statement has already been generated up to 8th March. So only 2 weeks or less. Not only is that a lot less than a month, since this is the first statement, how can I know for sure what the billing period is going to be in advance? Is there anything you can do please?'

                      • @aaron3: That's nice! Thanks for sharing your experience. I eventually called up and they told me that "it should be based on a month from your approval date, not the statement period. If you don't get the cash back , come talk to us again and we can fix it for you". So I'll see what happens…

        • I was approved and received my card early Feb, then the first statement came on the 14th Feb.
          Spent over $500 in the month of February but NAB did not give the $100 cashback, claiming $500 was not spend in the statement period, which contradicts the promo t&c. Contacted NAB via Chat in the app, explained the issues and the person who i was chatting with lodged a complaint. Then yesterday, the complaint manager agreed to deposit the first two months cashback ($200), and now i just have spend another $500 in April to get the third cashback of $100.

          • @Magnai: So, they consider a "month" as one statement period and not calendar month?

            • @always-confused: When I called up, the "NAB credit card specialist" told me that it's based on your approval date… but I'm personally not convinced since the T&Cs talk about statement period, and the comment above confirms that… I've lodged a complaint regardless, and I'm predicting another call to them in a month. This promotion is absolutely atrociously done.

              • @highwind: Take the Nab complaint reference and lodge an AFCA complaint. It takes seconds.

                You'll get a resolution in a couple of days.

            • @always-confused: Correct, statement period is the month, not calendar month. but in my case complaint manager agreed to jusr deposit the $200 as i had spent $500 in Feb and March.

  • Very misleading as the No annual fee for the first year (usually $59). Is only for the balance transfer offer…

    • No annual fee applies to the life of the card.

    • If you are already a nab customer then $0 annual fee apply.

  • Had to speak to NAB to get a refund in accordance with their own terms and conditions… Annual fee was applied to the card in the first month now awaiting rectification…

    • All fixed up $359 refunded, for some reason NAB refunded the full amount after the first month. They're all over the shop.

  • Does anyone know if we pay water bill and still qualify for the cashback ?

    • Should be fine, nothing in the terms. I paid council rates and got the rebate.

      • Nice

  • Got my first statement and it’s dated 15 March, that’s only 2 weeks of having my card opened. Didn’t hit the $500 spend by then so no credit on the statement.

    Did you guys contact them after the second statement was issued (I’m guessing I’ll only have $100 credit on it if I hit $500 spend before 15 April.)

  • The deal is not expired. I can still see on NAB website and in the app.

  • Thinking about signing up to this. Can anyone verify what a "month" is in terms of spending $500? Say I get approved by 15/4 do I have til 15/5 to make the spend? or is it by the end of the month 30/4?

    I mean, end of month doesn't really make sense as what if you got approved on the 28/4, you'd only have 2 days to meet the first $500 spend.

    Any clarity around this would be great.

    • From my experience and what the others have said, there is no consistency even from NAB on what a month is.
      The things that seem to be consistent so far are:
      1) your first statement occurs ~14 days after you get approved.
      2) there is a check to see whether you qualify at the statement date, and if you are, it credits you then.

      When I called NAB, they told me that a month is ~30 days counting from approval date, which awkwardly straddles the statement period. Others above have commented the month is actually the statement period, and so have had to complain to customer service to get the credit. I don't think it's calendar month.

      So what I can suggest to avoid having to call customer service is that, if you have a BNPL service, collect up enough spend and then have that charged to your card within 14 days of approval. Avoid spending anything on the card until 14 days before the next statement, then put in another $500 spend. This is because we have no idea if the time just after a statement period counts to the previous month (30 days from approval) or next month (statement period)…

      Frustrating and BS? Totally. But not even NAB seems to know how they coded this damn offer…

      • Thanks, it does seem strange, I did read through some of the comments but thought maybe someone may have worked out what was going on since.

        Is the statement period also based on the approval date? or is it some other set period where they just send statements out to everyone on the same day?

        I could do $500+ over a month (30 days) but harder to do that in 2 weeks or less, so that's pretty unfair (and odd) they do the first statement in 14 days.

        Nice tip on using BNPL first to load up then use the card to pay for it, just complicates things a bit. Is it known whether BNPL count's towards payments? I guess buying some gift cards could be another option, then using them over the next month.

        • The 14 days for the first statement period is very strange, but from the comments it seems like it's tied to the approval date. The wording is just not clear, and the "credit card experts" when I called up seem to just be reading and interpreting the text rather than any internal information, so it's really just up to however the promotion was coded. If it is tied to the statement period, then it would be definitely unfair and misleading/false advertising.

          As for BNPL, there's nothing in the T&Cs that excludes it, at least from the offer page. And my experience with minimum spends and points collection for other cards is that it does count (a lot of people use BNPL as a buffer normally, so excluding it would exclude a lot of genuine purchases).

          Everyday purchases exclude transactions NAB decides are wholly or partly for gambling or gaming purposes which are treated as a cash advance. NAB may vary or end this offer at any time. Offer is not available when closing or transferring from another NAB credit card account or in conjunction with any other NAB card offer.

      • Can confirm that the 1st statement is 15 days after approval date. Happened to me and partner credit card. Lucky that I spent $500 within 1st week.

  • I got my first credit on my second statement. Doesn't mention whether it's for the first month (March) or second, both of which I spent over $500. The chat option in the app is useless, both times I bothered they've done a copy & paste job that didn't address anything I asked.. then after my follow up message they've asked me to call. How did you guys sort it out through chat?

    • call and complain.

      • Yep. Chat is pretty useless. Gotta wait for hours for someone to copy and paste some irrelevant information, then they vanish for another few hours… I had a decent experience on the phone (though I hate calling). They were reasonable, though they too weren't sure…

  • For anyone who's received their second statement when did it come through? The first statement comes 2 weeks from approval, so does the second statement then come 4 weeks after the first (so 6 weeks from approval)? Or does the second statement come after another 2 weeks, so 4 weeks after approval?

    • For me it was 2 weeks (got my first credit) and today is a month later. Waiting for the next statement and my second credit today/tomorrow.

      • Ok so do you mean first statement was 2 weeks from approval. Second statement was 4 weeks from approval?

        • Haven't had the second, I'm expecting it now.

          • @gadgetguy: Ok I see. If you can post back when you get the second one that would be great.

            • @pixxelpusher: Just got the second credit.

              • @gadgetguy: So you got your first credit on the 2 week statement? that means for those of us who didn't spend $500 within the first 2 weeks but did within the first month miss out on the first $100 credit, unless you call them up.

                • @johnnytran: Yes, i bought stuff immediately and got first credit on the first statement after 2 weeks. Now I got the second credit after a total of about 6 weeks.

                  Now I will make another purchase and expect final credit in another 4 weeks or so on statement 3.

        • First was 2 weeks, second was 4 weeks later (so 6 weeks total from approval).

          • @johnnytran: Ok, only just got approved so still waiting on card and working out purchase amounts / dates.

  • The deal has changed.

    It Is now $300 cashback if you spend $1,500 in 90 days (instead of $100/month for three months).

    • That reduces the hassle.

    • +1

      Makes way more sense, and is in-line with most other similar offers. I assume they probably had hundreds of enquiries/calls/complaints about this promotion…

    • I guess with the T&C changing, would that mean this applies to us that are mid way through the original offer? I don't have access to my phone at work for the amount of time I'll be on hold to sort this crap out from not having the initial $100 credited

      • You can message them in app. Don't need to be online either. Can come back and see their reply later

  • Much better

  • Does anyone have a screenshot that there was no annual fee for the life of the card? NAB charged me the annual fee and are now claiming the promo is only for the balance transfer (currently on there)

    • I don't have a screenshot of the original offer, but I have an email dated 28/02/2024 (approval of my credit card application) that has a section with:

      Fees and charges
      Annual Fee
      Nil annual fee.

      Are you looking to apply for a new card, or you have a card approved and they are wanting to charge you an annual fee? They changed their offering recently, so the old benefits/conditions won't apply to new customers.

      • I applied as soon as this was posted. They charged annual fee in first statement. My letter of offer dated 4 March states $59pa under Annual Fee.

        • The annual fee was waved for current NAB customers only. Where you a new or current customer?

          • @johnnytran: Yes. I've checked and I fit all criteria. Not a stranger to card churns. I see above someone had to open a complaint. I've done that but was just interested to see what else people were providing. Seems like I have no actual proof of what I applied for. Only a screenshot of the actual NAB website could help in this situation.

            • @jediw: I remember I had to go through "offers" in NAB after logging in before it dropped the annual fee to zero, so perhaps if you went through the external link, it may not have given you the NAB customer offer. Wish I could help, but no screenshot unfortunately.

            • @jediw: As highwind mention below, I too accessed it through the app or internet banking, I can't recall but I do remember it saying no annual fee before signing up.


              states "If you’re already a NAB customer you could be eligible for additional credit card offers such as reduced annual card fees, bonus rewards points and more by applying through the NAB app or NAB Internet Banking.View Disclaimer"

              If you were simply applying through the link you may not have signed up to the $0 annual fee offer

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