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20% off Online Orders (C&C Only) @ The Cheesecake Shop


First post, please go easy if there are any mistakes :)

Enjoy 20% off online orders at the cheesecake shop. I have tried multiple items and there doesn't seem to be any minimum spend.

It seems valid for all states. It is most likely an old promotion that is still active. I am not sure if there is any end date to this deal.

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  • is there a code?

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      Looks like it's FT20

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    Used to be 25% … shrinkflation?

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      It still is via NRMA but in person only

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    Just remember: If an item is 'out of stock' their website will fail to complete the transaction and give no indication of why. You cannot add it to your shopping cart for even a future pick up date. You will need to try a different store.

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    Thanks OP…..hungry already.

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    A friendly reminder that ShopBack has gc at 8%.

    The new vegan slices are tiny, would be worth the price if I was sitting down at a cafe. Expected a little bit more from a (fast food?) franchise.

  • Just picked up my order, was told this is a leaked staff discount code

  • My closest store always has a lot of the better products as "out of stock" online so i can never use these online codes with them even though when i go to the store they always have them in stock. I contacted their customer support about it, they said they will check and get back to me and its been months, i contacted them back a couple of times for updates…no response.

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    20% off should be their normal price, they freeze cake not fresh cake.

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        Taste is subjective, which to me just it just taste not fresh.

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      Yep, the 20% is paying for their advertising.
      The workers at CS have little to no experience or unskilled in baking, often teens, etc.
      There's usually people available locally to most who do their own baking and have great, fresh products. Facebook groups are handy. Local bakery is better also.

    • oh I did not know this. So all their cakes are like defrosted in store? Always thought each store made their own!

      • They are making their own I believe, just they make in batch freeze them then defrost on the date.

        I ordered 2 time and their cream is like ice cream not fresh cream.

  • how long is this valid for?

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      I guess until it is OzBargained :)

    • Until more discount is available as still no one buying them

  • %15 cashback Latitude go master , when u spend over $40

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    Thanks OP! Ordered 3 cakes using your FT20 code! No dramas :)

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    Can confirm code works, however only some cakes are available immediately.
    The cake I needed today (unicorn cake) needs to be ordered 3days ahead =\

    Ahh well, settled for ‘candy land’, still looks like a great pick :)

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    Costco cheaper and taste better

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