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2 Months Free Apple TV+ (New & Eligible Returning Subscribers, Payment Card Verification Required) @ Apple


Saw this on Messi's Facebook Story and worked for me perfectly even though I have used free trials multiple times before.

Also perfect for anyone who is looking to sign up so they can get a discounted MLS season pass subscription to see Inter Miami and Messi in action. This drop from $149 per season to $119 per season.

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    Getting “Only available to new subscribers”. So looks like it doesn’t stack if you have active account.

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      I don't have an active account, but does not work for me L(

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      New and returning only.
      My 3 months free just expired and now I've managed to snag another 2 months.
      I would never personally pay for it as I still don't find enough compelling content, but for free it's nice to have just in case something appears.

      • +1

        Yeah I'll be happy with 4 months free.
        Actually more stuff on there than I thought.
        Seems like nothing on stan in comparison once you've watched what you want to.

        Still haven't seen constellation.

        Just cycle a few during the year.

      • +1

        I had been using free deals from Apple for about 18 months but made the mistake of not cancelling before it was finally going to charge. This is my first month paying for it. Definitely not enough content to warrant paying for the service

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          Get Revolut or even a bank account with only $1 in it so they cant charge you next time.

        • +3

          Can cancel straight away and keep it till the date, or put it in your calendar.

          Sounds like you've watched everything.

          Wouldn't cry over $13 though, cheaper than Netflix now :P

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    This worked for me and I am not a new subscriber.

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    Poor Scrooge who tried to post this twice today :’(

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    Worked! Thanks, OP, existing/returning subscriber also.

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    Like OP, worked for me on account I've used many freebies on before. Masters Of The Air here I come!

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    No more cheap Netflix we will take anything 😂

    • +1

      My thought exactly.

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      Are the Nigerian Netflix accounts getting canned?

      • +4

        Yes, and Turkey

        • Had drama with netflix, they claim fraudulent activity on my account, cancelled it two days after I signed up "from" Nigeria but didnt refund me. Took a few chats to get my big bucks back. They wouldn't elaborate on the 'activity'. They have lost me as a customer.

          • +11

            @serbpie: haha, try to cheat the system (which I approve of) but to then say they caught you out and you're never going to return is pretty laughable.

            • +1

              @31mop: But they said fraudulent credit card activity and blamed my bank and sent me on a wild goose chase, so yeah. They mislead me and can GGF

          • @serbpie: I think that's the point, unfortunately, they don't want customers who are trying to work around the system to get cheap Netflix.

        • Goes against the grain but Netflix with ads for $6.99 or whatever seems the best for me at the moment.

        • Shit, are the new Turkey accounts getting cancelled or they're cancelling everything? I got my Nigerian one cancelled earlier this week so I continued with my year old Netflix.

      • Touch wood but my Kenyan Netflix is still working.

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    Free 2 months ran out a few days ago, and this worked!


  • Nice.. my current free sub for apple tv expires in a few days…. PERFECT TIMMING .. thanks 50cent

    • Mines got a week left, would be handy.
      Will try in 7 days.

  • Thanks

  • Thanks, got my 2 months

  • This time works, my last free trial ended two days ago.

  • Lapsed subscription 2 weeks ago and this worked fine. 💪

  • Thanks op

  • Wow, this is amazing, got 2 months for free. Thank you so much OP :)

  • worked for me. thx OP

  • Ty worked for me, ran out some months back.

  • Thanks op works .

  • Thanks OP

  • Op- love your work. Saved me $26.

  • +6

    Nice one.

    But can you tell me when we're getting more Severance?

    • -2

      No more. She’s alive. It’s gg lol

    • It was on hold but still happening

  • +2

    Getting “Only available to new subscribers”. So looks like it doesn’t stack if you have active account.

    I think it only works for either NEW subscribers or people who stopped subscribing and can now return for 2 months free?

    • +1

      Only without current subscription, clearly said on the title.

  • -1

    i got it, but i dont even know what to watch.

    • +1

      Ted Lasso

    • +6

      Constellation, for all mankind, Silo

    • +7

      Severance. Might have to watch it twice actually.

    • +13

      Silo, Acapulco, Shrinking, Severance, Constellation, Black Bird, For All Mankind, Slow Horses & Lessons in Chemistry, Bad Sisters, Platonic, Drops of God. I’ve watched & enjoyed more of AppleTV+ than any other streaming service.

      Coming soon thing to look forward to: Dick Turpin, Manhunt, Palm Royale, Sugar, Dark Matter, Presumed Innocent

  • Anything good to watch?

    • Ted Lasso and foundation

      • +13

        And severance. And severance. And also severance.

        • +2

          So good, but the wait is killing me

    • +1

      See my list on the comment above :)

    • +2


    • I just finished Criminal Record and enjoyed that one

    • +1

      Far more than I expected and I'm a picky bastard. I really enjoyed Monarch, Slow horses, Severence, Silo, Fraggle rock, For all Makind, Ted Lasso, Pachinko, The Servant, The After party, Greyhound, Finch, and the Enfield Poltergiest. Will be doing Masters of the air once the last ep comes out and keeping an eye on Constellation in the hopes it turns out to be good. One cool thing is when you finish a series dont forget to scroll downwards in the list as theres usually some extras there to enjoy.

      • Constellation is good so far

      • Enfield Poltergiest was so weird and a very cool concept. I enjoyed it.
        It you like the feel good series like Ted Lasso, try Acapulco (a MUST), Shrinking, Platonic and Loot (takes 3-4 eps but gets good)

        • I actually prefer the more depressing morbid type shows. I do have shrinking on my list. The others look a little too romantic comedy for me.

    • +1

      masters of the air been great so far

  • -2

    Why'd you name yourself after one of the biggest snakes in the music industry?

  • Thanks OP. Mine expired just last week and this one worked perfectly!

  • +1

    Had a 2 month trial end today, this worked for another 2

  • Code expires on March 8, 2024 - My current sub expires on 9 March … Grrr

    • Can you force to stop the subscription now?

      • Nope, the only other way is to use alias/new id :-(

    • Thanks .my 2 months freebie ends mar 1st

    • Same for me. My current subscription expires on 10th March.
      Would you know if you can create new apple id with same card and same phone number?

      • new id / new CC/ same mobile# has worked for me b4.:-). not sure why i used a different CC might have read somewhere.. YMMV

  • Thanks. The Napoleon movie will be available soon.

    • Spoilers, It's shit.

  • Thank you OP, worked like a charm. I am returning subscriber

  • I had a free week as well. So the 2 months free starts march 2nd

  • New only for me

  • Thanks OP

  • +1

    Thanks for this. My previous 2 months free sub ended yesterday so perfect timing!

  • worked like charm, thanks.

  • Worked. Thanks OP!

  • Thank you! My free subscription ended a couple days ago and I was so sad I couldn’t afford to renew.
    Very much looking forward to watching the rest of The New Look when it all comes out!

  • +6

    Apple tv worth it for the amazing series Slow Horses - feat. Gary Oldman as a crotchety old ex MI5ish spy

    • Great character, everything he says is golden.. and can't help but snigger when he drops his guts..

    • +1

      Ex MI5ish? He is still MI5 (no ish about it) but not at the main "campus" at Regent's Park (in real life, it's located on the Thames), but at Slough House, where people who have stuffed up are put out to pasture..

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Worked for me.

    Been wanting to see Killers of the Flower Moon

  • Thanks OP. Worked for an existing but expired account. Now time to finish some old seasons.

  • Worked for me , never subscribed

  • Is there an app available for Android platform?

  • Thanks OP! Worked for me as a returnee. Might even continue after the free period is over.

  • Worked thanks!!! (returning subscriber)

  • Thank you fiddy cent!

  • Nice - was nearly finished with my previous free trial (which was cancelled as soon as I applied it) and applied this one fine.

  • Worked here even though I've used several promos before and have received the "used too many promos" or whatever message before. I don't know how many times I had to unlock and login to my account to finally get through. Apple has the worst system.

  • Worked for me straight away. Last offer I took was the 1 month free at christmas

  • Thanks op. Worked for me.

  • -1

    MLS, I guess they couldn't use MLF.

  • Thanks op. Like many, my last free subscription expired a couple of days ago. Happy to report that this works.

  • Thanks OP, it worked. Renewed subscription for 2 mnths

  • +3

    Strongly recommend Silo, Slow Horses, Severance and Foundation. Constellation is pretty good so far but seems like a bit of a slower burn (like Foundation).

  • my other 2 month free trial ran out 2 days ago so great timing, thanks OP it worked again!

  • +4

    So many good TV programs on there, the catalog might not be as big as others but it's quality not quantity.

    My picks are:

    Silo- Best SciFi since The Expanse?
    For All Mankind
    Ted Lasso
    Mythic Quest
    Severance- As big as a puzzler as Squid Games

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