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Corsair SF750 750W Fully Modular 80+ Platinum Power Supply Unit - Black $245 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Corsair sf750 is out of stock everyone in Australia and this recently Amazon AU is in stock. You could have bought it in UK Amazon nearly $300. Was thinking of getting Cooler master V SFX 850w ATX 3.0 nearly identical prices. What do you all think?

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    how much? ^^

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    Secondhand market. Not a good price for this.

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      Sold by Amazon Au? Any computer store I know is out of stock for this.

      • No. That's where you should go if you want one of these for a reasonable price

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      I wanna cheer your bargainhunting instincts, but your PSU is also the main thing feeding power into your system. Unless I really knew the guy as a trustworthy friend, I'd rather not connect ~2-3k of electronics to a great PSU with a sus history.

      It's not just about things exploding, it's about having small glitches and wondering if it's the PSU that's causing your CPU/RAM/GPU to malfunction.

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    This isn't a discussion forum, and this isn't a bargain.

    • May not be a bargain but everywhere is out of stock.

    • So wheres the link to a cheaper Corsair SF750 since you claim this isn't a bargain.

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        Top tier 750W SFX PSUs retail for $190-$200 every day price. Once in a while down to $100-$130 on sales.

        Unless you're going to be irrational about the Corsair sticker.

        • Still no link…

          • @Axelstrife: I don't have a dog in that fight, but ok…
            750w, platinum, sfx.
            $200+shipping ($20ish) or free click and collect.

            Ok, not exactly the same, but is the Corsair PSU really worth the premium over Silverstone?

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              @astevens: Warranty
              SF750 - 7 years
              Silverstone - 3 years

              Yes i'd say an extra 4 years is worth the $31 extra alone, not to mention the higher quality more flexible braided cables on the SF750 and the fact that the SF750 is widely known as one of the best SFX PSU's going.

        • I have no interest in this particular PSU but can understand wanting a particular one. If there is one part of my PC that I won't skimp on it's the PSU. If one particular PSU is widely considered to be the best then I wouldn't accept any substitutes unless there was some sort of strict time constraint that I had to adhere to.

      • I don't think this is a bargain in that this is just the retail price

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      Xyron This isn't a place to whinge and whine either.

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    Why is this OOS now? Big demand again?

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      They mainly reduced production in favour of their sfx-l PSU.

      • Good - might sell mine and recoup some cash… Have a Formd T1 sitting unused for years ha

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    I got mine delivered just yesterday. Totally agree with what the OP said. The SF750 still reigns supreme for SFF builds, and you might be hard to find it elsewhere. I've been scouting eBay and Facebook Marketplace for months, but no luck there for me.

    Two weeks ago, I occasionally found it on Amazon available to place a backorder for around $270. I purchased it. But last week, I saw it dropped to $245 so I immediately canceled the order and reordered it. It is a great price for ppl who are looking for the best 750W PSU for their SFF builds

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    This model has been discontinued and OOS in all of Australia for months if not a year, yet people keep discussing why it's OOS like some fresh mystery

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      It isn't discontinued

  • CoolerMaster V SFX is meant to have bad fan curves and also seen reports that once fan kicks in it may not turn off again till you shut down. I've put a white one in a NR200P for my gf's build and she says it doesn't sound overly noisy; the noise from the case fans + GPU probably drowns it when shes running demanding applications.

    • Note there’s two revisions of the coolermaster and the 2nd addressed some issues. Any new purchase would be a v2 by now I imagine. Believe the fan curve may be a bit weird still, but the initial revision is what many of the reviews cover and had the major complaints about.

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    Holy smokes I bought this for $175 a year or so ago!

  • isnt it normally 199$?

  • Why would you buy this when there's the SF850 cheaper? I guess this is Platinum spec.

    • SF850L is longer. Also, not as well rated as you mentioned and fans are noisier. SF750 is just a better product, and is extremely reliable and can actually handle >750W peak loads.

      • Oh the 850 it's SFX-L not, just SFX? I guess that makes sense, I didn't read the 'L' in the name, for whatever reason my brain just disregarded it. Thanks for picking that up and telling me.

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