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[Back Order] Herman Miller Aeron Gaming Chair for $2639 (Was $3105) + $80 Shipping @ Living Edge


I am looking for a new ergo chair and narrowed down to the ErgoHuman Mesh V2 chair. I will wait for sale but during my research I noticed that Herman Miller Aeron Gaming Chair has 15% off. I don't have that kind of budget at the moment but hope it helps someone who wants it.

12-14 weeks back order.

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    Faaaark me

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      Here in OzBargain, you would say "Thanks OP, bought 10" instead.

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      Yeah these used to be 1k

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    Remember when Aerons were about $1000………I remember

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    This will go nicely for the RTX 4090 crowd

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    12 to 14 weeks back order!

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      I thought they will make it faster with that amount of profit they get

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    Quality office chairs make the best gaming chairs.

    I've been using the same krost mesh chair for nearly 10 years now, I'm a big bloke over 100kg, I treat it terribly, yet nothing has broken or been replaced. This chair gets used anywhere between 8 & 12 hours a day during the week (WFH & gaming), with the exception of a good clean every now and then it still looks new.

    Don't fall for the "gaming chair" marketing

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      this is an office chair. im not sure why they're calling it a gaming chair.. it looks just like the other aerons to my untrained eye (except this is all blacked out i think)

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        if you work from home you spend time gaming , that’s why it’s called a gaming chair.

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      Can you help find the link for your chair to buy? That's sound amazing

      • Krost chairs

        The chair I got doesn't exist anymore, but I believe it got superseded by either the Miro s, Miro, kove, sonic task from the above link.

        Obviously use to be much cheaper when I got it (under $300)

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          wow thats still decent price and affordable. will consider thanks. now WFH 3 days a week

          • @CyberMurning: Would like to correct my previous comment, I think mine got superseded by the "flow", but realistically it could have been any of the mesh backs with armrests, their all simple but with amazing quality, intended for office use.

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      People say that, but I have a Leap v2 here and I don't really like it all that much. I like the Gesture far more and Ive had some cheapo Officeworks over the years that felt nicer. Though the cheap gaming chairs are almost always bad.

      My favourite chair was a $400 ebay leather massage recliner. I stopped using it a while back as .. well ergo says its bad for me…..Im not so sure as I never really felt discomfort

      • Really? I bought a Leap v2, and a Gesture. 6/6 people that I got to blind test them (had no clue on cost) preferred the Leap v2.

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          I have a leap v2 as well and absolutely love it. Best purchase I have made. It's well built, ergonomic, has options to customize it to your posture/build and it's looks great as well

        • Yep, chairs are one thing that really varies person to person.

          Im still using the Leap as it cost me $650 used- I might get the cushioning redone but its not much different to the gestures we have at work

    • I got an old "executive" office chair made in America that someone was throwing out. Made of thick real leather. Not sure it's the most ergonomic, I did put a cushion on it because my butt got sore after sitting on it all day, but it looks cool and is comfortable enough.

    • So what you are saying is that quality costs? Might be a blow to many OZBers who look for the cheapest option regardless of merit. And those who salivate for the next KFC deal.

      • That's not all I'm saying, I'm also saying the term "gaming chair" even with an inflated price is not a representation of quality

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    Now they put "gaming chair" on all their range. Getting desperate to sell I see.

    • yeah i remember the CEO of this company… 'pity city' indeed

      the price is support the C-suite at this company

      also they chairs are now made in china

      • Didn't know that they're made in China now. The price doesn't reflect it at least, lol

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          tbf i say that in a flippant way but if the chinese can make a goddamn iphone or EVs or moon rockets they i think a high end chair is well within their skill level

          but yeah… where is the money going? there's not $2.6k worth of product there

          • @tonyjzx: Not justifying one bit, but I wonder how much of it goes to freight. Is this monstrous price difference in the US and other markets as well?

      • india and vietnam are now the cheap sweat shops,

    • I read that gaming chairs were invented when a company that had a stockpile of racing seats wanted to get rid of them, so they bolted them to office chair wheels and sold them as "gaming" chairs. And the rest is history, the idea took off like RGB and loud plastic keyboards.

      • -7

        thats not true simple because proper car seats have to pass certain regs like crash testing and the 250,000km plus durability testing

        and so putting in real car seats is not a cheap thing

        eg. if a Blitzwolf seat collapses after a year think about how quick it would collapse in a car that has high temperature differentials and fat lard ass 150kg ozbb incels getting into them day to day

        you'd hit the roof if your real life car seat fell apart after a year

        i actually have a real car seat as a chair here… its a recaro race seat and its… priced like the above lol

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    whenever I see the company name i just think of it as 'Hermann Goering'

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    The second hand market is falling out on these. Arent getting over $500 at auction in Adelaide (and that's with arm rests).

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      yeah with more WFH i hear there's a reasonable amount of ex office units out there

    • I see heaps on marketplace / gumtree. Is it common that there will be fakes? Is it easy to tell if they are genuine or not?

    • Note the Aeron classic and the Aeron Remastered/Gaming are totally different chairs. Plus a 20 year old version of a chair should not be selling anywhere near the retail price of a brand new version of its successor

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    Better off looking at office fitout resellers. I bought two Haworth Zody chairs for $80 each.

    • where?

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        Got mine from Sydney Used Office Furniture in Ingleburn. It depends on what they have in stock at the time but they list most things on FB marketplace.

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          Hey that's near my place. Mind share the link?

    • I have two of those as well, these aren't bad at all.

      I got mine through this deal though looks like they can be even cheaper. Built like a tank.

      https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/721143 (though they dont have any in stock when I just checked)

    • You had me intrigued and I found a office fitout reseller near my workplace and also happens to be selling the Haworths (not quite for $80 each though).


  • I really need a new ergo chair,

    Question to the shorter users, what are you using?

    • If height is an issue you should be using a foot rest. A good ergo chair has adjustments for height, seat pan, seat tilt, back tilt, lumbar support and chair tilt. Recommendation is no arms on the chair because we tend to lean on them. You want to set up properly for typing and using your mouse etc. so if your desk is higher and you can't touch the floor with your feat in a neutral resting position when you have set up your typing position then a foot rest is required.

      If you can organise to get an ergo assessment in your workplace to work all the adjustments out then it's worth looking at some youtube videos. It definitely makes a difference.

      • Both of the physios I am seeing for back problems absolutely insist on having properly adjusted arm rests. Not so high that you raise your shoulder, not so low that you can only reach one of them by leaning sideways.

        Seat depth is also important so that you can distribute the pressure evenly.

        Also, most people have their monitors too low, which can lead to forward neck posture. The old recommendation of having the top of the monitor in line with your eyes is not applicable with screens that are 27" and bigger. With larger sizes monitors, your eyes should line up somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 way from the top of the monitor, depending on where you perform most of the activity.

        • The old recommendation of having the top of the monitor in line with your eyes is not applicable with screens that are 27" and bigger. With larger sizes monitors, your eyes should line up somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 way from the top of the monitor

          Oh that's interesting. What about screens being an arm length's away? Is that still recommended?

          • +1

            @settings: Yes, both of the physios and the GP said that the optimal distance is found by this procedure:

            • Sit back in the chair, with your upper back making contact with the chair.
            • Reach straight out and make a fist.
            • Your shoulder blades should remain in contact with the chair back support.
            • Your hand should be very close to the screen, but not touching.
            • If you start opening the fist, your fingers should be able to touch the screen, without you stretching to reach.

            If you wear glasses, you may need to tweak this distance to prevent leaning forward, or worse yet, moving your head forward while rounding your shoulders.

            • @peteru: My back thanks you. Any advice (I know you're not an expert, but wondering if you know this) on multiple monitors? I have found slight neck strain when dealing with 2 screens.

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                @settings: This weekend, I upgraded from two flat 24" 1920x1200 monitors, arranged side-by-side, landscape (Dell 2407 + 2412), to one curved 32" 3280x2160 (Dell S3221QS). In theory I have more pixels than previously, but in practice I fit less on the screen. That's because with the higher pixel density, I run at 125%, otherwise everything is too small. I'll have to get used to working with that - I think two 32" monitors side-by-side would not be all that great.

                My work system has a flat 34" 5120x2160 (LG 34WK95U) monitor. The extra 1840 pixels make a big difference in real estate, but because the 34" monitor is not curved, it's less ergonomic than two 24" monitors. This is mainly an issue when things are close to the left and right edges of the screen. This monitor has the specs that I need for my work and the price tag didn't cause my boss to laugh at me and tell me that I'm dreaming.

                I've had multiple monitors since the 90's - the joy of high end Unix workstations. I found that it's best to have one main monitor, where you do 75% or more of your work. Almost all data entry should be done on the primary monitor, so that you sit straight while typing. Use secondary monitor(s) for passive viewing of references or data. The main monitor should be positioned exactly as if you had a single monitor, for the most ergonomic viewing. The secondary monitors should be on the sides, angled towards you. The secondary monitors should be positioned using the same steps as I detailed above, the only difference being that you rotate the chair towards the monitor. Try not to move the chair from it's normal spot and instead move the monitor to the right place. If you need to look at the secondary monitor for any longer than a few seconds, rotate the chair and move your legs so that you are facing that monitor straight on. Do not sit in a twisted position. It takes some discipline to break the habit of turning sideways in the chair while leaving your feet behind. It's important to not sit that way for extended periods of time as it will lead to back pain. Also try to avoid looking at the secondary monitor with your head leaning forward / pointing down and rotated / tilted sideways.

                If you are feeling neck strain, remind yourself to pull back the shoulders and bring your head back (as if you were trying for a double chin) and see a physio for advice that is specific to your condition. Once you bugger up your spine, it's hard or impossible to undo.

                Best of luck.

                • @peteru: Thank you. Currently using the work laptop's screen as a second monitor and just had to get it angled right. Think I have made it a habit of turning my head instead of my body when referencing from the second monitor.


                  • @settings: Laptop screens are hard to position correctly. If you have back or neck issues, you can't use the laptop keyboard for any extended periods of time. You will need a separate keyboard so that you can elevate the screen to the correct location. A simple stand that only tilts the laptop forward - like the $10 K-Mart laptop stand - is not very useful. It won't get the screen positioned high enough. Fancier stands might do a better job.

                    A docking station may be a more practical ergonomic solution. Leave the laptop out of sight and use external keyboard, mouse & monitor(s). Modern hardware with Thunderbolt/USB-C support makes this reasonably practical. Initial cost might be an issue, but it's nothing in comparison with the medical costs and the cost of repeated physio/osteo sessions later down the track.

                    • @peteru: Yeah, for context, I use a separate keyboard, albeit not an 'ergonomic' one. With Logitech's MX Vertical.

                      Monitor is a 5K display (Apple Studio Display) with a 14" MacBook Air. Both are VESA mounted on Ergotron arms. Will have to look into getting a Caldigit Thunderbolt dock as I do switch between laptop and the Mac Studio.

                      That said, I have wondered if a single screen solution might be better for my back and neck. Apple's high ppi displays have spoilt me.

                      Have been chasing that perfect (for me) ergonomic setup for many years now.

        • Properly adjusted arm rests sure if the chair has arms already, but ask any EP, OT or physio who works in ergonomics and they'll tell you preference is no arm rests at all.

    • +1

      telephone books add height and a retro vibe,

      • These days its reams of paper in the office.

    • +2

      I am 5.5 and use steelcase leap v2. The height to the desk is perfect, but being on shorter side I added a foot rest (a generic Amazon one) at the front to make it comfier.

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    Lol. Anyone buying these for that price, doesn't belong on this website.

  • It was about $2.3k this time last year.

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    Will this be suitable for my son’s gaming setup? He mainly plays Minecraft and Valorant…

    • this luxury will be more than suitable

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        'spend less on gaming chair, more on PC'


  • It was $2474 around end of last year for Herman Miller New Aeron Task Chai

  • should i buy 20 or 30?

    • depends how many friends you have over for gaming , my son has 3 gaming chairs.

  • What a joke lol … my 10 seater tabler and chairs cost less

  • Seems like they branded this a gaming variant and up the price?

  • alot of gaming chairs are very uncomfortable. so these office chairs are designed to be sat in for long periods. very expensive so probably dont buy one for kids etc. but one of those thing that you probably buy once in your lifetime. and once you buy one you wonder why you never bought one earlier. Alot of people bought them brand new at $900-1500 long time ago. During covid when lots of offices had to close was also a great buying time. probably still some pop up once a while at those bulk office second hand resellers. but they usually snatched up pretty quick as they are in demand and you got to go in to inspect the condition and the size types (a,b,c). Being mesh is good second hand coz the number of farts just pass through. :)

    • Instead of a gaming chair, and still cheap - get a office chair with a high weight rating (this is because they tend to be better built).

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    Thanks bought 10

  • I expected RGB aeron at this price. Also higher than the embody price now.

    • OH you just gave me an idea what to do with this spare 5M govee RGB light I have. RGB+powerbank

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    Lmao wth

  • Definitely a high yield investment

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    2.6k? lord.. at this rate it will be 5k next year

  • Who the fuk are they kidding? Selling a $200+ (at most) for $2k+….. not cool to prey on suckers.

    • well it used to be that companies have no issues buying $1k seats for their staff who make $100k+ because the lawsuits for getting them shitty Blitzwolf seats could be expensive

      i used to consult for an investment bank who bought Aerons… to them $1k seats isnt even an issue

      i found the avg. Aeron Miller to be ok, not great but probably worth me spending $500 on one if i could

  • +4

    @divakar51, I recently switched from a fully optioned Aeron classic (late model with Posturefit) to a Steelcase Leap V2. I've had the Leap V2 for about a month now. I find the Leap V2 a much more comfortable chair than the Aeron and it's about 1/2 the price. I can sit in the Steelcase Leap V2 for 10+ hours a day. When I switch back to the Aeron, I get uncomfortable after about 30-40 minutes. The main advantages of the Leap V2 vs Aeron for me were:

    • Flexible frame vs rigid shell
    • Better pressure distribution that does not cause sore spots
    • Soft rounded edges vs hard and sharp ridges on the perimeter of the chair
    • Much, much better and more adjustable lumbar support
    • Recline action that allows you to open up the angle between back and legs, thus improving circulation
    • Seat depth adjustment
    • Better upper back support
    • Very soft and more adjustable arm rests
    • Better back tilt lock and force adjustments

    Initially I thought that I would stay with mesh, since it is cooler to sit on. After trying out a number of ergonomic chairs, the comfort of the Leap V2 beat out all the other chairs, even ones that were more expensive. I actually now like the upholstery better than mesh as it provides slightly more friction and that makes it easier to maintain a good posture. It is warmer, but so far it's not been a big issue, even on very hot days.

    Ergohuman chairs were on my list, but I did not choose one. Maybe give the Steelcase chairs a try, if you can stretch the budget. Their Sydney showroom has the whole range to try.

  • Does that come with a lounge room .. 🤔 .. ??

  • +1

    I would recommend going in store to try them out. I’ve got a slipped disc and it started hurting my back after sitting down on it for 20mins

  • lol, I have a steel case series something chair and it is just great. it is probably around $700, what explains these being 4 times the price?

  • All this talk of gaming chairs being shit, I thought Secretlab was a favourite amongst gamers?

    • +1

      Still PU leather garbage. They look nice but they're still a step down from an ergo chair.

      • Wow, imagine paying that much money and getting PU leather lol.

        • +1

          PU leather

          Some outfits try to up-sell that stuff by calling it vegan leather .

  • i bought one for 200 from officeworks, sat on it for all of lockdown, then the gas lift broke so I took it back under warrenty and got a whole new chair lol. Have made that purchase last about 4 years so far

  • +1

    Meanwhile, Living Edge is having a warehouse sale this weekend…

    • If you’re spending this much money on an office chair, why not buy something that’s actually in stock? I ain’t trying to wait 3-3.5 months just to save a few hundred dollars. Strange logic.


      • +1

        Only size C shows in stock. Unless you are somewhere near 2m tall, size C would be too big. Aerons do not have adjustable seat depth, so a chair that is too big will cause physical pain in the long term.

        • Ahh, I see. Thanks for clarifying.

  • Invest in your back :P

    I will add that the 12 year warranty on this is pretty great.

    • A number of good office chairs come with 12 year warranty. Some are rated for 8 hours * 5 days a week usage, others are rated for 24 hours * 7 days a week.

      BTW: The ATO effective life schedule for office chairs suggest that an office chair should last at least 10 years.

  • Well now I believe the CPI in this country is insane

  • They're not worth even a quarter of the asking price. Had an Aeron for years for work and they're not the most comfy chair especially for the price they charge.
    For the same money or less (depending on model), you would be much better off with something from KAB Seating eg. a KAB Controller.

  • Those after a better deal on a chair might want to check out their warehouse sale which is happening this weekend: https://livingedge.com.au/sydney-warehouse-2024.html

  • How ridiculous. $3105 for a single office chair?

    I can appreciate a good quality office chair, I own a Steelcase Leap V2 and spent a little over $1000 on it a few years back.
    It's been great, best chair I've ever owned.

    But Hermann Miller have rocks in their head if they think this is a deal.

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