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iPhone 15 from $1249.99, 15 Plus from $1399.99, 15 Pro from $1599.99, 15 Pro Max from $1899.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Iphone 15 from $1249.99
Phone 15 Plus from 1399.99
Iphone 15 Pro from 1599.99

Price beat with Officeworks

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      Friendly neighbourhood spider man

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      Green Goblin downvoted you

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    Got 15+ for 1539 in December 😢. Never thought apple will cut prices aggressively.

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      Retail sales have been soft - apple need to hit some decent sales targets for March Qtr (key reporting period for the US)

      • they recently became top selling smart phone company. Looks like to want to be top always

        • Sure but top selling in a shrinking market. They want to be recording record quarters regardless of a soft smartphone market.

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          30% decline in china sales wasn't it? their earnings have been trending down for a couple of qtrs. Need to pump it up if they want to hold their mag 7 spot.

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      Their shares quickly fall from #1 to ~#3 (Nvidia has better products). iPhone sales in China falling vs Huawei & other better value brands.
      Ne EV after 10y, too expensive products … Apple is only good for marketing the proven products by others.

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    Wow $100 less than JB which has dropped theirs by $200ish.. (for the Pro Max)

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    The frequency of discount on current model iPhone is unusually high this year.

    Does that indicate a decline in sales?

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      nah they realised they cant keep jacking the prices for no valid reason

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      As phenomenal as the technology inside of these things is, there is a limit to how often folks can fling $2k on a new phone. It was ‘can’t miss out’ culture for a while but folks wallets are catching up now. And the annual features improvements gap between those needing the latest and greatest is narrowing. Heck, an iPhone 13 is still an incredibly solid piece of kit. If you want to look at performance stats alone, it blasts 80% of the best Android phones today.

      • You mean 20% of Android (s24 s23 Ultra, Huawei Mayr60+…l blast iPhone 15 pro max, let alone the older non Usb-C ;)

    • Cost of living aka cost of freggin everything has gone up post covid significantly.

      • *Post covid government money printing

        Updated it for ya

  • Been a solo android user in the family. Really want to switch to iPhone. USB C was stopping me until last year. Need to find a new reason now

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      no excuses left … join us

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        pats couch

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      No Myki on iPhone is only thing stopping me now

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      ok, here you go:
      1. your any downloads essentially stop when you lock the phone.
      2. no spam messages and calls protection inbuilt which is excellent in Android.
      3. battery life in not as good as android
      4. fast charging not as good
      5. nfc is locked
      6. data speed and mobile reception is not as good

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        I thought the iPhones, especially the Pro Max models have some of the best battery life on any phone? I'm using a 13 Pro Max and it's the first phone I've ever used that can deal with a full day of uncompromised, heavy use and still have a bit of battery life left at the end of the day.

        Previously owned a Galaxy S20+, which had terrible battery life from the get go - it was actually one of the main reasons I switched back to the iPhone and I don't regret it one bit. WatchOS is much better than Android Wear too, if you wear a smart watch.

        Of the above list, the only one that I do miss is the spam protection, which was significantly better on Android - everything else hasn't really been an issue.

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        You missed a big one: No back button

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          You also missed that Apple are the most secure device on the planet and don’t have Malware apps in their apps store, I think android/Google had 10 taken down over the past year or so after being in the store for quite some time.

          Not saying that Apple never has, but absolutely outways android security

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            @BatmanAU: That's true but not really relevant if you don't download any random apps.

            I do agree that iPhone has been catching up to the point that I'm considering switching back - my other family members use iPhone. But seems like there are still a few annoying usability issues especially when you've been used to Android's openness. Also the camera, iPhone takes great photos by default but Samsung has the Pro mode for tweaking shutter/aperture/focus etc. which is very useful in a few situations.

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            @BatmanAU: As long as the user is not an idiot, having the 'most secure device on the planet' does not count for much

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              @Menzoberranzan: Yeah but even the smartest people can download an app from the Google store and won't know it hosts naferious code, but yes, you can't help stupid

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            @BatmanAU: Fake marketing. Samsung Knox is better & S-pen is wishful for not so smartPhone iPhones ;)
            System justification - iPaid $$$, it must be hod or I feel fooled (yes)

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        The only thing making me consider switching from my Pixel is Apple Airtag. The Tile is useless in comparison.

    • Direct "Ok, Google" access to assistant

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      you can't dial from the search bar
      you cannot customise with KLWP or KWGT
      You dont get the Samsung Spam AI filter (if thats what you are using)
      fast charging is slow
      normal charging is slow
      LTE has taken a hit and theres no easy way to find signal strength in numbers or percentages
      Wireless charging in my car no longer works. Phone just gets hot and disconnects from charger after 5mins
      Camera is really good imo
      Airdrop….f**king Airdrop is the best
      USB-C transfers
      stable apps

      Moved from S21 Ultra to 15PM

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        magsafe is so handy also

        the whole 'just works' thing is true, can take some time to acclimatise
        IMO you eventually just forget what device it is and use it to 'do' things and it doesnt require thinking

    • Arranging your icons however damn you please.

      Installing apks

      Read / write access to the phone on all platforms

      Not being bombarded by notifications and a grouping that makes sense.

  • Does OW price beat Costco though?

    • Doubt it, unless you add the Costco membership cost to the price match

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        if anyone can confirm they have done this that would be awesome to know in future

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          Have done this quite a few times. Can confirm OW does price beat with Costco (and doesn't add costco membership cost)

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            @getmethe deals: Just did it then on the base 128gb; matched (although wouldn't do out of stock colours from the Costco website). Was a hard no to the Telstra price (their reasoning being that you need to login to the Telstra App to see the price)

            • @bt91: Yep, they don't do Amaysims, Telstra etc. And yes only price match on the same colours

        • Did it on the iphone a couple months ago when Costco had the lowest price (which was higher than this)

    • I've seen various comments along with this previous post saying you can but would be nice if someone could also confirm for this.


      • Yes I can confirm.

        I bought my iphone 14 with 256 GB from OW in Caroline Springs VIC yesterday and they beat the Costco price by 5%. Costco price was $1200 so I ended up paying $1140.

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    Bearish signal

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    HODL for new September release.


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      Which September? :D

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    JB Hi Fi REFUSES to match Costco

    Screenshot of the chat:


    • Not surprised, but depends on the agent. Maybe it's a no by the book, but some are more flexible than others.

      I have an agent matched Bunnings special order, he actually said that don't but he made an exception that time. He also went on to give me extra discount on something else when JB already has the lowest price.

      Guess depends on the product as well, they would have more wiggle room on high margin products.

      JB Direct model is great, pay more if you want to "waste time" in store. Pay less when you have done the ground work and just after a good price.

    • And they shouldn’t have to. Retailers don’t always have to race to the bottom.

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        • Well yeah.. where else will you buy your products? Amazon… ya. Tell you what, you start your own business selling iPhones and I’ll come in and get you to price match the shop too far for my lazy ass to go to instead.

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            @EitherWayUp: So you're saying that you'll use the price match policy…that I paid lawyers to write up…specifically for you to use…as intended?! What will these scheming consumers think of next!

            JB Hifi made half a billion dollars of profit last year, something tells me they're going to be okay.

    • I dunno about policy, but I was able to do it before instore. I just had to get to the checkout on my phone on Costco website, to prove that they had stock (used my dads Coscto account). I guess I was lucky with the people I was dealing with… but thn again, this was last month, which is now the JB sale price. Costco is another couple hundred cheaper less thn 30 days later 😓

    • I got the Iphone 15 pro 128 GB for 1519 from Officeworks. Just calll them and they will not only match but 5% less.

    • Help yourself and go with OW instead, just ring the store you intended to go and ensure that price beat is do-able.

  • I've read that the Pro models are the most popular, especially the Pro Max, and the Plus is least popular.

    To those who have an iPhone 15, which model did you choose and why?

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      I've gone from iphone 8plus to 15 pro max.
      Not a great deal of difference in feel of the UI as 8+ was running IOS 16.7.
      It's noticeably faster loading pages and very smooth scrolling.
      The processing the native camera app does to photos, especially of people, is a bit subjective as to whether it's catching a accurate representation of what you see when you take picture.
      I would go into a store and play around with camera to see if it suits you.
      Using my wife's Samsung S23 ultra feels just as good and smooth to use
      and I feel camera for pics of people is better. Mind you the processing out of the box to pictures was so so but a few tweaks improved imaging.
      Can't do this on iphone.
      Others may feel differently about this but it's my experience so far.

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      Many people go for Pro models just because they want the best, but the non-Pro is just as capable and meet most if not all user requirements.

      Go for Pro if you specifically want better photos, it has an extra telephoto lens (long focal length) that is great for portraits (compare to other smart phones).

      The Max and Plus models are larger (bigger screen and battery), but less pocket friendly, pretty much a personal preference.

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      Went for the Pro for the camera.

  • Pro Max White 256 runs out of stock online, would it be avaible in local stores ?

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    $1500 for a phone?

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      iPhone 6s Plus (128GB): $US949 – Australian price: $AUD1,529 (128GB)

      this was the price for an iphone since September 2015

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        adjusted for inflation, that top of the line phone would be $1908 AUD in 2023
        or about the same as the 15 pro max 256GB here

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    Telstra deal is cheaper

    • -1

      yep, went instore to Telstra Liverpool and they didn't ask if I was a telstra customer.

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      How so ?

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        $1899 in Telstra. So he means $0.99 cheaper.

    • Not for the iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB model :)

    • I got iphone 15 128gb for $1199 at Telstra store. No questions asked.

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    15 Pro Max 1TB is the best option for $2,350 if you are considering 512gb at Costco I reckon! Apple sells it for $2,899 apparently.

    • Completely agree. $450 off Costco price.

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    Just tested it with OW, got the price beat + 5% off.

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      Great deal. 1TB Black 15 Pro Max for $2,232 after price beat.

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      JB will be cheaper if you use gift card. OW rarely has gift card sale

    • Thanks for confirming, How did you get 5% off.

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        I called 1300 OFFICE and they just gave the 5% off automatically as part of the price beat. Didn't ask for it.

        • Did you order/pay over the phone or did they send you an invoice to go instore?

          • @kdsauer: Paid over the phone and then collected it at the store. You have the option to get it delivered too.

    • can you share OW invoice? heaps of thanks

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    I bought a 15 pro 256gb for $1837 @ JB with some gift cards literally 20 minutes before I got notified of this deal. So I went back in-store and asked if there was anything they could do about the price difference. At first they said they don't usually price match Costco due to membership requirements, but I told them Officeworks was willing to. So the staff checked with another staff and they happily agreed to refund the difference onto my bank card :)

    • Price beat difference or advertised price difference?

      • Price beat difference. My box was unopened so the other alternative was for them to offer a full refund.

        • Where did it say they had to do a full refund?

        • So what was your price before the gift card discount?

  • I bought a iPhone 15 Pro 256 from Officeworks : $1709.99 ( Price beat confirmed)

    • Why didn't you price beat Telstra?

  • Got 256 pro max for $1899 from telstra at 2pm today. What are the chances they'll take it back? It's unopened.

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      If it is unopened they usually take it back for change of mind, just go in and have a chat (Note: refund money will take about 5-7 days to come to your bank account)

      But before you do that i would suggest make sure that officeworks near you actually does the price beat, as it depends on store to store whether they do it or not!

  • Would this price match work with Apple?

    • Match yes. Beat no

      • As in, Apple would agree to price match?

        • Yes yes!

    • Apple doesn't price match Costco as Costco is not an authorised reseller.

  • Just came back from officeworks. They dont do change if mind on Apple. Thought id buy another one and then try returning to telstra. Apparently people take the phone out and reseal the boxes. There is no way for them to check if the phone inside has been swapped. Sounds fair.

    • +2

      OW policy here: https://www.officeworks.com.au/information/policies/return-p…

      Change of mind exclusions from the policy:

      "Unless Australian Consumer Law applies, please note change of mind returns are not available for the following purchases:

      Software and other downloadable material
      Prepaid business services which have been activated and / or used
      Gift cards, mobile phone recharge and iTunes cards
      Special orders
      Custom Print & Copy products


      OW "Change of Mind Returns" policy do not specifically exclude Apple products and it's unlikely that a phone would be considered 'software' in the policy. Any Apple exclusions outside those listed above would likely be a violation of Australian Consumer Law and expose OW to penalties.

      It's on OW to figure out how to determine that the returned product is 'unused and as sold' but they likely can't just say 'Apple = used or not as sold, policy does not apply' regardless of what people are doing to defraud them. To use Apple as a selector, they would likely have to specifically mention Apple in the exception list.

      They could probably apply their own watermarked seal if they liked to prevent the re-seal dilemma.

      It is likely that if OW said 'no Change of Mind because Apple' within the 30 days, you could change their mind…

    • Where is the store you're talking about? Sounds like a shady area.

  • I got an iPhone 15 256 in OW with a price beat + 5% off - $1329.99

    • how did you do it, via call or in-store? could you share the store name?

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