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Seiko Prospex SUT405P Mini Tuna Divers 38.7mm Watch $299 Delivered (RRP $795) @ WatchDepot


Seiko Prospex SUT405P Mini Tuna Divers 38.7mm

10.4mm Thickness -Green Silicone Band -Hardlex Glass -Screw Down Crown

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is all time low price.

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  • -3

    Very good price, shame about the colour. Couldn't see any others on their site.

    This is a solar watch, keeps time much better than an automatic (mechanical), and any Seiko solar diver is normally double this, even on sale.

    • +4

      What's wrong with the colour? I reckon it's perfect.

      • -3

        It's obviously just an opinion, but I couldn't see myself wearing a baby poo green watch out to dinner or to work in an office. I appreciate you can change the band easily but the face is terrible.

        A dark blue/black/grey colorway would be far more versatile and rarely ever look out of place.

        There's a reason that plain packaging cigarette are this colour - a lot of research went into finding the ugliest possible.

  • Also a further $20 off your first purchase over $200.

  • +2

    I'd like it except:
    2. That colour is woeful (apologies if anyone likes it but its a big nope for me)

    • +1

      When I was more energetic, I did not understand how important it is to spend the extra coin on sapphire glass.
      Then one day I saved up enough to buy one, and "why didn't anyone tell me?!"

    • Easy to change out the glass (did so on my Padi tuna) but it's actually fine. Also not my first choice of colourway but may be nicer in person, the patina and gold.

      Just note it is quite a lot smaller, some may even say it's for ladies (on a few reviews I saw). The strap/lugs taper from 18mm to 15mm I believe. Best to try on both sizes.

    • +1

      I've always found Hardlex pretty good, never had a sapphire though so maybe just don't know what I'm missing out on…

  • -1

    38.7mm and a thick bezel. The dial must be tiny. 40mm L2L makes it a good one for spaghetti wristed ozbargainers.

    • It's like Promaster minis, which my missus prefers anyway.

      • +1

        Not sure if that's a euphemism but I'll take your word for it 😉

    • Yes, a few years ago you were allowed to call the smaller versions ladies watches, but obviously this is unisex. A lot of people also wore watches too large for them without knowing.

    • +3

      As someone with spaghetti wrists (and apparently, was born without the gene that finds this colourway repulsive), I’m strongly considering this.

      Currently still rocking the Prospex Samurai (Save the ocean edition) I picked up from Shiels for $333. It’s borderline on me, but it has a very forgiving lug to lug. Much better than my other 44mm watches.

      • +1

        I think it would look good on you.

  • -1

    Nice watch but only for the smallest of wrists

  • Extra 10% off at Shiels (automatically applies at checkout)

  • Slightly off-topic but … being Solar how much sunlight is needed and how often, to keep it going for ever and ever?

    I read it has a button battery (rechargeable???) so it is not clear how much sunlight.

    The objective is to have a working watch although it will have very little exposure to sunlight (clothing, night shifts, etc).

    Replacing batteries is becoming a pain!
    And self-winding doesn't cut.

    • Yep nothing to worry about at least for 10y.
      Even then can easily change the capacitor (yourself or at a watchmaker).
      can stay charged for 10 months.


    • If you wear it once in a while then it will keep going. I have a couple of citizens which have gone flat, but they've been in a drawer for at least a year. As soon as you put them on and go outside they come to life again.

      • +1

        Yeah zero maintenance really, and just change the date over every now an again depending on the month (takes 2 seconds).
        They keep great time - the manual says not to leave them in the drawer. I got a separate watch box that stays out. I just put them in the sun every so often if i remember on a nice day.

  • Great colour. I would wear that anywhere.

  • Looks good

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