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Sonos Arc Soundbar $1078 Delivered (RRP $1499, Last Sold $1349) @ WestCoast Hifi


Bring all your entertainment to life with the brilliantly realistic sound of the Sonos Arc, featuring Dolby Atmos. Enjoy control with your TV remote, voice, the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, and more.

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Total $1,078.00

Sonos sub deal also available using the coupon - welcome @ the checkout.

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  • Thinking this one or B&O sound stage one? Any one have used the B&O before?

    • B&O makes good speakers but they are generally overpriced.
      Not worth it IMO.

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      Why not support specialist retailers and purchase via our website :)

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      Odd got downvoted since this is Ozbargain….

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      I choose WestCoast over Jerry, everyday.

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        Cheers @congo

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        You buy something from WestCoast everyday? Amazing!

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    Damn. I just purchased it with The Good Guys.
    Update: I have cancelled the order and gone with this deal. Thanks OP.

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      Great to hear thanks for you support :)

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    This is a steal.

  • Any promo/discounts on the Beam?

    • Unfortunately not on the beam

  • Brilliant price!

  • Can you add additional soundbars and make a surround system with this?

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      I believe you cannot with soundbars (which are designed just to be centre and front left+right),
      But you can do so with rear satellites (like their Era 100, Era 300, One, Five, and even the IKEA X Sonos Symfonisk speakers).

  • For those who cannot wait for shipping, I managed to get GG to almost match it, final price 1105 picking it up tonight.

  • I've got a Yamaha YAS-107 and I find the sound is not particuarly clear on movies. I need to have subtitles on to understand most of the dialogue. Will something like this be good for movies and dialogue?

    • Yeah I’ve got both the Yamaha YAS-107 and the Sonos Arc and the Arc is far superior (and also far more expensive). Although, sometimes I still need the subtitles on usually when I have to have it a bit quieter later in the evening. It would also matter which TV you are connecting this to, as the quality of the output audio from your TV might not be able to push the highest resolution audio, so check and see if your TV supports eARC.

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      What you need is a setup with at least 3.x.x i.e. a dedicated center channel. Sonos Arc is pretty good for dialogue but you will need to add Subwoofer for movies. Alternatively, look at Samsung Q-series soundbar systems for similar performance at a much lower cost.

      • I have the same issue as @cyrax83 only with a Sony HT-S350. The dialogue is so muddy we can barely understand unless it's turned up quite loud. I think part of the problem is it's in a fairly large room.

        Do you think upgrading to a Samsung Q-series be a big difference to a Sony HT-S350 in terms of dialogue quality, in a large room?

        • Should definitely help but depends on which model you buy. I suggest you try a few soundbars in store.

  • Pair this with Sonos sub and 2 Sonos1's as rears for great surround sound setup.
    Not auper cheap overall, but beauty is you can get the Arc now, and add other speakers when on special or as required over time.
    Excellent price btw OP.

    • Great comment on the add on over time. Thanks :)

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      Personally the Sonos ecosystem is far more user friendly and allows better expansion.

    • Look at Q930 or Q990

  • This or the Q990c/Q990b?

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      Really depends if you're going to keep expanding it.. but with the recent Q990C deals, you can get the bar, the sub and the rear speakers for the same price as this Sonos soundbar alone so…

    • i have both the sonos arc with 2 x sonos play 1 and a sonos sub and the q990c.

      Price point is the q990c is so hard to beat and in terms of sound quality id say the q990c is 90% there.

      Some even rate the q990c better.

      However, the sonos can sound amazing if you were to spend big bucks by adding the sonos era 300s, 2x subs etc.

      But thats a deep rabit hole to go down

    • Thanks

  • How does this compare to the likes of JBL?

  • can you pair with the older play 1 and play 3 for rear surround?

    • You must ensure that they play nice with each other. Arc is S2 only. Both the Play 1 and Play 3 are S1 or S2 compatible .

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    Whats the justification for this being so expensive when it doesn't even come with a sub?

    • +1

      Because it's like the best soudnbar you can buy.

    • The truth is no matter how this can be justified , according to your comment you won’t buy.

    • I wonder why people downvoted this? Looking at what you get it doesn't make sense to me.

      • +1

        That's the thing with sound, looking at it won't help you make any sense.

  • Any new updated sonos Arc soundbar products on the horizon? The Sono Arc soundbar seems to have been around for quite a long time. Don't want to buy one and then find out there is a new version/gen coming soon.

    • Nothing that has been forecast in the near future.

      • Hm.. had a quick google. Seems like there have been rumours of a sonos arc 2 coming in 2024 but i guess they are only rumours

  • Do you think there will be Anthem avrs on special soon?

  • +1

    Excellent price. Paid simillar price 2.5 years ago. Have only heard praises for this soundbar from friends.

    Added 2 x Sonos SL later and now got surround sound

  • I recommend the Samsung Q990C over this - the Samsung comes with Sub and overall sounds better especially for movies

  • @WCHIFI any offers on the sub gen 3? We started with the arc and have added some S1s over the years but would love to complete the set!

    For anyone wondering about the bar, it's fantastic. Switches really easily between playing music via the Sonos app back to the TV once you turn the TV on. We have an open living and dining space with an open-plan kitchen directly across from the TV and the bar on its own does a great job of filling the space.

    Definitely worth it at this price!

    • +1

      Hi @Jando use the coupon - welcome @ the checkout for the sub :)

      • Couldn't get it to work, just says the code doesn't exist.

        • @Jando certainly works as another customer just used and I applied at the checkout myself as a dummy.

          just the word WELCOME and hit apply

  • Can I connect this to a Sony A80J and also to a Sonos Amp that is wired to four in-ceiling Sonos speakers? It's really hard to understand if this is possible/advisable at all

    • @Dicci - Yes you can connect the Arc to the Sony TV. The Amp would then be a seperate zone on the system and you can either stream the same source simultaneously or completely independant.

      You are also able to connect the Sonos amp with 2 in ceiling speakers as rear speakers in the system if they are in the same room location

      • Thank you for that. Some clarifying questions - how is the Amp connected to ensure the TV, Arc and Amp are playing the same source simultaneously with no delay in a home theatre set up? Also, I have 4 in-ceiling speakers. Can all 4 be driven by the Amp? I think the 2 on the left would be on the same channel and same with the 2 on the right, correct? Does this make it a bit worthless going down the Amp route?

  • Does anyone have advice on whether it's worth upgrading from a Sonos Playbar to the Arc? (Presume a Sub Gen 3, either way).

    • +2

      If you have account with Netflix, Apple TV+ or the like, the Arc will definitely improve the sound.

      • Thank you, just the encouragement I needed — bought!

  • any deal on the subwoofer?

    • @Palomino use the coupon - WELCOME @ the checkout :)

  • How does this compare to the Sonos in wall architectural speakers in terms of sound quality?

  • Is there a deal on the Sonos Sub Mini? Welcome code only works about $600.

    • Jb hifi has it under $600

      • It was $485 last July. Looks like I’m waiting for that price again…

  • Hey OP, kudos on the service.
    I ordered yesterday and it was at the door waiting for me today!

    • +1

      Thanks mate we always endeavour to get to customers ASAP. Cheers for the comment

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