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Seiko Presage Cocktail Time $299, Bulova Lunar Pilot $449, Citizen Fugu $349 - Delivered @ Starbuy


Part of the Starbuy Weekend Sale.

If you didn't want the Mini version of the Lunar Pilot then grab one of these instead. There are some other cracking deals, including a Seiko Cocktail Time for only $299.

These are my picks of the bunch - all specs shamelessly copied from other deals, thanks go to their respective authors.

Bulova Lunar Pilot 96A225 - $449 delivered

  • Crystal/Lens - Sapphire
  • Diameter - 45mm
  • Band width - 20mm
  • Case Thickness - 13.5mm
  • High-performance quartz technology with 262 kHz vibrational frequency for precise accuracy.
  • Push Down Crown
  • Water resistant - 50 metres
  • 3-Year Aus Warranty

Citizen Fugu NY0131-81X Green Dial - $349 delivered

  • Crystal/Lens - Sapphire
  • Diameter - 44mm
  • Band width - 20mm
  • Case Thickness - 13.1mm
  • Auto Movement - calibre 8204, Self winding, Hand winding & Hacking
  • Screw Down Crown
  • Stainless Steel Bracelet with solid end links
  • Luminous hands & markers
  • Water resistant - 200 Metres
  • 5 year AU warranty from Citizen

Seiko Presage SRPJ21J 'The Blue Curacao' - $299 delivered

  • Case Diameter: 39.5mm
  • Case Thickness: 11.8mm
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel w/ screw back
  • Movement: Automatic 4R35 with date
  • Crystal: Hardlex Glass
  • Strap: Leather w/ 3-fold clasp
  • WR: 50m

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  • +7

    black speedy is cheap af: https://starbuy.com.au/seiko-night-speedtimer-mens-watch-ssc…

    I can't remember how much I paid for mine

    • +1

      Thought it was an Omega Speedy for a moment..

    • Damn that's gorgeous!

  • +11

    Under $300 for a cocktail time (if you like the design) is a bargain for sure!

    • That’s what I thought, too.

    • Yep. Outstanding. I've been waiting for a blue dial <40mm, so absolutely perfect.

    • That's a lot of cocktail. Need a public ride after that.

  • Fantastic deals

  • +1

    Great price for the cocktail time. Beautiful watch.

    • -1

      They (cocktail) are so overated , they are a dress watch and not much more than that .

      • Huh. It's a good price for a Seiko dress watch. The dials are what sets them apart. Just have to aim for 50% off RRP, like any Seiko.

  • -1

    I just bought the Presage, but thinking about returning it after seeing this YouTube which seems pretty reasonable complaints. Has anyone got an opinion on the Presage line?

    • +1

      I had the aviation gin for about 6 months. Purchased it second hand at a good price. It my opinion it is overrated. The dial is nice to look at and the bracelet wasn't half bad (for a Seiko) but didn't feel as special as the hype. It's just a basic 4R movement with hardlex crystal - just like a Seiko 5 - but retails for twice as much. I sold it for a profit so can't complain. I'm glad I experienced it but it just wasn't for me. The 39mm felt so small and toy like as well as I typically wear divers. YMMV.

      tl;dr: the dials are gorgeous but the rest of the watch feels cheap.

      Edit: just watched the linked video. He is bang on IMHO.

    • +1

      They are essentially a Seiko5 with an updated dial.

    • +10

      Don't have a presage but a couple thoughts.

      • The YouTuber is talking about paying 500 GBP for a presage. This is about 200 GBP.
      • Ignore the rant re the movement. Yes it's cheap but that's part of the allure. There's no need to ever service it and if it ever breaks, buy a new movement and have it replaced.
      • why does a dress watch need 100m water resistance? Get a diver if you need to go swimming/diving.
      • Seikos have a warranty. Micro brands may not, may require you to ship the watch internationally and/or may not be around anyway if you need support.

      End rant…

      • +3

        All valid counter argument points.

        • Agree, I will keep this one for $300aud. I understand I may be paying a bit extra for the brand name but that might be worth it too.

      • +3

        That guy seem like a twat. Will remove that from my YouTube history. You shouldn't take it too seriously, these guys are reviewing it at RRP, not 50-60% off (the reviews would be quite different).

        Seikos are solid, a known entity with resale value. Brand status counts for something.

        Although I like the Irish coffee and mojito the best, $299 for that presage is a bargain. I personally don't buy dress watches as they would sit in the drawer.

        Can also recommend the night vision speedtimer. Limited edition and wears very well (I opted for the more simple diver in that series but tried one on in-store).

    • +10

      I only got about half way through the video but I think I got the gist of it.
      Despite his questionable fashion sense (or lack thereof), most of his points are valid.

      Here's my 2c:

      50M water resistance: Absolutely don't care. Like, really, really don't care. It's a cheap dress watch. Those complaining about 50M WR on this watch are like the people who complain about lack of lume on dress watches. Stop. You're (not you, them) wasting the minimal brain activity you're capable of complaining about a non-issue.

      Hardlex crystal: Yes, these watches absolutely should have sapphire crystal at the RRP Seiko ask. Even at the lower prices which these watches usually sell for, I'm sure Seiko could use sapphire without killing their margins. Hell, I think most people would be happy with a small price bump if they put sapphire on them.

      Movement: Yep, the movement is about as basic as they come. The rated accuracy is pretty woeful however, you will likely see much better accuracy than what Seiko state (don't expect it to be anywhere near COSC rating, though).
      The the RRP (~700 AUD), you can get much better movements in equally as nice looking micro brand watches.
      For 300 AUD, the movement is perfectly acceptable, I don't think you will see better.

      Finishing: I can't really comment on finishing. I've only seen one cocktail Presage in person. I didn't put it under macro or look at it for long enough to inspect the finishing. From the brief interaction I had with it, I didn't see anything offensive about the finishing.

      Strap: Of the one I saw, the provided strap was pathetic. It didn't really match the watch and felt pretty ordinary. Luckily it is cheap and easy to put a nice, after-market strap on them. Strapify and Sydney Strap Co are both good places to look for inexpensive leather straps.

      Final thoughts: The RRP for these watches are a joke. However, if you can get one at a good price (like posted here) you will get a stunning dial for the money. It'll be hard to find something aesthetically comparable at this price range.
      Yes it's only got 50M WR but you're not going to be jumping in pools with a dress watch.
      Yes the movement very basic but it'll do the job and it's fine for the sale price.
      Yes the crystal will scratch easily but it's a dress watch. If you only wear this for dressy events, you're surely less likely to scratch it. If you want to daily this watch, you'll want to be careful with those doorways and posts.
      And yes, the strap will likely not look or feel great but it'll be easy to swap out. Also, swapping the strap lets you give your watch your own little personal touch. Make it your own.

      If you like the look of it. Buy it.

      • Perfect thanks for this.

        I do not wear my watch in water, so I am not worried about 50m.

        I got my Seiko glass replaced at mister minute a few weeks ago for $40, after years of general wear and tear. Seems not to bad to replace the glass if neccessary. Same goes for the stap I will look into your suggestions.

        • $40 seems very good. Was that sapphire?

          • @WatchNerd: The glass was originally hardlex. They said they would replace it with same quality or better and the 100m WR would be preserved, but I doubt it is sapphire. I will ask them the cost for sapphire if I ever replace the glass again.

  • +1

    $300 for a cocktail time is a no brainer - My take is that all of the above shortcomings are perfectly acceptable for a $300 dress watch (It's just a shame I didn't buy a few years ago when that price still got you slightly nicer dials and sapphire glass).
    Does anybody know which straps are compatible with it? That basic Seiko leather strap is awful.
    On strapify it's all a bit confusing with different model codes - and the SRPJ21 designation doesn't appear.

    • +2

      It's just a 20mm strap so anything else of the same width should suit. It doesn't have quick-release springbars on it so you'll need to use a proper removal tool, which Strapify helpfully sell as well. Don't try to make do with a screwdriver or you risk scratching the watch.

  • The Presage dial is nice until you scratch the Hardlex and it will happen if you wear it daily working on a desk. I think the Citizen Tsuyosa is a better value if you like the dial: https://starbuy.com.au/citizen-tsuyosa-mens-automatic-watch-…

  • +3

    I couldn't help myself with that presage. Its gorgeous imo and after all the advice given here i jumped the gun. Can't wait. What has the ozbargain community started in me…. 2 watches in as many weeks.

    • +1

      You’re welcome! You might as well start looking around for a watch box now so you’ve got somewhere to store them all. Just don’t get something too big, those empty spaces will silently taunt you to fill them…(and I said that out loud, didn’t I?)

      • bahaha i just started looking today actually as i was thinking i needed one for my newly acquired pieces! I will keep note to get something with too many empty spaces :D any suggestions?

        • +2

          Not many get posted but as far as I'm aware @rosebank was the last member to post a watch box deal .

          It's expired now but maybe keep an eye on it.

          • +1

            @WatchNerd: oooh those look lovely and have the perfect amount of space for future… endeavors haha. Saved and will keep an eye on it. Thanks @watchnerd for the advice again!

            • @Digiiz: Good quality box and has 24 slots; nice height on top (can fit my Sinn U1, which hits the window on my Wolf box), but slightly lower and narrower slots in the bottom drawer.

              Goes on sale occasionally, this was the last time: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/813876

        • +2

          Yeah those bloodyrippa ones from Amazon are great, the 6 spot is good to start with unless you want to get a 12 straight away lol.

          • @G-rig: Just go straight to 24

            • @rosebank: Ha not bad advice for new people.
              I got 2 x 6 and 1x 12. Both those sizes fit nicely in bedside but leave the smaller box of Solars out on top.

  • was holding on for dear life, but caved in and got one. not telling which

    spent more than I planned to, I'll tell you that 😁

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