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Magnum Men's RX Low & Mid Composite Toe Shoes & Boots $49.95 + Shipping (RRP $159.95 - $194.95) @ Brand House Direct


Magnum Mens RX Low & Mid Composite Toe Shoes & Boots $49.95 + Shipping (RRP $159.95 - $194.95) @ Brand House Direct

$49.95 + shipping when you apply coupon code: RX at checkout

There are 2 styles available:

  1. Magnum Mens Comfortable RX Low Composite Toe Safety Shoes (RRP $159.95)


  1. Magnum Mens Comfortable RX Mid Composite Toe Safety Boots (RRP $194.95)


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  • +4

    We use Magnums at work and they are terrible quality. I do not take them for free. I buy something else paying out of pocket instead.

    • +1

      I agree they are really uncomfortable and poorly made.

    • I had a good run out of some site boots

      • They may be lasting sometimes. Maybe at least partially due to the fact that one does not really want to walk in them and tries to avoid it at all costs :) Not comfortable and heavy.

        • Seems like you had a rough time! I buy boots without a budget, and had picked them (site master?) due to being lightweight and comfy. Now using Mack Octane boots for the same reason.

  • +1

    Is there a downgraded option called Blue Steel caps?

    • No. They used to have Choc Wedges but I don't think they make them now.

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